The Hobbit: KoM Hero Infinite Leveling Guide

The Hobbit: KoM Hero Infinite Leveling With Minimum Losses Guide by Eesti

Maybe it is old news but I recently discovered that you can attack lvl 1 goblin camp limitless amounts of times and your hero still gets 20 EXP.
Yes, you heard me right. Your hero gets 20XP for attacking…. er… nothing. He also gets 20XP when he is attacking a goblin camp full of goblins. And guess what he gets for attacking lvl 10 goblin camp? You’re right, he gets exactly the same stinking 20XP! This is totally unbalanced imho, but hey – it’s Kabam! Then why waste your resources to lvl your hero? Start attacking empty camps!

The usual process is like: select wild – select hero – add troops -attack – wait 30 sec (attacking) – wait 30 sec (fighting) – wait 30 sec (returning).
So even if you are attacking a wild that is right next to you, you just have to wait about a minute to be ready to attack again. Add another 30 seconds when you are selecting a hero, adding some troops etc and you might just have waited for 1m30s. If it takes you a minute to reach closest camp, the waiting time gets even longer.

Here is a strategy for those who like to be mesmerized by clicking constantly their screen, knowing that they are levelling 5-6 heroes at the same time! Mind you: this is better done when you are so bored that there’s really, really nothing else to do

1. Your Great Hall and Muster Field must be lvl 5 or 6
2. Go attack a lvl 1 camp with enough troops to win the fight
3. Immediately after you have sent your first hero out with troops to wipe the camp, send 2nd hero+troops
4. Immediately etc…

You get the drill, by the time your first hero+troops have returned, you have managed to send out 3 heroes at least. The amount of troops following them doesnt matter at all. It’s just a sad fact you cannot send a hero out alone into empty camp, so you have to add some troops with him. What a great “hero” indeed!

Be ready though, some goblins respawn after certain amount of time, but usually it will never mean a defeat for you.

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5 Responses

  1. Glover says:

    If you send along about 50 carts along with a porter you can usually bring back about 10k of each resource with each (separate) abandoned city attack. Including gold.

  2. NormanBates'Mum says:

    Novel idea…. Now you only need to do 19,700 attacks to level up to 199 xp 3970.

    So if you average 50 attacks a day it’ll only take you 394 days… i’d rather have a life, but your call.


  3. magenta says:

    There is this glitch you can do

  4. stevi says:

    Hey, FYI you don’t even have to attack goblin camps this will work with abandoned player cites; which fortunately there are usually a few with in 30s distance. Just pick one that has the name like this NewUsersdfkjsfa and 0 might. Easy and painless. BTW send porters and you can level up your lesser heros while doing other real attacks but don’t want to just wait for the main event to be over.

  5. King Bananas says:

    What about doing the same thing with an inactive player? it’s a lot easier, and you’ll loose no ressource at all

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