The Hobbit: KoM Wilds Guide

The Hobbit: KoM Wilds Guide

Wilds are the tiles arranged in a grid around your city on the world map


Each wild is associated with a particular resource with the exception of Bogs and Plains. These wilds can be attacked to plunder those resources or conquered to provide a bonus to the City resource production.
Bog: – Nothing (Cannot be attacked)
Grassland: – Food
Hills: – Stone
Lake: – Food
Mountain: – Ore
Plain: – Build Second City Here
Woods: – Wood

You can toggle between showing or not showing the level of each wilds on the world map by pinching the map with both fingers on your touch screen. This makes it easier to find wilds of a certain level, rather than touching each wild individually.

Troop Composition:

Wilds that are unoccupied (not held by other players) will contain Goblin Troops that you must conquor inorder to control the wilds and gain it’s bonus. If you loose control of the wilds (by abandoning from the Keep menu, or being defeated/evicted by another player) the Goblin troops will return.

Troop Composition

Lv.1). Troops: /40Wolf Riders/40Goblins/40Archers/ Bonus: 5% / Res: 5.25 /

Lv.2). Troops: /60Wolf Riders/60Goblins/60Archers/ Bouns: 10% / Res: 7K /

Lv.3). Troops: /90Wolf Riders/90Goblins/90Archers/ Bouns: 15% / Res: 10.5K /

lV.4).Troops: /140Wolf Riders/140Goblins/140Archers/60Warg Riders/60Goblin Warriors/60Dart Throwers/ Bonus: 20% / Res: 33.2K /

Lv.5).Troops: /210Wolf Riders/210Goblins/210Archers/90Warg Riders/90Goblin Warriors/90Dart Throwers/ Bonus: 25% / Res: 49K /

Lv.6).Troops: /320Wolf Riders/320Goblins/320Archers/140Warg Riders/140Goblin Warriors/140Dart Throwers/ Bonus: 30% / Res: 77K /

Lv.7).Troops: /480Wolf Riders/480Goblins/480Archers/210Warg Riders/210Goblin Warriors/210Dart Throwers/90Armored Warg Riders/90Log Rams/90Rock Throwers/ Bonus: 35% / Res: 164K

Lv.8).Troops: /720Wolf Riders/720Goblins/720Archers/320Warg Riders/320Goblin Warriors/320Dart Throwers/140Armored Warg Riders/140Log Rams/140Rock Throwers/ Bonus: 40% / Res:

Lv.9).Troops: /1080Wolf Riders/1080Goblins/1080Archers/480Warg Riders/480Goblin Warriors/480Dart Throwers/210Armored Warg Riders/210Log Rams/210Rock Throwers/ Bonus: 45% / Res: 378K

Lv.10).Troops: /1620Wolf Riders/1620Goblins/1620Archers/720Warg Riders/720Goblin Warriors/720Dart Throwers/320Armored Warg Riders/320Log Rams/320Rock Throwers/ Bonus: 50% / Res: 568K

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