TERA Online Kelsaik’s Nest Dungeon Guide

TERA Online Kelsaik’s Nest Dungeon Guide by Jackyl

Important Notes:

  • Kelsaik is immune to critical attacks, thus Mutinous crystals are recommended for DPS classes
  • Kelsaik does not enrage on its own unless the Lancer uses infuriate.
  • Several of Kelsaik’s attacks do % based damage so Anarchic crystals are recommended over Max HP+ crystals
  • Kelsaik is immune to all status effects such as poison and stun. Thus pure damage skills should be used for DPS. Also, glyphs should be adjusted.

First Area – Cliffs and Traps

As soon as you enter the dungeon, you will be facing a set of cliffs you must jump off of to reach the next area. Traps will be activated that must be avoided.

Second Area – Protectors’ Room

In this area, you will have to defeat 5 protectors. Their classes are Lancer, Slayer, Archer, Sorcerer, and Mystic. The Slayer protector is the most difficult. Defeat each in order. When 3 are down, the last 2 will automatically attack your party at the same time.

Video of cliff/traps/protectors’ room:

Third Area – Kelsaik’s Hall
Battle with Kelsaik!

Fight Outline:
Start – Roaring attack / 50% debuff / Fire-Ice-Hell debuff
1:30 – Storing energy, jump attacks
80% – Roaring attack / 50% debuff / Fire pillars
80% + 3 mins – Shield Phase
30% – 50% debuff / Roaring Attack / Ice pillars / Breath attack
0% – Profit!

Fight Details:

    • Roaring Attack: Kelsaik will always start off the fight with a roaring attack that stuns you for a long time. This attack can be avoided by either being very close to Kelsaik, or very far from Kelsaik.
    • 50% Debuff: Immediately after the roaring attack, all party members will be hit with a debuff that lowers the effectiveness of all skills to 50%. This debuff must be removed from ALL party members to actually remove the debuff.
    • Fire/Ice/Hell Debuff: Each of Kelsaik’s front paws are charged with either fire or ice. When hit by them, you will be given a 2 min debuff that cannot be erased and will cause instant death at the end of 2 minutes. However, this debuff can be overwritten by the debuff of the opposite type: Ice/Fire. Also, it is not possible to completely avoid this debuff as you will automatically be hit with the Hell debuff when Kelsaik reaches 90% and you do not have a pre-existing debuff. The Hell debuff can be overwritten by either Ice or Fire. There are 3 attack types that will trigger the Ice and Fire debuffs. The Fire paw attack will slam the ground in front of Kelsaik with a fairly wide area of impact. After the impact, Kelsaik will draw the paw back towards him and if you are hit during this draw-back motion, you will also be inflicted with a nasty bleeding effect. The Ice paw attack triggers a narrow line of Ice in front of him (usually at the tank), and in order to be hit by this, you will have to line up behind the tank. Just as the fire paw attack, Kelsaik will also draw back his paw during the ice paw attack which can inflict a bleeding effect if hit by it. Lastly, Kelsaik will also do a double paw stomp where both ice and fire debuffs can be triggered. The impact area is very wide reaching the rear paws. DPS/Healer will need to position them selves at the rear paws/sides respectively and alternate before the 2 min countdown wears to keep switching between the ice and fire debuffs. It is recommended that you try to swich your debuff every minute as Kelsaik might not perform an attack that you require, and you may run out of time if you try to maximize the 2 minutes before switching your debuff.

Videos of each paw attack type:


    • Storing Energy: About 1:30 into the fight, you will see an onscreen text message that states that Kelsaik is storing energy. At the same time, one randomly chosen player will be stunned for a few seconds. This stun CANNOT be removed – it has to wear off on its own. After a few seconds of storing energy, Kelsaik will jump up into the air and slam down on the stunned player, instantly killing them. In addition, Kelsaik will receive a 30% power increase buff – this buff can be stacked up to 99 times.
    • Sanctification of the Gods(?)[SoG]: All members of the party must have this item which, when used properly on Kelsaik, will remove Kelsaik’s immunization to status effects for 10 seconds. SoG must be used immediately when Kelsaik starts storing his energy. Once used, he must be stunned to cancel his jump one-hit-kill ability. As SoG has a cooldown of 9 minutes and the stunned member will not be able to use their SoG, the SoG order must be carefully laid out before the battle begins, and sometimes the order must be modified on the fly if the next-in-line player happens to be the stunned player. Tips on SoG usage: SoG must be targeted at Kelsaik’s body(not feet) for it to land properly. Stun must not be overused in the 10 seconds following SoG toss as that may lead to someone in the party being unable to alternate their ice/fire debuff in time. SoG order should start with first timers/healers/low def classes and end with experienced/high def classes as the fight only grows more chaotic as it continues. Lastly, Kelsaik cannot be slept even if under the effect of SoG.

Video of the Energy Store > SoG toss > stun sequence in action:


    • Roaring attack / 50% debuff: At 80% HP, Kelsaik will once again perform his roaring attack as he did at the start of the fight. (It will also be paired with the 50% debuff again, as before) Ranged classes will need to move in to avoid the stun. However, the rear right area is still susceptible to stun, so move to any area close to Kelsaik except the right rear. Also, the Lancer should use Pledge of Protection when the roaring attack is coming to an end to provide help against the next incoming attack: Fire pillars
    • Fire pillars – The fire pillar attack comes immediately after the 80% roaring attack. Also, it is used every 2 minutes from this point on. Fire pillars are usually the reason most parties wipe to Kelsaik. This is because the fire pillar attack comes with little warning, deals massive damage, and is very difficult to avoid. Tip: If you have a skill with a 2 minute cooldown timer, you can use it as a timer for the next fire pillar attack. Note: If hit by the fire pillar attack, you will be given the fire debuff.

Video of 80% Roaring attack / 50% debuff/ First fire pillar attack:

Video of the Fire Pillar attack zones/spots:

80% + 3 mins:

  • Shield of Ruin: 3 minutes after Kelsaik’s HP reaches 80%, Kelsaik will put up a series of shields. These shield MUST be removed. If they are not removed, Kelsaik will be granted with a very powerful buff making the fight near impossible. The shields can be removed by dealing 400,000 points of damage in 40 seconds. In addition to each shield, a debuff will be applied to the party while the shield is up. The 2 types of debuffs are Punishing (20% HP lost every 5 sec, Ranged dmg cut by 60%) and Vengeance (20% HP lost every 5 sec, Melee dmg cut by 60%). Shield types and timings are outlined below:
  • Shield Type / When / Combo Debuff / Notes
  • Shield 1 / 80% + 3 mins / Punishing /
  • Shield 2 / Shield 1 + 3 mins / Vengeance / Will skip if Kelsaik’s HP reaches 30% before 3 mins has passed since Shield 1
  • Shield 3 / Shield 2 + 3 mins / Punishing /

Tips: The difficulty of the fight rises exponentially if even 1 DPS falls during the shield phase. Everyone should bring potions to pop during this phase to keep up the DPS and try to avoid Shields 2 and 3 by pushing Kelsaik’s HP below 30%. Potions that heal HP along with MP are also highly recommended for the shield phase to maximize survival and damage output.

Video of Shield phase/removal/etc:


    • Debuffs Galore: When Kelsaik reaches 30% HP, the party will be hit with the 50% debuff again. This must be removed from all party members to be fully removed. Roaring attack will be used following the debuff. In addition to those, the party will also be given a debuff called Kelsaik’s Curse. This debuff will automatically stack every 5 seconds up to 99 times. This debuff must be removed periodically before it reaches detrimental levels. For each stack, Kelsaik’s Curse does .5% HP dmg every second. Note: Kelsaik’s Curse also increases your power by x2, but this effect does not stack in normal mode.
    • Ice pillar: Nasty attack that does severe damage in an AOE surrounding Kelsaik. Classes that cannot block must evade this attack.

Video of 30% debuffs and Ice Pillar attack:

  • Breath Attack: This final, arena-wide attack starts at 1 mins and 45 seconds after Kelsaik’s HP reaches 30% and repeats every 2 minutes. Kelsaik will run then hop out of the arena and position himself to breathe fire onto the entire arena. Party members must position themselves behind the location of the protective wall which must be triggered just at the right time. The wall is triggered when the crystal at the center of the arena is broken. This crystal can either be broken by a melee class that can quickly reach the wall after doing so, or it can be broken by a ranged class that can reach the crystal from the protective wall location. The timing of the crystal break should be when Kelsaik raises his head after positioning himself outside the arena. There is approximately a 2 second window for the crystal break to be successfully timed. See video below:

Bonus Tips and Videos!

  • Saving time/money: If you are the last person standing during a wipe, there is a way to save your crystals and time. Run over to the teleporter and use it. When on the other side, use the teleporter again to re-enter the nest. Now take off your crystals and wait for your inevitable death. The Fire/Ice debuff will only wear upon death, so there is no point in trying to escape the dungeon back to town.
  • Kelsaik’s Attacks:
    1. Tail Swipe : Bleed effect
    2. 180 Spin: Bleed effect
    3. Minor Roar: Fast stun attack + rolling
    4. Roll: Rolls at a random player
    5. Stationary Jump: AOE knockback
    6. Back Jump: Followed by Fire Floor
    7. Fire Floor: Activates fire dmg floor

Full clear videos with timers:

Version 1

Version 2

Video guide of a HM fight.

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