TERA Online Gold Making Guide

TERA Online Gold Making Guide by Rassei

Hello everyone and welcome to my guide on one of the ways for 60s to make gold using only in-game methods. Alright, let’s begin. :)

The very first thing you are going to want to do is level your character you will be playing to the max level (60) and the next step is to obtain a item level of 153. After that you are ready to begin making your gold :). In the 3 new instances called Channelwork’s, Shattered Fleet and Kezzel’s Gorge there is a item that drops upon completion of the instance called a Zenith box, these little blue joys of wonder are going to be your source of making gold in the most time efficient way possible.

For the sake of this guide I’am going to be using my numbers for pricing based on what zenith boxes I have sold earlier today as of 10/19/2013. I have 3 Max level characters, two of which are geared primarily for resource farming to feed to my Main character. On my main earlier today I farmed a total of 6 boxes. Each box was going for around 450 gold per on the trade broker, which is 2700 gold. The total time it took was around 1-2 hours of game time. To my knowledge this is more gold that you would acquire than doing only dailies, so obviously if you have the time to do dailies plus zenith box runs you will amass even more gold that is discussed in this guide, lucky you. :D

This next section will cover everything you need to do to secure yourself 6 zenith boxes. The very first thing you should do is to either start by doing these dungeons either by queueing via instance matching dungeon tool or your realms LFG chat function. Once you have completed all 3 dungeons you should have a total of 3 zenith boxes. The next thing you need to do is to go to the Trade broker and purchase a Instance Reset Scroll. This resets all of the dungeons you just did which will award you 3 more boxes after you run them again.

Now, the last step a lot of players are aware of but I will talk about it briefly for those newer players and future players to Tera so that they are pointed in the right direction with any questions they may have regarding gold making in Tera. Once you have acquired all 6 Zenith boxes go to your local Trade Broker located in Main cities and most towns in Tera. This is where you sell all of your items that you do not want and that are also able to be sold. In order for a item to be able to be put up on the broker it must not say “cannot trade” on the item, most items in the game that say this are able to be sold to either a general merchant or the trade broker.

In conclusion, and for the sake of making this guide as detailed and as brief as possible I will add a few end notes that hopefully answers any questions you might have after reading my gold making guide for Tera.

-The more max level characters you have that have acquired the adequate item level to enter the instances will result in more gold. (ie. I run all 3 instances every day 18 times across my 3 max level characters which results i around 8000-10000 gold a day)

-It’s crucial to remember if you are doing this method to make sure to purchase a instance reset scroll for each character running for zenith boxes. (The most cost-efficient way to go about doing this is to run all 3 instances for 3 zenith boxes, sell them and then purchase a instance reset scroll (which are very cheap, they are going for around 190-230 gold on my server atm)

I think that covers everything, and as one last note, I in no way am claiming that I was the first to realize or come up with this gold making idea, this gold making strategy is pretty common place and common knowledge among a lot of Tera players. The entire purpose of this guide is to help new players as well as up and coming players who will play Tera in the future. Thank you all for reading my guide and remember Tera is a game, so have fun, ciao. :)

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