TERA Online Kelsaik’s Nest Farming Using Lancer Guide

TERA Online Kelsaik’s Nest Farming Using Lancer Guide by Isuzu

Hello everyone, Isuzu here! Earlier today, another lancer asked me some questions about soloing Kelsaik that he was confused on. I decided to write a guide for any lancer who is interested in farming this dungeon but doesn’t know quite how to do it solo.

So, it’s no secret that the DPS classes can solo dungeons like Ebon Tower and Labyrinth Of Terror. It’s very profitable to do these dungeons because you get Master Enigmatic Scrolls and also lots of cruxes and vendorable equipment as well. Where does Lancer come in though when it comes to soloing these dungeons? Well, honestly I haven’t tried doing Labyrinth of Terror or Ebon Tower as a lancer, so I wouldn’t know if it’s possible or effecient-

If you’re a lancer and you want a dungeon to farm for master scrolls and what not solo, then do not worry, because while they may not be able to solo LoT or ET, Lancers can actually solo Kelsaik’s Nest! In this guide, i’ll show you how to do it.

Table Of Contents
I. Preparation & Supplies
2. Glyph Build
3. Priest Buffs
4. Equipment/Crystal Requirements
5. Walkthrough Of The Dungeon
6. The Actual Fight (Kelsaik)
7. End

Preparation & Supplies
Okay, so you want to solo Kelsaik’s Nest. You will first need some supplies before you go. Here is what you will need and why you should take it.

Required Supplies
Campfire – For charms.

Power Charm, Enduring Charm, Infused Charm – The charms of choice. You can try and get
Greater charms for the fight but most of the time I have no money (lol) so I just use the Major charms.

Healing Potions – For emergencies only. Most of the time, you won’t need these if you are doing good, HOWEVER! It’s always good to have potions and not need them rather than need them and not have them!

Scroll Of Savagery (Crit DMG+) – Use one of these for faster clearing of the first room. Not usable on Kelsaik.

Scroll Of Swiftness (ASPD +) – Used for Kelsaik. Kelsaik has VERY high crit resistance, so it is best to just use these. You will need 2 of these for the entirety of the fight.

Nostrum Of Energy III or IV/V – Used for Kelsaik. These are really big, as they push the CD for Shield Counter down to the point where it will be up everytime or every other time you block one of Kelsaik’s claw attacks. You will need 2 of these for the entirety of the fight. I use Energy Nostrum III because I didn’t really notice any difference from the more expensive ones.

Optional Supplies
Rejuvenation Potion / Valkyon Health Potions – These are very rare because they come from events, but they can save you if you make too many mistakes or get very unlucky in Curse phase.

Panaceaic Bolster – While these are very helpful for keeping your HP up, I don’t really think they are needed for the fight. You can use them if you want.

Healing Draught – It’s always good to have extra potions in case you need them.

Glyph Build
Here is the optimal glyph build for Kelsaik. I will explain why you should take these glyphs below.

Glyph Of The Pump (Stand Fast): More damage when you block.
Glyph Of Powerlink (Stand Fast): More damage when you Shield Counter.
Glyph Of Influence (Stand Fast): Less Mana used when you Shield Counter, More Shield Counters used, More Damage.

Glyph Of Spirit (Combo Attack): More Mana Regeneration when Auto Attacking. More Mana to use skills, more damage.

Glyph Of Power (Spring Attack): More Damage.

Glyph Of Energy (Second Wind): Lower cooldown on your primary/only healing spell.

Glyph Of Power (Wallop): More Damage.

Glyph Of Lingering (Debilitate): While you can’t debuff Kelsaik with this, it helps clear out the first room a lot faster.

Glyph Of Lingering (Iron Will): Higher uptime for Iron Will. Lowers downtime for Iron Will to 5secs. (Can have Iron Will up for 15s, CD is 20s.)
Glyph Of Warding (Iron Will): Stronger damage absorb.

Glyph Of Swift (Adrenaline Rush): More Damage.

Priest Buffs
Always, always, ALWAYS try and get priest buffs. They help IMMENSELY and just overall make the fight loads more easier and faster. Sometimes, there will be a priest and their party outside the teleportal (maybe farming dungeon or do HM), do not hesitate to ask them for buffs!

Most of the time they will be happy to help you out.
If not, is ok. You can still do the dungeon without them.

Equipment/Crystal Requirements
Oh jesus, here come’s the equipment requirements! There’s no way you can do this dungeon without FULL +12 EVERYTHING! Well, actually no. It’s possible to do this dungeon without having the best gear in the game, although it does make it easier.

For your lance, you will want to have one of the T14 lances. Cleftwedge (ABYSS), Tower of Evidence (NEXUS), Regentip (QUEEN), or Seerstrike (VISIONMAKER) to do this fight. I think you can also do it with the Fusion Lance but I haven’t seen the block rating on that, onto the main reason why you’ll need a T14—

The block ratings! The T14 lances have block ratings of up to 50,000 DMG or more, which is rather crucial for blocking Kelsaik’s recharge jumps. Any of them will work, but this is the main reason why you will want a T14.

The next reason why you want T14, more base damage! The T14 weapons all have more base damage than the T13 (obviously lol), so you will most likely want to use them.

You will want to have your lance masterworked and +12’d, preferably. I do not know if you can do it with just +9 lance, maybe you can, but it’s better to have it maxed out because you want to deal as much damage as possible. The fight has various DPS checks that you must meet, and having your weapon maxed out means less stress for you.

For enchantments, make sure you have double Attack Speed +8%. Secondary enchantments, ideally should be one Boss Damage Increase and one Highest Aggro Damage Increase. These will help you do more damage (lol). Do not bother getting the Enrage Damage Increase because Kelsaik does not enrage.

For body armor, you can use Discord, or anything above that. You want to have at least +9 and Double Boss Reduction on it. Health Restoration + is also helpful but not required.

For gloves, if you can, try and get double power (base and +9 bonuses). Masterworking and getting +12 is helpful as well but not needed. If your gloves are masterworked and T14, aim to get triple power on 10/11/12 bonuses.

For boots, try and get Endurance on base and +9 bonuses. You can use Discord boots or anything above that if you want.


For earrings, you MUST have Stun Duration -10% on both earrings. I advise getting Caged Winds with Stun Duration -10% and Health Restoration +. These are ideal, but any earring should be fine as long as it has Stun Duration -10% bonus on it.
You need to have the stun bonuses because it will lower the stun on recharge to the point where it will wear off right as Kelsaik finishes his jump, allowing you to block the shockwave of damage that would otherwise kill you.

For rings, you should have either Kryheart Settings, Shariar Settings, or Conquer Rings. Those are the best to have from worst to best. Good bonuses on the rings you should aim for are Crit DMG+ and Crit Rate+.

For necklace, a Phoenix Fantail or Thulsan Curio/Chain Of Deceit should do well. Aim to also get either Crit DMG+ or Crit Rate+ (or both if using Fantail).

The crystals are very important for this fight.

For weapon crystals, you will want to use 4 Mutinous Cruxes. Like I said before, Kelsaik has very high crit resistance, so it isn’t worth it to use crit DMG crystals. Always use 4 mutinous.

For armor crystals, there’s a few different combinations to try with their own pros and cons.
1. 4 Vigorous Cruxes
This setup is very helpful if you do not have Priest buffs and in general for the Curse phase as well when you are constantly taking damage. With this setup, you will not take any damage from the fire/ice debuffs. Keep in mind however, that if you are using this crystal setup, after the third recharge jump, Kelsaik’s jumps from then on will begin to go through your block. Th3 4th recharge jump will do 3000~ DMG, the 5th will do 10000~ DMG, the 6th will do 15000~ DMG. Also, if you make a mistake and get hit by any of his attacks, they will hit you a lot harder than if you wore anarchic cruxes.

2. 4 Anarchic Cruxes
This setup is very good if you have Priest buffs, as the Blessing Of Balder (Auto Regen) priest spell will make it so you will not take damage from the fire/ice debuffs. You will take less damage over all from his normal attacks, and his recharge jumps will not damage you through your block. The drawback is that during the Curse phase, if you are unlucky with resetting your curse stacks and he doesn’t do the single claw for a long time, you will most likely need to use a potion to sustain yourself until he does a single claw to reset.

3. 2 Vigorous Cruxes and 2 Anarchic Cruxes
I’ve been using this setup lately but I haven’t really noticed any noticeable difference. Needs more testing I think.

For zyrks, you should use Power zyrks always. Always! More damage… can never have too much damage.

Walkthrough Of The Dungeon
I was unsure of whether I needed to make a section for this since it’s so short, but here’s just a quick overview of the whole dungeon. This should give you an idea of how long it will take you in general.

1. Charm outside, get priest buffs.
2. Walk into dungeon, walk to first room, clear first room. (~2 mins)
3. Walk to Kelsaik, kill Kelsaik (~10-12 mins)
Roughly 12~14 minutes to clear.

1. Charm outside.
2. Walk into dungeon, walk to first room, clear first room. (~3-4 mins)
3. Maybe charm again if needed before Kelsaik. (~1 min)
4. Walk to Kelsaik, kill Kelsaik (~12-15 mins)
Roughly 15-20 minutes to clear.

So in general, Priest buffs are very helpful. ( I said this already but they are just that good! )

Okay, so you’ve finally made it to Kelsaik. Now the real tough part begins. You must kill him to finish the dungeon and get your money, but it will not be easy until you learn the fight!

Fortunately, a guide on how the Kelsaik fight itself works has already been written.
You can view the guide in the link below:

In this guide, I will show you specifically how YOU, as a lancer, should deal with the specific mechanics.

DPSing Kelsaik
Through the whole fight, you will want to use Shield Counter, Spring Attack, and Wallop everytime they are off cooldown, these are your main damage skills. Always use Adrenaline Rush as well everytime it comes off cooldown. Do not worry about using Adrenaline Rush when you have the Futility Debuff, as it will always be better to use it as much as you can rather than wait until the debuff wears off.

The start of the fight. Use Charging Lunge quickly to run up to Kelsaik and start DPSing.

Futility Debuff
This debuff will be applied to you at the beginning of the fight, after 80%, and after 30%. It lasts 3 minutes and there is nothing you can do to remove it.
After the first Futility debuff is placed on you, you want to push Kelsaik below 80% before it wears off. If you push Kelsaik below 80% and trigger the next Futility debuff, but you still have the first one on, it will not be reapplied and you will skip the second debuff phase outright. This is crucial to making the fight go a lot faster!

Doomfire & Doomchill Debuff Switching
One of the biggest things about Kelsaik is the constant fire/ice switching.
As a Lancer, you will want to block every single claw attack everytime. While the single claws can be used to switch debuffs, it is not advised to use them to switch. The attacks are very damaging, and can cause Excessive Bleeding to you, which will either force you to use a potion or kill you.
Always switch debuffs with the double claw attack. The double claw reaches outward diaganolly from Kelsaik’s respective claws, and he will ALWAYS do it at least once every 2 minutes, which means you will always be able to switch debuffs in time with double claw attack.[/b]
To switch debuffs with the attack, quickly backstep backwards in the direction of the side you need to switch to, whether it be fire or ice. This is demonstrated in the updated video as well.
If done correctly, you should take minimal damage from the actual attack (~3000-4000 DMG) and switch debuffs without trouble. ALWAYS aim to switch debuffs with the double claw attack, NOT the single claw attack.

Recharging & The Big Jump
When Kelsaik recharges, you will become stunned. After a few moments, he will leap into the air after charging up and smash onto the ground.
If you are wearing double stun duration reduction earrings, the stun will wear off just before he lands, allowing you to block the incoming shockwave of damage.
After the jump, he will gain a stacking power buff.
In a good run, you should be able to kill Kelsaik after 4 recharge jumps.
Always make sure to block this attack. It will kill you if you do not block.

Shield Phase
3 Minutes after Kelsaik is pushed below 80%, he will create a shield which you have to break. When the shield is up, you gain a DOT debuff that will eat away at your HP very fast until you break the shield.
Usually, the shield will come up around 31~40%, depending on how hard you are DPSing Kelsaik. Use Iron Will as soon as the shield comes up so you do not take much damage from the DOT, and break the shield as fast as you can.
If you do not push him below 30% 3 minutes after the first shield, he will put up another shield that you need to break. You should be able to push him below 30% before the second shield though, so this isn’t something you need to worry about.


Curse Phase (30% – End)
After Kelsaik is pushed below 30%, he will start the Curse phase, which is essentially the hardest part of the fight for you as a solo Lancer.
You will recieve the Futility debuff once again, and you will also be continously given a new debuff called “Curse Of Kelsaik” that can stack and deals damage to you repeatedly.

To reset this debuff, you must be hit (blocking the hit counts too) by either his single ice/fire claw attacks, or his ice/fire aoe spells.
ALWAYS make it a priority to reset your curse stacks by blocking single claw attacks as often as possible. Too many stacks on the curse will eventually overpower your Iron Will & Second Wind, and you will die.
At this point, you should use Iron Will to maintain your health and Second Wind if you get low.
This is the hardest phase because of the damage over time effect of the curse. If you get too much stacks, you will die. You must try your best to reset your stacks and stay at 0-2 stacks as often as possible.
This is the phase where you will most likely need to use your potions.

Crystal Phase
After 20%, Kelsaik will go to the center of the room and spawn a crystal, then run up to the ledge outside of the arena. Go to the center of the room with him and stand behind the crystal, while watching him as he goes up to the ledge. When he arches his head, immediately break the crystal with Lockdown Blow and then run behind one of the small walls that come up.
After the fire wave finishes, there will be lava on the ground. If you have the ice debuff, you will be switched to fire as soon as you step on the lava. If you had the fire, run to Kelsaik as soon as he comes down from the ledge. Kelsaik will ALWAYS use the double claw attack once he comes down from the ledge.

Once you have overcome all of the above, you should be able to kill Kelsaik.
Most of the time, Kelsaik will drop 2 to 3 Master Enigmatic Scrolls, lots of crap crystals, and a few armor/weapons that you can either sell to the NPC or put on the broker. (nobody buys them usually though)
The fight is not very hard once you are used to it, and I encourage every Lancer to try it. It’s a very good dungeon to farming once you get it down.


I made two videos of me doing it that you can view to get an idea of how the fight goes.

The first video is an old video, but i’m uploading a more up to date version that should be done sometime tomorrow.
Here’s the video for reference:
Note: Do not do what I did and switch debuffs using the single claw attacks. It is not good at all and most of the time you can get knocked down or get bleeding if you get hit by them. It’s always better to switch with double claw attack.

The new video will be up by tomorrow. It’s a good demonstration of how much priest buffs help and also better demonstration of how to switch debuffs correctly using the double claw move.

Here is the updated video. This try is with Priest Buffs and is a lot cleaner overall.

True End
Thanks for reading, and hopefully you all learned something from this guide. Good luck lancers on your future soloing endeavors and as always, have fun!

A note on enraging Kelsaik: It’s possible to force enrage Kelsaik by using Infuriate as a Lancer. The thing is, Kelsaik does not enrage naturally, so, like Auricadis, if you do decide to enrage him, he will stay enraged until he dies.

When Kelsaik is enraged, several things happen. While Kelsaik is enraged, he will be forced into an “Angered” form in which he will only use 3 moves: Single Ice Claw (Leaves a single line of ice on the ground), Single Fire Claw (Leaves a circle of fire on the ground), and a Charge Attack followed by Stunning Roar which hits 3 times and stuns for 5 seconds if not blocked.

Note that he will not use any other mechanics while in this state, only those 3 moves. He will not recharge, spawn crystal/fire wave, or shield. You will still get the Futility debuff at the respective phases (Start, 80%, 30%).

I did experiment with this a bit to see if it was more efficient, but I didn’t really notice any difference versus just doing it normally. Most of the time, if you choose to fight him in this form, you won’t have much time to attack him since you will have to be blocking his charges, roars, and claw attacks, while also constantly repositioning yourself so you are not standing in fire or ice.

It’s possible to skip the shield phase (and every other mechanic thereafter) by enraging him right before he puts the shield up, which was what I had tried for a few times, but I feel like I usually ended killing him around the same time anyways, and at some points, I actually had to use a potion because there was so much fire and ice covering the arena that it was hard to move without taking constant damage. It’s really a personal preference I guess.
Locking him in the enraged form only works in Normal Mode. Does not work in Hard Mode.

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