SMITE Sobek Guide

SMITE Sobek Guide by GuessMoo

Hey there fellow Smite players.
I just wanted to tell you that I made a guide on how to play Sobek.
I made two forms of the guide.
1: There’s a video at the end of the massive wall of text that’s the slightly shortened version of the text.
2: There’s a massive wall of text… for those who have time or read faster than I do in the video.

Here’s the massive wall of text. It’s my refined transcript of the video.


Hello, I’m GuessMoo and I’m here to show you my guide to Sobek: The Egyptian god of the Nile.
Sobek is an extremely powerful god and can adapt to any role.
He can jungle, solo left, go mid, support and, if you’re confident enough, go full physical.
Sobek has great survivability and a lot of ways to escape.

His passive ability is Armour of the Nile. Sobek gains 10 physical and magical protection when he attacks a target. This stacks up to 3 time and lasts for 4 seconds.

His First ability is called Charge Prey and it allows Sobek to quickly dash forward, if it hits an enemy player it will throw him behind Sobek.
Note that this ability will not go through walls though it will go through minions.
I take a rank in this at level 1 and max it last.

His second ability is called Tail whip and it will cause Sobek to damage all enemies within a radius
and knock them back. I take a rank in this at level 2 and max it second.

His third ability is Sickening strike and it will deal damage in a cone, de-buff all enemies hit with a 50% heal reduction and it will also heal Sobek for an amount based on how many targets are hit.
I take a rank in this at level 4 and max it third

His ultimate is called Lurking in the Waters and it will submerge Sobek in a large pool of water for 4 seconds.
During that time, Sobek takes less damage from basic attacks, is completely immune to crowd control effects, regenerates mana and slows all enemies that stay within the radius. At the end of the duration, it will cause massive damage to all enemies caught in the radius. Note that this ability will disable all other abilities but
it is possible to cancel the ult by pressing it again. Canceling it will result in decreased damage.
I take a rank in this at any given time.


Begin with rank 2 of reinforced boots and 3 mana pots.
The health regeneration from these boots should sustain you and the mana pots should give you much needed mana.

Now this is the important factor of my guide. I cannot stress how useful this item is.
It gives you mana, health, magical damage and, most importantly, it will slow anyone you damage with your abilities.
This item is so useful and here’s why.

1: Your first ability will, very often, throw the target too far away from you to reach.
The gem will slow the target long enough for you to catch up to him and apply another slow.

2: It will also allow you to catch up to enemies that you knock back too far with your second ability

3: It makes you third ability a 100 times more useful.

4: It will add an extra slow to the end of your ultimate. Which will allow you time to position yourself even more before using your abilities.

After that, you want to focus on what the team needs. Health is your priority because your passive and your ult provide enough protection.
Items like Gauntlet of Thebes and Warlock’s Sash are great if you are soloing and keen on farming.

Aura items like Void stone and Mystical Mark are great for team-fights.

For physical protection there is mystical mark and the breastplate of valor.
The cool-down reduction, mana and high amounts of physical protection from the breastplate can be extremely useful for Sobek.

As for magical protection; the Stone of Gaia will sustain you for such a long time that you’ll never have to recall again and
void stone will make your magical damage based allies really happy

The only items that you need is reinforced boots and the Gem of Isolation after those two you are really free to buy whatever is needed.
Sometimes I buy a Frostbound hammer just for the fun of it. If you play Sobek right, you need not worry about anything.


You want to max your second ability because it deals the greatest amount of damage per second. At about level 6 and halfway through the gem,
you should be able to kill the ranged minions with a single hit from your second ability.

The best way to clear a wave is to use your ult. But the second best way is to use your third ability on the melee minions, get between the melee and ranged minions,
makes sure the melee are in the radius of your second ability and then you use it and move towards the ranged minions.
Sobeks second ability has a small duration on it and it will allow you to hit enemies even if they are not within the radius when you activate it.

The way you want to play is to either allow the enemy to push to your tower or the opposite.
Sobek is probably the best god to get first blood with. What you want to do is allow the enemy to push their wave up to your tower.
You want to get rid of the melee minions and position the ranged minions so that they are just barely out of range of your turret.
Make sure the turret is not attacking any minions and bait your enemy closer.
Once he has entered the danger zone, you want to fling him into the turret and use your knock back to keep them within the radius of the turret.
Early on, this is the most devastating move you can possibly do.
You can gank with your ultimate extremely well since it allows you to go right up to the enemy and when you come out if it, fling them backwards.
If he has a dash you should rather gank with your first ability.

Remember that Sobek has endless ways of making out of a fight he can’t handle. Even if you are the tank, don’t die for nothing.
Sometimes it’s better to run away with 10% health and have the enemies try and chase you than stay in the fight and die even if the enemy is focusing you.
You are mainly the initiator. You want to absorb the damage and interrupt channels. You want to keep them away from your teammates and keep them busy.

Now go play Sobek and have every game end with a 10 min surrender!

Cons of Sobek:

High cool-downs on abilities which makes even more important to hit your spells.

Ult has a 4 second cast, if you want to deal damage instead of cc. Also it is very easy to predict when Sobek is coming out of his ult and those with dashes know when to jump out.

A passive that works only when auto attacking isn’t ideal, for someone who needs to be casting/kiting all the time.

Low to no visible damage when going full tank.
Low survivability when going magical damage.
If you want to get kills without dieing, considering Sobek’s high cool-downs, when going magical damage you want to know how to manage your abilities.

You can’t really kill anyone smart if you’re without a turret/minions/ally.

Can’t get through walls like Odin’s and Ymir’s.
Ymir can interrupt his dash, with his stun

That’s all I can think of for now.

My video guide.

Thanks for reading/watching. Please, if you have any comments, spelling, tips, your build, better build, constructive criticism etc, tell me about it.

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