SMITE Awilix Guide

SMITE Awilix Guide by Zachmonster0

The Build

So, I find that the most effective way to build Awilix is with power. Her passive(being the first to strike from out of combat increases her power by 30%) benefits greatly from this, as does the scaling on her abilities. Cooldown is also a MUST on her. The items i normally pick from are:

  • Transcendence(over 100 physical power at max stacks, and without it you will run out of mana often)
  • Warrior Tabi
  • Jotunn’s Wrath
  • Hydra’s Lament (The passive on this, plus Awilix’s passive, and crit can make the first strike from out of combat crit 1300-1500)
  • Rage
  • Deathbringer
  • Asi
  • Devour’s Gauntlets I only build lifesteal if I am having trouble against an enemy assassin, such as a Loki.
  • Magi’s Blessing
  • Shifter’s Shield

My normal build(outside of Conquest) consists of:

Transcendence>Warrior Tabi>Jotunn’s>Hydra’s/Dev’s(depending on how you are surviving)>Rage>Deathbringer.

You can also replace Hydra’s with Asi, Magi’s, or Shifter’s if you need more survivability.

In Conquest, I start with Bumba’s, HoG2, and one of each potion, then go into my normal build, with the exception that I always build Magi’s in the 4th spot, and sometimes replace Rage with Asi for boxing.

As for active items, Purification beads are a must. Your second active can be situational, unless you are playing Conquest in which case you will have WoG or FoG. I normally end up with Greater Sprint in other modes.


Awilix is strong against most gods, due to her natural control and mobility, but is especially strong against enemies that have leaps. Any Awilix player sees an enemy Neith and just starts laughing, knowing that she will have to choose between fighting, or getting pulled by the Awilix ultimate.


Awilix has a few counters. Sadly, any god with a cripple will make her difficult to play. I personally HATE Ares. One chain and half of your kit is shut down. Awilix cannot mount Suku or Feather Step while she is crippled. If she is already riding Suku however, she is only prevented from leaping with him, her speed buff isn’t negated.

How to Fight

Engaging with Awilix can be tricky. If you leap in, you have no escape. But, if the enemy has a root or a slow (Ah Puch or Neith, for example) you may have to leap in order to reach them. I tend to dislike using her ultimate to engage in a 1v1 situation, mainly because it is the best way to prevent escapes.

Once you are engaged, try to use your Feather Step when it has the large AOE targeter, which is after the second basic attack in your progression. This will deal large amounts of damage at any point in the game. You can also use Feather Step to re-position yourself, or to avoid abilities(nothing better than boxing a Medusa, and just flipping over her head as she uses her Ultimate).

Now, what happens when they run away you ask? Well, I think Awilix is the most annoying god to try and get away from. They are running? Mount Suku. Chase for the win. Suku is down? Hit them with Moonlight Charge, and while they are knocked up you can easily just run toward them and start basic attacking. You can also hit an enemy on the run with Moonlight Charge and then Feather Step to help close the gap. Oh, they are running toward a teammate, and if you run toward them more, you might get turned on? Don’t run in, pull them with Gravity Surge instead, and finish them.

Feather Step

Okay, so, Feather Step is honestly so helpful. If you can master using it, you will be able to fight anyone, for two reasons: I-Frames, and repositioning. Now, while you are in Feather Step, you cant take damage. You can use this, even on minions, to avoid Ultimates from Nu Wa, Neith, Vulcan, and more. You can also use it mid battle to avoid damage.

But, the repositioning helps as well. I mentioned earlier Feather Stepping over Medusa to avoid her ultimate. You can also(will a little finesse) use feather step to go over Thor’s wall, leaving him on the sad side of the wall. Plus, forcing an enemy to do a 180 degree camera turn to continue fighting you is invaluable.

Don’t forget your Feather Step roots. Thor is trying to use Mjolnir’s Attunement to teleport through a wall? Cripple him. He cant leave and one of his sources of damage is down. Same with Rama’s roll and Xbalanque’s dash. Once they start to use it, cancel it out.

Final Notes

Awilix has an extended auto attack range. Use this to your advantage when boxing other Melee based gods.

Try to bait out beads. Some people will panic beads when you knock them up with Moonlight Charge, or will use their beads to cleanse your teammates CC. Once you know their beads are down, you basically guarantee yourself a kill.

You don’t have to use Gravity Surge to pull. If you think you may lose a fight, use it. You won’t get the pull, but your steroid will let you outbox the enemy you are struggling against.

Watch out for cripples. Bait out Bakasura and Cupid ultimates while riding Suku, then use that increased movement to get out of them. Then the fight is yours to take.

If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them in the comments. If you are a fellow Awilix player and have suggestions for things to add to this guide, I will add them (giving you credit of course). Hopefully this guide will help anyone who has had trouble with or questions about Awilix.

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