SMITE Xing Tian’s Mountain Guide

SMITE Xing Tian’s Mountain Guide by Helix6126

Teams should consist of the following gods

Ares, Hun batz, Poseidon, hades, Anubis, Isis, Fafnir, cabrakan, Artemis, hou yi, Cupid, nemesis, Guan yu, erlang Shen, Amaterasu, terra, Zeus

Not limited to these, but they are strong picks

Relics to build

Guardian: shell and med

Warrior: curse and med

Mage: sanctuary and frenzy

Hunter: sanctuary and sprint

Assassin: sanctuary and sunder?

Again, not limited to these relics, just strong picks


Bull demon and friends: easy, just take out Ra and Artemis first

Fire giant: again, easy, just kill him with focused dmg

Cold hearted huntress: easy, just focus ymirs first and have art focus the tank

Colorful triage: easy, make sure you’re focusing the right target. The one immune to you has a colored sheild bubble

Just the 2 of us: if you can’t kill both together, focus down vamana first

Rip the dream: they ult almost immediately so be careful, pretty straight forward

Tower of power, use your abilities to take out the minions, pop girdle and go ham. Sanctuary will force the tower to retarget

Free hugs: burst down nox fast and save your cc, as she stops locking targets after being cced

Rewind: focus dmg on one at a time, pretty easy

Rolling Stones: start with focused single dmg, when the gebs are tiny, use huge aoe to burst them down

Feel the thunder: get away from the teammates with the Zeus 2 effect, and burst them down fast (they hurt)

Behind you: Loki will focus the lowest health target. You can jump his ult (Hun batz 1) or aegis it. Hoy yi can see invis Loki with the mark. The decoys hurt a lot.

Bar fight: the bacchuses jump at the same time so step back. Then burst them down, easy

Arachnophobia: burst and cc. Small spiders only die to autos. Burst her down, she’s tanky.

Bashful lion: perhaps the hardest one. Focus the pillars and have the guardian/ warrior tank the lion. Cabrakan can trap the lion by ulting, so can Odin. Focus the pillars fast, then girdle and take the lion out.

Recommended builds:


Mage: obsidian shard, spear of magus, Pythagorans piece, mark of the vanguard, 2 health pots

Hunter: Titans bane or executioner, crusher, asi, charged bow, health pots

Guardian: team aura items are super strong, like sov. and heartward

Assassin: Titans bane, crusher, witchblade, hydra’s star, health pots

Warrior: same as guardian, don’t repeat items, and make sure you have either titans, crusher, or both

Builds are just my opinion, feel free to change anything u

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