SimCity Social Beginner’s Guide

SimCity Social Beginner’s Guide by thekillergreece


Want to reach faster population?Simple!Building Attractions and Decorations near houses.Or put decorations in group of houses to increase population!The more population in grouped house, the more population!For Attractions, in there you can upgrade them to increase population and range radius.Also Houses will get population bonus if you put them near the water!(Waterfront)

Money Faster

Looks like low levels dont have money faster and they wish…Spending diamonds would be seriously bad…Building Bussiness!The most important of all, building business in grouped houses!As the payout bonus will be increased!Which means you will get more money when you collect.Also upgrade your business to get more and more money.I recommend you put business at grouped houses that are in attractions or decorations radius.

Materials Faster

Materials are the only enemy.Most high business need materials to be upgaded.As well as Facilities.Where is da train?Have you tried to send that train?Send it!There you will get plenty materials.Also build factories!If you put Factories near water, they will give you more materials!Similar to business.


Your city will be at risk if you reach longer population!Building Fire department!There you will have a lvl1 Fire department.If one of your houses,business and factories get fire, a fire truck will be pulled out to roads and go towards your fire reaction to put it out.
Have you got problems that A lvl1 Fire department cant put out a high fire?Well you need to upgrade it!The more bigger fire, the more fire trucks you will need.


Your city will be under fire by criminals!Building Police Station!When a house,factory or business getting robbed,fire and criminals escaping, Police will get alerted and a cop car will go to the crime and catch the thieves.Althrough Police station will be useless when you reach high population!Because the more population you reach, the high level crime!Building your Police Station.Thieves will not only rob your house or factory or business only!It also attack it!(The symbol will be a pistol.Similar to Mafia 2 wanted level)

OUTBREAK!(Similar to Resident evil series)

Your city will be under infection!People will get infected and turn into zombies!Where is da Hospital?Build one Hospital!Hospital will cure injured,infected and dying people!Once one house,business(Possible not bussiness or factory)gets infected,people getting injured, an ambulance will be on the road from Hospital to the House infecting.Once it will arrive, the house will get cured.If it fails, then the house will be quarantined.(Similar to Rec series)Upgrade your hospital!Upgrading will increase your ambulances cars.


Continue your nice city building story by expanding your city!If you dont expand your city, you wont be able do more population,have no problems(Fire,Criminal and outbreak)and not enough space for your buildings.Expanding your city will also continue your story,building more houses for population,business,factories and facilities.You can get land permit from your friends, or instantly expand with diamonds.Getting land permits is very easy!But money on the expansion is not that easy.

Clear that damn population!

Some your factories may have “Low” “Medium” and “High” pollution!Which means it can polute your houses and decrease the population.As well as Bussiness and other factories.I recommend you, put your factories far away and stay alone.Away from bussiness and houses.

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