SimCity Social Free Energy Guide

SimCity Social Free Energy Guide by miso_hungry

Whew! Training and maintaining a city at the same time is hard work and takes A LOT of Energy!!

Need more Energy for Training and taking care of your city like I do?

Here’s some tips on ways to get more Energy!

1) Click wall posts to help friends who have requested clicks and items and get a free energy (it will be added to your inventory). To find wall posts quickly, use this link:

2) First visits to new friends gets you 3 Energy! Find new friends:

3) Visit neighbors (max of 20 per day) and do 5 actions with them for 1 Energy.

4) Ask your friends to gift you Energy!

5) Leveling up refills your Energy!

6) Watch FB site for free stuffs:

Remember: You can store up to 14 energy in your inventory, after that it will be full and you’ll need to use up the energy before you accept any more.

Do you have any other tips to get free Energy? Share them!

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