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SimCity Social Frequently Asked Questions by miso hungry

Top Bar/Currencies

Q: What are Simoleons, how do I earn them, and what can they be spent on?

A: Simoleons are the virtual currency used to purchase goods in the game. You can earn Simoleons by collecting them from your businesses. If you upgrade your businesses and place them near houses, their payouts will increase and you will be able to earn even more Simoleons. You need Simoleons to purchase items.

Q: What are Diamonds, how can I get some, and what can I spend them on?

A: Diamonds can be purchased with Facebook Credits at anytime. Diamonds are used to purchase the premium items from the shop, speed things up, skip quests, and hire friends to staff buildings.

Q: What is Fame, how do I earn it, and what can it be used for?

A: Fame is a measurement of how social you are in SimCity Social! You earn Fame by visiting your neighbors and completing social interactions in their cities. These include friendly and foe actions. Simply click on buildings in their cities and choose an action. Fame is used to unlock and purchase special items in the shop.

Q: Can I use Diamonds to purchase Simoleons or Materials?

A: Yes! Click the Add button next to each and the screenshots will appear below. Every Money Bag and Material Crate contain a mystery amount of Simoleons or Materials. When you open them, you will find out how much is inside!

Q: Can I convert Materials to Simoleons and vice versa?

A: Yes, click on the Green button in between your Simoleons bar and Materials bar. You can use the sliding bar to choose how much to convert.

Q: What is XP and how do I get more?

A: XP represent your experience points. You earn XP by progressing through the game, completing tasks, and interacting with friends. XP will unlock additional features and items in the shop.

Q: How do I level up?

A: You need a certain number of XP points for each level. The XP bar will tell you how many you need before you can progress to the next level.

Q: What is the daily bonus and how does it work?

A: There are two types of Daily Bonus that you can receive. The regular daily bonus is what you get when you log in to the game for the first time each day. It contains some Simoleons, Materials, and Energy for you to use in your city.

The Daily Friend Bonus is a special bonus you receive for visiting your friends. You’ll get some free energy to use for social interactions in their cities as well as some Fame. The deeper relationship you develop with your neighbors, the higher the Daily Friend Bonus will be.

The Daily Bonus will reset at midnight GMT.
Game Settings

Q: How can I mute the sound?

A: To turn off the music on the loading screen, click the music icon on the top right corner.

In the game, there are two icons on the bottom right corner of the menu for sound effects and music options.

Q: How can I change the graphics quality?

A: Click the Settings icon and change the graphics quality by clicking the quality button:

Q: How can I change the language?

A: Click the Settings icon and select languages:

Q: I want to play SimCity Social in full screen, how do I do that?

A: There is a button on the tools menu that allows you to toggle the full-screen mode and enjoy SimCity Social in enlarged view! Press ESC to exit full-screen mode.

My CityQ: How do I change the placement of items?

A: There are two ways you can move items around. You can click the Item and select “Move” or use the Redecorate mode. In the Redecorate mode, you will have the option to move or bulldoze. For certain buildings and decorations, you may also store them in your inventory if you decide you don’t like where they are located.

Q: How do I move my roads?

A: To move your roads, you can click the redecorate button then click bulldoze. Then you can build new roads by selecting Build and then Roads. It doesn’t cost you anything to do this as roads are free.

Q: Do the items in the shop change?

A: Yes, items in the shop will change from time to time as we remove older items to make way for new things for your city. We are always offering new and exciting items for sale so check back often.

Q: What is the Waterfront Bonus?

A: Like in any real city, certain areas are more desirable than others. In SimCity Social, if you place buildings near the water, it will increase the buildings’ production. If you place houses near the water, it will boost your population and automatically upgrade your houses. Businesses placed near the waterfront will have increased payouts and generate more Simoleons. Similarly, if you place factories near the water, they will produce more Materials.

Q: My house won’t level up any more, what should I do?

A: Place attractions and landmarks near the house to increase it’s level and population. If you look in the Build menu, there is a Decorations section with items such as flowers, trees, and swimming pools amongst other things that will level your house up.

Q: How do I expand my City?

A: You can expand your city by purchasing new pieces of land. When you click on a nearby territory, it will show you the amount of population you must have in order to expand as well as the number of land permits required. You can ask your friends for land permits. If you’re impatient, you can always skip these requirements with Diamonds.

Q: What are Collectibles?

A: Collectibles are items that you will need in order to finish certain quests as well as upgrade buildings. You can earn these collectibles by completing certain actions or by asking your friends to send them to you. The question mark button next to the item will give you a hint at what to do to earn them. Collectibles are stored in your inventory to be used when they are needed. They may also be purchased with Diamonds.

Q: Why can’t I put out a fires or stop break-ins?

A: You have to build a firestation and a police station to respond to these emergencies. They will only respond within a certain radius. As your city gets bigger, you will need to upgrade these facilities and build more.

Q: I received free energy from my friends, where is it?

A: Free energy sent from your friends goes into your inventory. You can store up to 14 energy there, after that it will be full and you’ll need to use up the energy before you accept any more.

Social Relationships

Q: What does the “Friend or Foe” refer to?

A: In SimCity Social, you can play with your friends by building cities and interacting with each other. When you visit your friend, you can choose to be “friendly” and complete nice actions in their city, such as visiting their fire station and petting the Dalmatian or visiting their animal farm and tickling the piglets. The more “friendly” actions you complete, the deeper friendship levels you will reach. If you choose to be “foes” with your neighbors, complete evil actions in their cities and you will soon develop a rivalry.

Whether you are choose to be “Friend” or “Foe,” developing deep social relationships will unlock unique gifts and buildings, increase collectible drop rates, and increase your Fame as a Mayor.

Q: What are the different levels of friendship/rivalry and how do I achieve them?

A: There are several levels of friendships as well as rivalry that you may achieve with your neighbors. If you are friendly, you begin as Buddy Towns and then eventually become Sister Cities. If you choose to be a Malicious mayor, you will become Rivals with your neighbors and gradually become Arch Enemies!

To achieve new relationship status’ with your neighbors, you must complete either positive or negative social interactions in their cities.

Q: What special privileges do the different levels of friendships unlock?

A: Different levels of friendships will unlock different interactions with your neighbors. You will unlock unique surprises to gift your neighbor as well as increase the drop rate of items. There are certain items, such as social collectibles, that you can’t ask for so becoming Sister Cities with your best friend and Arch Enemies with your sibling is useful!

Q: How do I leave gifts for my neighbors?

A: Once you have completed enough actions in your neighbor’s city, you will earn a gift to leave your friend. It will show up on the top of your console, under the “Friendly or Foe” meter, as Ready! To leave a gift, simply click the button and select the surprise you’d like to leave!


Q: My game won’t load after I’ve updated my Adobe Flash player but I can see the header and footers. What’s wrong?

A: This happens because your flash settings are set to “do not allow local storage.”

To change this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Right click in the blank area where the game should be
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click the middle tab at the bottom (see pic below)
  4. Drag the slider to the right
  5. Click Close
  6. Refresh the page and you’re done

The game should load properly now.

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