Sevencore Saving HP & MP Pots Guide

Sevencore Saving HP & MP Pots Guide by Tradut

Hey everyone …. this tricks exactly for WARRIOR , not only single blade ^^
This time i wanna to share my tricks , about saving our HP & MP POT when hunting or grinding ( WARRIOR ) .
Cause too many players was spend a lot of GOLDs to buy HP POT & MP POT. and then they don’t have a lot of GOLDs.
Okay , let’s to the point .
Step 1 : see this screenshoot ^^ ( Right Click the picture + open in new tab for the maximize

Step 2 : You only need 2 active skills ( Thrust & Slash , and 2 passive skills Enhance Blade & Touch of the Wild < for blade and Enhacen Sword & Lucky Strike < for sword
Step 3 : Put gem of concentrate on your weapon , to reduce miss chance when you hit the target.
Step 4 : Absolutely, use Attack Oriented Mount , I Prefer you to using Hyna, Bear, Wolf, Bettlee, etc , cause them have skill to call their friends ^^. and don;t forget to upgrade your mount into + 5.
Step 5 : Watch bar potion in screenshoot , set the barrier in middle of HP bar and set the barrier in low of MP bar.
Step 6 : Don’t forget to give HP POT for your mount to prevent killed by montes ^^.

Minus : provide a lot of slots on your inventory & storage cause you need to save some HP & MP POT you get when you open the gift box ^^ .. and sell them to earn some GOLD ..

Ok it’s all ,
Please give me a suggestion if i have wrong on my trick , and then I can improve my knowledge about hunting . and don’t forget to share with anothers .. ^^

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