Sevencore Epic Weapon Materials List

Sevencore Epic Weapon Materials List by fatbottoms

We would like to encourage and help others who want to make an epic weapon so we are providing a list of materials and recipes to help out.

In order to make the epic weapon you need to get a broken item for your class from entombed labyrinth in ancile islands. Then you need to restore that item. Once restored, you need to make a cursed weapon. The restored items are the same for both weapons for each class. When you make the cursed weapon, you will need to specify if you want to make a one handed or two handed weapon. Once you have the cursed weapon of your choice, you can make your epic weapon.

I am going to put this list in reverse order. Starting with the epic weapon and branching out from there.

Epic Weapon:
75 rare weapon that matches what you chose for your cursed weapon
cursed weapon
2x petrified pine cone

Cursed Weapon:
75 elite weapon one handed or two handed
restored item for your class
2x petrified pine cone

Restored Item For Your Class:
broken item for your class
2x temporal catalyst
2x nature’s restorative

The (#) is the total amount of each material needed. The only materials this does not apply to are iron and chromium. They are used in a few recipes but very easy to farm so don’t worry if you don’t have them all ready at once.

First, let us go through the petrified pine cone.

Petrified Pine Cone: (4)
2x greater mana pearl (8)
6x essence of impure light (24)
6x essence of pure light (24)
6x essence of forest (24)

Greater Mana Pearl: (8)
3x mana pearl (24)
8x iron (64)
8x chromium (64)

Mana Pearl: (24)
7x high quality manalite (168)
7x slivered manalite (168)
8x shattered matterite (168)
8x cracked matterite (168)

Now it is time for the temporal catalysts.

Temporal Catalyst: (2)
1x reinforced runic leather (2)
2x living crystal (4)
2x growing leather (4)

These recipes are very involved. The list will be broken down to cover each of these individually.
First, reinforced runic leather.

Reinforced Runic Leather: (2)
2x runic leather (4)
24x copper (96)
24x tin (96)

Runic leather: (4)
3x living leather (12)
3x mana thread (12)

Living Leather: (12)
12x small herb of health NO GRADE (144)
12x blessed ginsing (144)
12x soft leather (144)
12x rough leather (144)

Mana Thread: (12)
12x small herb of magic NO GRADE (144)
12x powdered matterite (144)
12x thread (144)
12x tainted manalite (144)

Notice the warning NO GRADE. When you are gathering small herb of health and magic save both the E grade and no grade that you get. You will use them both. Now, on to the living crystal.

Living Crystal: (4)
3x branch of life (12)
3x flower of life (12)
3x root of life (12)

Branch of Life: (12)
11x small herb of magic, small herb of health, small thorn bush, small wavy weed (131 of each)

Flower of Life: (12)
11x small flame flower, small venom vine, small rock root, small wind reed (131 of each)

Root of Life: (12)
11x small purity herb, bud of recovery, thin leather, small detox herb (131 of each)

Lastly, the growing leather.

Growing Leather: (4)
3x vital leather (12)
10x essence of impure blood (40)
10x essence of pure blood (40)
10x essence of the plain (40)

Vital Leather: (12)
11x thick leather (131)
11x leather string (131)
10x low quality manalite (120)
11x linen (131)

That completes the temporal catalyst. The last major recipe to cover is nature’s restorative.

Nature’s Restorative: (2)
1x nature’s essence I (2)
2x vital steak (4)
22x iron (44)
22x chromium (44)

First, the nature’s essence I.

Nature’s Essence I: (2)
3x crystallized nature I (6)
3x crystallized nature II (6)
3x crystallized nature III (6)
3x crystallized nature IV (6)

Crystallized Nature I: (6)
9x growing herb of health, growing herb of magic, growing wavy weed, growing thorn bush (54 of each)

Crystallized Nature II: (6)
9x growing wind reed, growing rock root, growing flame flower, growing venom vine (54 of each)

Crystallized Nature III: (6)
9x small spark seedling, rotton moss, growing purity herb, growing detox herb (54 of each)

Crystallized Nature IV: (6)
9x small four leaf clover, small glass grass, tough leather, glossed leather (54 of each)

Lastly, the vital steak.

Vital Steak: (4)
3x mana infused steak (12)
8x essence of the impure wild (32)
8x essence of the wild (32)
8x essence of highland (32)

Mana Infused Steak: (12)
9x cotton yarn (108)
9x cotton (108)
9x prime rib (108)
9x superb manalite (96)

That is everything needed to make an epic weapon. The numbers for each material are what are required for the recipes. Each time you craft it can….and at some very inconvenient point…will fail. We highly suggest that you farm extra materials to allow for failure. Farm enough for 2-5 extra attempts. If you have to craft 24 items, farm for 29 attempts. If you need to craft 8 items, farm to craft 10. We used full luck sets while crafting and they have been proven by us to work. We suggest getting a set for all the crafting required.

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