Sevencore Hidden Treasure Quest Guide

Sevencore Hidden Treasure Quest Guide by RavenChaos

This is for the guide Hidden treasure quest 1-5 that cant find in the map(if have another Hidden treasure i will update).. I will show the map and the place to find the clue 1-5 to help all the player..without waiting lets begin for the 1st Hidden quest..

For the 1st quest hidden its near the lodge and the mine..just go the left and going up to the cliff..

Now for the 2nd quest hidden treasure..its near a log and just near the Stonehill Carpry monster and grunt..

Next, is the 3rd quest hidden treasure..this quest u can find at between the can just go straight away between the cliff and you will find a tree at the left above the cliff..

Then for the 4th hidden treasure is by going to the between Rebel Camp and Magic will see this road when you want to go there..

Lastly the last hidden treasure is near the behind the Big Stone..Near the Oceangrapher and go to left at the big this..

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