Sevencore Gunner Dual Guns Guide

Sevencore Gunner Dual Guns Guide by Rohirrim

Hi, my name is Bane! Through this guide I’ll try to explain you how to build your own Gunner – weapon: Dual Guns style. This is my first guide making, ever, so pls don’t be too critical. xD
Be creative! Make your unique but balanced build.


*Range unite
*Has disablers/stun (Burst Shot, Double Shot)
*Fast movement
*Fast skills
*Accuracy bonus in two skills
*Has escaping mechanism (Back Jump Shot)
*Good in 1v1 combat
*Most of the skills can be used while you are moving.
*Vulnerable in melee combat
*Weak armor
*Weaker in massive combats
* Squishy
*Weak AOL skill.

~Sion Character – Statistics~

-First of all I will introduce you with race that you can choose, It will give you small but valuable bonuses.
-Here goes the boring part. :))






“Master of combat in distance using Dual Guns and Launcher. Based on long range attacks and fast movement they do no all enemies to approach and subdue enemy from a distance.”
-Alright, so there are two weapons to choose on Gunner. This times we’ll go with Dual Guns.
Dual Guns:
“Allows their user to move fast and continuous fire.”

In game clicking “H” hotkey will give you the answers on some of your questions:


Skill points are gained each 3 levels, starting from lvl 10 (includes level 10).
You will gain 1 skill point on 10 lvl, 13 lvl, 16 lvl.. and so on.
Skills are recommended to level 2/5 , each, before building them to max points.

1. Power Shot
– Make 2/5 on points when ever you can, since your first gained points. You will not regret it!
2. Bind Shot
– Same as Power shot, its very need it. 2/5 when ever is possible.
3. Sharp Shot
– This skills is not much important to build it too early in the game. There are other skills more important than this one. Sharp Shot is more usefull for killing bosses or PvP combats.
4. Spin Shot
– Has good cooldown time, but it has the little disadvantage. When you’re using it you won’t be able to use other skills fast. Good is that “cooldown” between using skill and when skill is over doesn’t last long. You can still build 2/5 for start, if you want.
5. Freeze Shot
– Has very nice cooldown time and good starting damage 190%. 2/5 gives 230% so it’s not really good to use the second point on it, at least when you are higher level (60+lvl) then u can. Skill has good 5/5 damage for a short cooldown skill.
6. Speed Up
– Very usefull skill for gunner. Since you’re ranged unite this is real important to you, you have to make distance between you and your target you know?! Ya, ok! xD 5/5 This is a MUST do it! :)
7. Accuracy Up
– Since you’re skills are real fast but have weaker damage you can also miss target. This skill will help you. :D You don’t have to rush to build it, but still have it on your mind. For the 30+ levels or ever higher.
– PAWA PAWA PAWA!!! (power o.o) xD The skill is usefull for everything. But don’t waste it, you cant use it when ever u want. It have to pass time, you have to kill the mobs to gain the “Constume Fury” or “Golden mana” again. (Regeneration)
– You wil kill the bosses real fast and easily. Well, not the all of them. If they are way higher level than you, and have really a lot of HP, you have to call at least 1 more player to assist you.
– (I don’t know how did “golden mana” came on my mind. O.o lol)

Okay, now it goes all the point of dual guns.

1. Double Shot
– This skill is one of your most used skills. Target will take damage and it will be pushed 5m away. Target will be fainted for 1 secund. You have to add at least 1 point there 2/5 when ever is possible, even before the “common skills”. Okay! On higher levels mobs your Skill will lose ability to push away target, to prevent that you must add another point on this skill.

Note: I’m not sure if this is how it suppose to be, but it is. You must make 3/5 to make your stun work for higher level mobs.

2. Chain Shot
– Very powerfull dul gun skill. On 2/5 points it gives 300% damage of attack . Build it 2/5 when ever possible. Without good accuracy this skill can miss a lot, so have that on ur mind too.

3. Jump Back Shot
– Vey usefull skill for pvp and pvm as escaping mechanism
PvP ( Player versus Player) PvM ( Player versus Mobs) (Mobs = monsters in game)
PvM is also = Grinding.
So far the skill the similar problem problem as “Double Shot”. When you use this skill on 1/5 you should damage the target for 100% damage and then move 10m back fast. But actually it will jump only 5m or so… You’re skill will be far effective if its 3/5. It will damage the target and move back 12m fast.

4. Enhance Dual Gun
– Good skill, but still it could be better, you need to build it sooner or later. On 10/10 gives 20% more attack power and 10% moving speed. (its permanent)

5. Multi Shot
– Good and fast skill firing in radius of 25m with 200% of attack all nearby enemies. (3-30 enemies, depends on a skill level.) It’s not recommended to level it 2/5 like most of the skills since on 2/5 it gives only 20% more damage of attack, so it will be 220% of attack power. Skill is usefull for pvp, not really recommended in every type of pvm. Skill will lure all the nearby enemies making you to flee, since you’re weak in close combat.

6. Wild Shot
– Name of the skill really describe all. xD It has almost the same use like “Multi Shot”, but weaker start damage. Recommended to build it on higher levels, probably over 60 level or higher ones.

7. Flash Shot
– Skill is great specially for pvp, massive pvp combats. It will make your enemy to miss like crazy in the next 30 seconds. So you’re building fast pvp, this is the skill for you. Still, you cant build it lower levels, its meant to be for the higher levels. Maxed skill will make your enemies accuracy 50% lower, making them practically useless. :D

8. Burst Shot
– This skill is great for PvP, for killing Bosses, mobs that have skills. This skill silents your opponent for 3 seconds on 1 lvl.

What “Silent target” exactly means: Silents your opponent for 3 seconds (hold skill for 3 seconds), while that time is running (passing) your opponent can’t use skills. It’s different in pvp and pvm. in PvP your opponent won’t be able to attack you, not even with Normal hits. While in PvM mobs will attack you, although they couldn’t use their skills.

9. Concentration
– Another skill for upgrading your accuracy rate. I would recommend it for much higher levels. Since your first priority would be “Accuracy Up” skill. It’s usefull for your teammates, so yeah! But if you really wanna make your character to hardly even miss a target, this is the right skill for you.

Skills are normally gonna be learned tho the game leveling. But also some of the skills you have to learn by yourself. And how to do that?! :o
Don’t worry, its quite simple. :D

Skill books:
Don’t worry it’s not a hard “quest”. You just have to find an NPC (Non-Player Character) in your town. Skill books are also cheap.
The NPC that will help you to learn some skills is named: GUNNER INSTRUCTOR. Find it on the map.
Gunner Instructor is located in every map’s main town.
And he looks exactly like on this picture:
Talk the NPC, and there we go. :))

Important thing is to read the “Potion of Oblivion” item when you get it (right click on it). Why? :o Because it will give you bonus 1-5 skill points randomly. :)
You will gain this ITEM free in the quest each 20 levels.
(So far I got them on 20 lvl and 40 lvl, so I guess that its every 20 levels. :D )
Note that, if you already gained 5 points from 1 (one) “Potion of Oblivion” you can not get more bonuses than that. You will only reset the points back for the NEW random 1-5 pts.

This is how the item looks like:

You can also purchase this item through item shop.

Some of the suggestions how to build your character’s skills:
Power Shot 2/5
Binding Shot 2/5
Double Shot 2/5
Chain Shot 2/5
Spin Shot 2/5
Speed Up 3/5
Enhance Dual Gun 3/10 – (Whenever this skill is available, put the skill point on it.)
Speed Up 5/5
Enhance Dual Gun 5/10
Sharp Shot 5/5 – (Good for PvP, and killing Bosses) / Accuracy Up 4/10 & Burst Shot 2/5.
Enhance Dual Gun 6/10
Double Shot 3/5
Back Jump Shot 3/5 – (As your escaping mechanism) / Chain Shot 3/5 ,& Bind Shot 3/5 / Accuracy Up 3/10 [in case that you had putted Skill Points on Sharp Shot]
Accuracy Up 5/10….

Some of your priorities will be to use strong skills but also to use them fast. So I guess Freeze Shot is the Skill on the Top3 for that because of his high damage rate.

Using skills against mobs:
Power Shot / Freeze Shot
normal shot / Double Shot
Double Shot / normal shot
Chain Shot
Freeze shot / Spin Shot (if its need it)
Freeze Shot / Power Shot
Binding Shot [Don’t forget that you can also miss with this skill, in that case mob won’t be bind on the ground; in that case run till you kill it.]
Chain Shot / Spin Shot
Normal shot
Spin Shot / Power Shot

Usually I use only 2 skills with help of my pet, to kill a mob. That should to be your priority, don’t spend too much mana potions. But still if you didn’t practice it well, try to use these “combo skills”. Even tho its not hard to kill a mob with 2 skills. [Not every mob, of course.]

That would be like this:
Freeze Shot / Power Shot
Normal Shot
Double Shot
Normal Shot… / Power Shot (If you missed with some of your skills)
Power shot / Chain Shot
Binding Shot
Normal Shots / Chain shot (if its need it)

Enough! :)

Good PvP Skills for Gunners by Killer

For Gunners This is for Dual Gunners….

¨Double Shot¨ try get the skill +5 is realy usefull Knockback 5m away and the Player or Mop cant move for around 2 or 3 seconds.

¨Chain Shot¨ Realy good skill too try to get it +5 too Realy good skill Makes alot of demage.

And ¨Enchance Duel Gun¨ This increased your Attak power by 2% every time you put an Skill point to it.

Plus Dual Gunners Dont stand Stills you Have to kite ¨Alot Moving¨
This is for Lunchers

Luchers are like PVE there not good for PvP soo dont get mad if you cant beat almost eny 1 in duels x3
Afther Lv 35 you can Stone enemy

Max up ¨Sniping¨ Realy good skills for Big demage try to get it +5.

Get also ¨Enchance Launcher¨ For better demage theres a good thing and a bad thing You get Realy good Bonus of Attack Power it Increases by 6% every time you put an Skill Point But Bad thing you loose Movement Speed..

And for Last ¨Penetration¨ every time you put an skill point to it you get +.5 Second Extra Stune Time soo teary good for PvP

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