RotMG HP Cursor Script Guide

RotMG HP Cursor Script Guide by Anticosmic

This script displays the percentage of player’s HP under the mouse cursor (really it’s within the cursor). (from 1 to 100%)

The famous “Pro” RotMG cursor is included.

The cursor changes to default system cursor when you switch to another window.

It works in non-stretched mode only because it reads pixels from the screen to get HP value.
That means it doesn’t work in fullscreen.
You may reduce screen resolution to enlarge the game without stretching it. (I play at 1280×720)

How to start

1) Install AutoHotKey (any version) –
2) Download and unzip the script (attached below)
3) [optional] Read the script source to verify it is legit (I always do this)
or ask someone who knows programming to check it for you
4) Double click “hp_cursor.ahk” file

How to exit

Press F9
or Right click on green “H” tray icon and select “Exit”

If you want to use F9 key for other purposes you may search for “F9” in the script source and change it to something else, like F1 or F14.


If you start depending on this script and it fails for any reason – you may die!
Use at your own risk.
However, I found it to be reliable – it updates without delay.

Technical details

I created 100 cursors, one for every HP percentage.
All of them are loaded into memory when the script starts and they are swapped when HP changes.
This method is very fast because everything happens in memory and there is no need to create any overlaying transparent windows.

Making skins

You can send me an image with new cursors (or post it in the thread).
It should be 320×320 or 480×480 or 640×640 PNG with layout similar to the one above.
OR files named 1.cur, 2.cur … 100.cur (or PNG).
I’ll adapt the script and add it as an alternative download.
There may be less than 100 images for some graphical representation instead of numbers (a small HP bar doesn’t need 100 frames).

Version “B”

It uses BMJ’s precision cursor



Please post here or PM me if you find any problems.

Improvement suggestions are also welcome (but don’t ask for autonexus or autoloot).




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5 Responses

  1. rotplayer says:

    stopped working

  2. Samuel Henry says:

    Could you make a version that works in fullscreen or is that impossible because there are so many different resolutions for people to have?

  3. Immortaxio says:

    I cant use it
    It show only cursor but no hp percent i try to play in different resolution and in windows mode but not work .
    Help me pls

  4. Kragh says:

    How can the script fail and does it ever happened to you?

  5. CPFOS says:

    You should get a bar for mana as well.

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