RaiderZ Cleric Healing Guide

RaiderZ Cleric Healing Guide by alyanthe


This will be a detailed guide about healing clerics, with all sorts of mind-numbing technicalities.
NOTE: These are mainly built upon my own experience and this logic may vary from individual to individual.

Cleric Summary:
Main stat: Intelligence
Main hand weapon: Staff
Main armor type: Cloth
Best level to switch to cleric (Book of oblivion): 30

Main abilities by use:
Circle of healing: Place in the middle of all the action [Anyone standing on this receives 10% more healing].

Heal: Your main heal [Best keep this ready by casting the spell but not clicking].

Revitalize: This is your personal heal [Put this up whenever you’re damaged].

Crystal of Life: This is a conditional ability, place it somewhere in the area, make a new one whenever someone picks it up.

This is your biggest heal, heals the whole group (within certain radius).

Possession: This DOES increase your healing. As such it must always be used.

EP – or – Energy Points:
This is your main resource, it is increased by two stats: +x Energy or +x Intelligence.
Energy regenerates slowly [yet faster than health], there are four ways to accelerate the regeneration:

[*]Item effects [Staff/item set]
[*]Blessing: Concentration
[*]Energy crystal [provided by Sorcerers]

Each point of Intelligence provides 5 Energy.
10 int = 50 Energy
100 int = 500 Energy

…And so on.

EP tricks:
[*]Use combat-drink whenever you’re safe [has to be a 5 second safety window].
[*]Use Blessing: Concentration when you reach 50% Energy.
[*]Cast your cheapest heal and hope that a restorative set-effect/weapon effect procs.
[*]Don’t cast heal on one person at a time.
[*]When everyone’s rather damaged and spread out and you have Salvation ready: use it.
[*]Keeping people inside the Circle of Healing, will increase the healing they receive, making you cast less heals.

Skillpoint tips:
It is really a matter of your own preference how you build your cleric :)
However here are a few notes from my experience:

[*]-Nimble healer skill would have no use in my arsenal, I’ve never seen the need for a reduced cast time; due to always having my heal pre-cast.
[*]-Combat resurrection can be left with 1 point into it, as the resurrected person will NEVER have aggro.

[*]IMPORTANT: Each time you’re about to upgrade Heal skill, make sure you place the old version somewhere on your action bars. The skills DO NOT get updated to the highest level – when you use the skillpoint.
Reason: This will allow you to heal seemingly at times when you have no energy, and if you find highest Heal’s EP cost too high, you can always revert.

[Hardcore Corner]
Use action bar flips to switch to damage spells, if you have chosen to have some (shift + number).

At level 35 – 10 POINTS OF INTELLIGENCE provide:
[*]1 point to all resistances.
[*]10 points to min/max Magical Damage.
[*]4 points to min/max Physical Damage.
[*]100 points to your health.

Every 15 points in Magic Critical Rate will increase your magic critical by 1%.

Energy regenerates at a rate of 60 energy per 5 seconds, without delay. You could keep counting from 1 – 5 to expect regeneration ticks.

In combat your energy regenerates at a rate of 24 every 5 seconds! BE AWARE OF THIS.

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