RaiderZ Cleric Support Healer Build Guide

RaiderZ Cleric Support Healer Build Guide by xtnlol

Highly accepted in groups
Huge impact in team’s survivability and performance
Very High Sustain with acceptable DPS
High customizability and gear choices

Small DPS in comparison to the other classes
Requires a group to level quickly
Patience is key, and will be greatly rewarded

Considerations to take note
This build is guide is PvE oriented
In CBT; you cant PvP after level 29 (PvP oriented builds serves no purpose end-game)
Leveling would be slow and painful (Partying helps)

Skill Build

Weapon and Armor

Recommended leveling gear
Chain set

Focus on high physical attack and survivability.
As a pure support/healer, you lack any DPS Skills.
Most of your dmg comes from auto-attacking with the occasional FocusedStrike/HealingStrike.
Keep a high uptime on your character. Heals(switch to staff), Food and Water helps when leveling.

Recommended end-game gear:
Master Garden HC:
Intel Chain gear with Staff
Cata HC:
Cursed Cloth Quetzal gear with Staff

Focus on high magic attk
High Intel gear is recommended

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