RaiderZ Ingen Map and Merchants Guide

RaiderZ Ingen Map and Merchants Guide by taintedwraith

Please staff move to a guide section, I had a very difficult time in ingen and didn’t know where everything was so this is to help players when OBT comes out xD (I cant post in guide section for some reason)


Ever Rose:
Head Chef Daan(Food)
Chef Oliver(Quests)
Merchant Annie(Cooking utensils)
Food Merchant Aries(Food)
Chef Lampa

Timot’s Inn:
Irene(Inn keeper)

Hanna’s Botique:
Seamstress Hanna(Cloth Armour)
Leather Artisan Murduran(Leather Armour)
Costume Artisan Lulu(Costume’s)
Dye Merchant Nikki(Dye’s)

Garrison Watchpost:
Guild Master Niguran(Guild master)

Accessory Shop:
Jewel Dust Merchant Scarlet(Materials for adding jewels to armour and weapons)
Accessory Merchant Trish(Rings, necklaces)

Explorer’s Depot:
Weapon Merchant Noah(Standard Weapons)
Exploration Supplies Merchant(Pickaxe’s, lockpicks..)

Weapon Crafter Andel(Weapons)
Chain Artisan Messi(Chain Armour)
Plate Artisan Tiger(Plate Armour)

South of Forge:
Grain merchant Monika(Grains)
Butcher’s part-time employee Elle(Some meat)

Seafood merchant Viz(Seafood)
Vegetable Merchant Ari(Vegetables)
Spice merchant Scanbas(Spices)
Butchers employee Mita(Meat)
Seafood Merchant Railey(Seafood)
Vegetable farm owner Jarden(Vegetables)

Missionary Reinan(Potions)

Trade Market Master Buffet(Bazaar)

Hellhound Encampment:
Trainer Sonatine(Mounts)

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