RaiderZ New Player’s FAQ

RaiderZ New Player’s FAQ by kimsteparu

This guide / FAQ is made for the purpose to guide beginners throughout the game and answer and questions they might have. I have included almost every question a beginner might have for this game.

*You are free to include more questions below or via pm and I will answer them to the best of my knwoledge and include it in this FAQ*

Table of Content

I. Introduction
II. General FAQ
III. Skill Points & Skill Tree FAQ
IV. Gameplay FAQ

I. Introduction

Salutations to the beginners. I play the Diago Server ( Ign : Str, Int, Qii ) and also play the korean server on a daily basis. I have quite some experience on this game and its mechanics so I hope this build will be able to help many new players out.


Q: What is RaiderZ?
A: RaiderZ is a Free-to-Play Massively Multiplayer Online RPG (or MMORPG for short) in which players engage in battle against colossal and powerful beasts in order to save the world of Rendel from destruction.
Experience action-based gameplay, join a hunting party, and team with up to 15 other adventurers to beat back the monstrous forces of destruction. In RaiderZ, you must hunt together, or die alone.

Q: Are There Character Classes In RaiderZ?
A: There are no set classes in RaiderZ. You are free to pick and choose from among different weapons and skills and their associated combat styles.

Q: What are the stats in this game and what do they do?
A: Str – Increase Phys Atk. Slightly Increase Magic Atk
Agi- Increase Phys And Magic Crit Rate
Int- Increase Magic Atk, Max Energy, Magic Crit Rate. Slightly Increase Phys Atk
Vit- Increase Magic Atk and Max Health. Slightly Increase Phys Atk
Charm- Increase Magic Defense. Slightly Increase Magic Atk

Q: How come I have 5 skill points in cleric and 30 in defender but my icon shows me as a defender?
A: The first point you put into a skill depends on what class icon you get.
EG-You put your first point into a berserk skill tree. You will get the berserker icon.

Q: What happens if i die?
A: You’ll get a debuff for a minute. This debuff decreases your attack/ defense/ movement for a while. You will also respawn to the closest soul stone.

Q: How come I can’t use my return stone?
A: Go to the Inn and talk to the innkeeper to register.

Q: How come I get teleported to Ingen instead of Rietz?
A: Go to the Rietz Inn and talk to the innkeeper to have you registered there.

Q: Is there a storage in this game? Is it shared between accounts?
A: There is a storage in this game. Go to the top floor of each Inn and youll see a portal. As you enter the portal, there will be a chest in it. Press E. The storage is NOT shared between accounts

Q: How can I use my pots without opening my inventory?
A: You can assign them into a skill slot. If you run out of skill slots, Go to options and tick Enable 2nd/3rd skill slot.

Q: How come I do so little damage even though I leveled up my skill
A: This is a certain glitch in RaiderZ atm. You must take your skills off your skill slot and put them back again. The skill slot skills dont register the new effect / damage of the skill you just levled up and requires you to manually switch it.

Q: I want to rule out the normal chat and field chat. What do I do?
A: Your chat box has a + sign to the top right. Click it and go to settings. Tick off whichever one you do not want and voila !

Q: How do I block people?
A: /b ign

Q: How do I invite people?
A: /p ign

Q: How do I send a friend request from faraway?
A: /fr ign

Q: How do I view all the current expressions?
A: /help

Q: HELP !! I have no quests in Makot Village!
A: There are a couple reasons as to why you have no quests:
-There is a certain bug in the game right now and the Makot Village quests arent available to some people.
-You are too high level. Try Riode.

Q: I keep failing my enchant……. Why?
A: I can’t answer that. Keep trying :(

Q: I need more beyciums. What is the fastest way to farm them?
A: Diago at Epic Eda. They have a very high chance to give3 beycium per kill. Epic Monsters // HH Also have a chance of dropping beyciums when they are defeated

Q: How do I make use of my rough cloth and copper ores?
A: You can trade them in with the trade merchant for a higher tier material in Ingen. He is located near the entrance to Terresis Plain.

Q: I just got my new armor and weapon. What do I do with my old ones?
A: NPC them. There isn’t a dismantling option in this game so you can only NPC it.

Q: How come I can’t put up certain items in the AH?
A: Look carefully. Some items are untradeable.

Q: There are two beyciums? What are the difference?
A: One beycium is Rose. That is tradeable. The other one is Pink. That is UNTRADEABLE.

Q: How come I don’t see money even though I just bought zen?
A: You must go to “My Wallet”. Select transer Zen to the appropriate game / server.
***Your character must also be over lv 10****

Q: How can I earn money quickly?
A: Do your epic dailies. Sell your epic drops. With luck, you can get around 30-40g a day.

Q: Help! I want to remove this emerald? How do i do it?
A: You can’t. Diamonds and Emeralds can not be removed so make your decision carefully.

Q: Help ! I have the jewel I want but it wont go into the socket. Why?
A: You either dont have the dust needed or you got the wrong armor.

Q: Help! I can’t put this diamond / jewel onto my torso.
A: Some jewels are part specific and only available for shoes / shield.

Q: Where do I get keys for epic runs?
A: Epic cata you get it from gravekeeper. Epic mona you get it from the servant outside mona. Epic garden you get it from the royal knight near the lake.

Q: How many keys do i get? Is it repeatable?
A: You get 3 keys and it is repeatable.

Q: What is HH ( Hellhound)?
A: It is an instance where you fight monsters that you fought previously. Except they are now lv 35 with buffed attacks. It is found in Ingen in the Hellhound Encampment.

Q: When Can i Enter Epic Eda?
A: When you are lv 34.

Q: What are the events in Epic Eda?
A: The Assault Event basically requries players from different factions to attack the oppossing factions tower. After the tower breaks, the opposing factions priest will come out. Whichever faction kills the opposing faction priest will win. Certain monsters will appear during the war(Harpy Ayelo , Fierce Diago).

Q: What does Harpy Ayelo and Fierce Diago give?
A: Harpy gives a magic regneration buff and some magic attack buff. Diago gives an HP regeneration buff. The buff is applied to whichever faction kills them. If you leave the pvp at any time, you will lose the buff.

Q: I want to report someone. Where do I go?
A: Go to the support tab and click Contact Us. Upload your screenshots / videos and send the ticket. You will receive a reply within 2-3 days.

III. Skill Points & Skill Tree FAQ

Q: Can I Choose from any skills from different classes?
A: Yes you can but you have to be careful. In this game, you can use every skill from every class but there is a SP requirement. Each class has their own skill tree and every class has 7 tiers of skill list. In order for you to use skill list from a 2nd tier, you must have ALREADY invested 5 skill points onto the skill tree.

EG: You have 10 skill points on the Defender Style. If you want to use the 2nd Tier Cleric skills, you must invest at LEAST 5 points onto the cleric skill tree.

Q: What are the requirements for each tier?
A: 1st tier is free. You dont need any skill point requirements.
2nd tier requires 5.
3rd tier requires 10
4th tier requires 15. This pattern continues to the 7th tier.

Q: How many skill points do we get as we level up?
A: One skill point.

Q: What is the max amount of skill points I can get?
A: 35 since that is the current cap level.

Q: I made a mistake on my skill. What do i do?
A: You can purchase a Book of Oblivion from the cash shop. One is for lv 30 and below and another one is for lv 40 and below so be careful about which one you buy.
You can also use a free book that is given to you when you are in rengot village. It can only be used for people under lv 15 though.

Q: Do certain skills have certain effects?
A: Yes, some skills at a higher tier have certain effects. Crush at lv3 ( berserker skill) grants the unblockable effect.

IV. Gameplay FAQ

Q: Does every class have their own unique weapon?
A: Yes. Beserkers use 2hMace and 2h sword. Sorcs use 1h staff and 1h sword. Clerics use 1h and 2h mace and staff. Defenders use 1h sword and 1h mace.

Q: How come people have no delay after the finish their combo?
A: You can quickly press block after each slash to reduce your delay.

Q: I got no drops from the boss even though I attacked him. Why?
A: The drops goes to the person with the first hit.

Q: How do I know if I got the first hit?
A: Whenever you attack a monster, the monsters health bar will appear in the upper middle of your screen. If the monster name is red, it is your tag. If it is in gray, then it is someone else.

Q: Why do I do so little damage?
A: If your skill requires magic attack and you have high physical attack, that might lead to low damage.

Q: I can’t enter Epic dungeons. Why not?
A: -No keys
– Too low level
– You chose the wrong option. The second option is the one for epic.
– You didn’t get the admission quest.

Q: How much durability do I lose if i die?
A: 10% of your armors current durability.

Q: Oh my god, I got one shotted. Why?
A: Check your armor durability. It might be zero.

Q: Do I have to pvp in this game?
A: Nope. Some quests are located in the pvp zone though and you might be forced into pvp. There is currently no way to prevent yourself from pvping.

Q: At what level will I be free from attacks on NORMAL EDA?
A: Lv 29. At level 29, you will be neutral. You will not be attacked by anyone and you can not attack anyone. Your presence does NOT increase the total count for your faction as well

Q: I was pvping someone in arena but I died. How?
A: If you were killed by a beserker or sorc, they have a chance to inflict DoT, which carries over.

Q: I am always low on mana and health. What do i do?
A: Go to the INN and buy some food. They’re very cheap and helpful.

Q: Wait what…. I have to restart the instance all over again.
A: That is because all your party members left. Make sure you are careful of this

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