RaiderZ Gamepad Configuration Guide

RaiderZ Gamepad Configuration Guide by xiuide

This thread serves as a discussion point for using a gamepad with RaiderZ. Where RaiderZ does not natively support gamepads, we must use external button mapping programs for this task. The hope is that other users will contribute their own layouts for both Xpadder and other programs such as Pinnacle or Joy2Key to provide players with a wide array of controller alternatives. This first post will serve as a quick-link archive to each layout.

Profile Configuration Links
1) Xpadder – Xiuide POST DOWNLOAD

Program Tutorials
Xpadder –
Pinnacle –
Joy2Key –

This is my personal Xpadder setup, details as follows.


This setup requires some changes to hotkeys, but in my opinion, it makes playing this game with a controller as smooth as if it was a console game.

1)disable all but the 1st action bar in game options
2)change the hotkeys for “main action bar 1” to alt+1 alt+2 and alt+3
3)save settings

controller layout:

Button Desctiptions:
Left Analog: Movement
Right Analog: Camera Movement
Dpad: Skills
Right Trigger: Attack
Left Trigger: Block
Right Bumper: Dodge
Left Bumper: Skillbar 1/2
A: Interact
B: Inventory
X tap: Jump
X Hold: sheath/unsheath
Y:Skillbar 1/3
L3: Run/Cursor
R3 tap:Lock
R3 press:Change Weapon
Back: Escape
Start: Map


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  1. Anonymous says:

    with that configuration I can only use the 4 first skill slot or I’m using it wrong?

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