RaiderZ Catacombs Guide

RaiderZ Catacombs Guide by zezkia

The trash mobs, make your way through them slowly 4 max at a time, target the wizard dudes and their skeletons die with them…


Left Boss: This boss will summon adds from black pools on the ground! Target the adds UNLESS there is a black pool on the ground… Keep the boss in the black pool and damage him in it (if he’s not in it, you’ll only do like 1 dmg per attack)… There will always be a maximum of 2 adds out at a time… The tank should always try and keep the adds focused on him because they have fire bolts that are undodgable and he can block them.. But they should not stay up long because the dps should kill them fairly quickly!
Once the boss reaches a certain amount of health fissures will begin spawning from the edges of the room and moving across it in a straight line DODGE THIS OR GET ROLLED!

Right Boss: This boss does the same thing over and over. He’ll charge at people all throughout the fight, a Cleric should be able to heal through the damage, but dodge it (while he’s charging.. DODGE)… dps just stay on him and hit him when you can get close enough… He will always charge whoever is farthest away from him! I think this fight is quite easy… I also can’t remember if he does a fire nova or not.

Final Boss: He’ll point at people, then cast lightning beam, dodge when he looks at you after he points!! And try not to have party members between you and the boss… This will happen constantly throughout the fight.

He’ll cast a fire nova, get away or block (if defender)!!!! You can tell he’s casting it by red rings pulsing under him, he will do this through the fight.

He puts a curse on random people throughout the fight, if you get it there will be a marker above your head… get AWAY from your party as it will explode and knock you and anyone else down dealing damage… This skill is unavoidable.. Just get back into the fight quickly once it explodes off you

At 50% life the boss will begin to summon a lightning orb, it will target a random party member, that member must kite the orb around away from the group. it does 200~ damage per second it touches you.. it does move slower than you so kiting will be easy… Also when he gets low enough, he will summon 2 at a time..

HIS SHIELD!! MOST IMPORTANT!!: Throughout the fight (and at start of it) he will gain a shield. While this shield is active your attacks will only do 5~ damage, and he will regenerate health… BEAT HIM INSANELY HARD, FULL DPS MODE when his shield is up! Kill the shield as fast as you can so he doesn’t regenerate much life!!

Additional Information by kawingshek

Basteroe (left side), The key to win this is to have them all gathered together in the pool of darkness. With this you can mob them all three together as you don’t have to worry about target one first. Simply when everyone is using a skill they will reset their attack animation / skill animation. So hit them with everything you got.

Weakpoint: pool of darkness

Riviuete (right side), When he is pointing at you, you will receive a debuff called Point which means he will charge at you. When it is charging prepare to make a left or right dodge to avoid the attack.

Fire nova is also another skill which is shown when he is charging it as a red circle on the ground. Defenders can block this with Bastion and the others has to be outside of the radius blast.

However once you’ve taken down his health 1/3 he will drop swords that he has been pierced with. he will drop maximum 3 swords during the fight to help you out.

Weakpoint: His own dropped swords (deals 6k dmg)

Manelloth (Middle/final), darkness dot (aoe) will be set on one target. Whoever that has this debuff move away from the party and get hit by it and return to battle.

Lightning strike is one of his main skill as you can block this or dodge it when he’s shooting at you.

Fire nova: This is blockable by all classes and it’s probably the easiest skiill to avoid as it shows on the ground as red circles.

Shield: This is recovering his health has to be taken down fast with maximum dps(use all your skills).

Lightning ball/orb: Whoever it chases should back off from the boss and kite it around and let the party members dps the boss. This orb is aoe and deals up to 160 damage per hit. Combine this with the lightning strike and you’ll be down in a few seconds.

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