RaiderZ Defender Skills Analysis Guide

RaiderZ Defender Skills Analysis Guide by kawingshek

First of all I’d like to say that I’ve enjoyed Defender in Alpha and I did the same on Closed Beta, however it feels a bit nerfed to play as a Defender but that’s probably just me because my skill build is lv 1 on each active skill.

(PvP) tag are skills that are effective in PvP
(PvE) tag are skills that are effective in PvE
(PvP/PvE) tag are skills that are slightly better in PvP but works in PvE)
(PvE/PvP) tag are skills that are slightly better in PvE but works in PvP)

– Tier 1 –

Strike of ruin (SoR) (Active) (Skill chain 1A) (PvP) –

This skill is basically giving your next attack critical hit by a percentage which is really great if you want to activate your skill chain which is Lv 1 Stunning Smash 200% dmg(Unblockable).
I wouldn’t say this skill is useless as it has it’s benefit from critical hit on next attack which will double your stunning smash skill from 200% to 400% if you land a critical hit.

Stunning smash (S.Smash) (Active) (Skill chain 2A) (PvP) –

It’s not a stun skill but it does flinch, it’s the second skill of the skill chain which is used after SoR. This skill may or may not be an skill chain starter depending on if you got SoR or not. This skill has is a very high damaging skill which could work as an aggro generating skill. And it is unblockable!

Rush (Active) (PvP/PvE) –

This is either your first skill to use to start off a combo or to catch someone running. This skill has been nerfed as it is only 3 levels to upgrade and has no unblockable effect upon maxing it. The skill description is also wrong as it doesn’t allow you to block and use it on lv 2 but on lv 3.

One handed Mastery (1h mastery) (Passive) (PvP/PvE) –

This is one of the important passive skill to max out as it gives you 10% more physical damage with one handed weapon.

– Tier 2 –

Massive Strike (MS) (Active) (PvP/PvE) –

This was your bread and butter skill in Alpha however it got replaced with Slam later on because it’s more super effective than Massive Strike. I left this skill at lv 1 at early levels to deal more damage to the monsters that I was questing at and to consume my counterattack buff.

Comeback (CB) (Active) (PvP/PvE) –

This is the only skill that regenerates your health in the Defender skill tree. However with a 60 second cooldown you might want to reduce it down to 40 seconds at max level. It heals you 2% of your total health every 2 seconds for 8 seconds. The more health you have the more it heals. This is also a life savior including one of the best skills for PvP and PvE.

– Tier 3 –

Piercing Strike (PS) (Active) (Skill chain 2B) (PvE) –

This skill is a quick backhand swing with your sword which lowers the enemy defense. Thi skill is also used in a skill chain which is the 2nd skill to be used once the skill chain is active.

Rapid Assault (RA) (Active) (Initiating skill) (PvP/PvE) –

This is the best pvp/pve skill against enemies which stuns them for 2 seconds, 3 seconds if it’s maxed out. This skill is usually being used first to stop the enemy. And after that knockdown skills are oftenly used straight after. Without this skill it will be hard to stun and disable enemy from taking action.

Fortifying Shout (FS) (Active) (Buff) (PvP/PvE) –

This skill has been changed from Health increase to Stamina increase. This is probably not the best buff and i don’t recommend it at all however if you want to be a friendly defender then this buff works for everyone as it regenerates 15% more stamina for your allies including yourself. This skill also unlock the next shout.

Defense mastery (DM) (Passive) (PvP/PvE) –

Another passive skill to max out as a Defender as you want as much passive including defensive advantage. This skill increases your success rate on a successful block without taking any damage which is really what we are after. As a defender you would want this as the shield is a part of our weapon system.

– Tier 4 –

Chaos Strike (Chaos.S) (Active) (Skill chain 1B) (PvE/PvP) –

The only skill that regenerates your stamina back by 30 and stacks with multiple hit on target. This is also a skill that unlocks skill chain for the Piercing strike and swings the sword really fast. This skill requires little stamina to use which is considered as a free skill to use without consuming stamina.

Slam (Active) (PvP/PvE) –

This is the upgraded version of MS which is super effective on combat that has enemies that can’t get knocked down due to skills spammed by other players. compare to massive strike this has 10% more damage at lv 1 and it knocks the enemy down by 100% even when the enemy is being attacked by your allies. This also knocks enemy down in front of you instead of pushing the enemy away while it’s knocking them down as MS.
Very useful skill and very good. Didn’t like it at all when I started it but i’ve been using it more than MS.

Bastion (Unique) (PvE/PvP) –

This is the only skill that allows you to block against charging skills by enemies. However this doesn’t block attacks from above, sides or behind.

i.e Fire nova from Riviute is blockable with this skill.

– Tier 5 –

Shield Slam (S.Slam) (Active) (Skill chain 3A) (Aggro Generating) (PvE/PvP)

Shield slam is a slow skill which is the last skill of the skill chain after S.Smash. This skill knocks enemy down/away as it also generate Aggro. This was actually written in the description in Alpha but has been removed in Beta. However after testing it out, it does generate aggro and the enemies being hit by this will face against you.

Encourage shout (E.Shout) (Active) (Buff) (PvE) –

This skill is for the Energy using classes which is Sorcerer and Cleric. This skill regenerates 15% more energy at lv 1 and works to have both shouts up if there is two defender in a party. However as FS this isn’t really a skill that is important. However there will be another shout unlocked after this but not available in Closed Beta, and it’s probably the Health Shout that increases totalt Health.

Resilience (Passive) (Buff) (PvE/PvP) –

This is also a must to max out as this is a buff that activates when you block an attack. This will grant you stamina recovery for a successful block which is needed if you are blocking and need stamina.

– Tier 6 –

Cyclone Strike (Cyclone.S) (Active) (Skill chain 3B) (PvP/PvE)

Cyclone strike is the last skill being used on a skill chain which grants you 10% attack speed at lv 1. The animation is really awesome but slightly slow, however the buff that’s being granted upon hit really helps out so that you are able to perform your next attack.

Evasive Strike (E.Strike) (Active) (Unique) (PvP/PvE) –

Yes, this skill acts like the S + Attack, but this skill gives you counterattack buff when you make a successful hit. This removes immobilizing effect and could be used in different situation. I haven’t learned on how I can combo with this but it works well with the Skill Chain (B) or whenever your rush is on cooldown and your enemy is knocked down. This is only required lv 1 to max it and has it purpose as it has a lot of benefits with this skill.

Impact Recovery (IR) (Active) (Buff) (PvE) –

Probably one of the best tanking skills which is for the party. This skill reduce the damage by 25% for 20 seconds or 3 hits. This skill was earlier a reflect damage buff but it got changed to reduction of damage dealt to your character. This is a must skill to prevent yourself/allies to be hit at high number.

– Tier 7 –

Steel Wall (SW) (Active) (Buff) (PvE/PvP) –

Works well in group based events/actions. Reducing incoming damage by 30/35/40% for 6 seconds is pretty much what you want to use if you are a supportive Defender.

Threaten (Taunt) (Active) (Debuff) (PvE/PvP) –

Another great skill that works well in PvE and PvP. Reducing enemy player’s physical/magical attack by 30% within 6m range for 3 seconds. It works as a decoy to trick enemy that you are using Shout buff. It also taunts enemies but not working against bosses (Might be a bug)

Retribution (Active) (Passive) (PvE/PvP) –

Yes our first passive skill that grants to effect. Movement speed increase, and damage increase on your next attack when you successfully block an attack. Works great in PvP and PvE.

Skill chain combos.

Skill chain A – Strike of Ruin > Stunning Smash > Shield Slam
Skill chain B – Chaos Strike > Piercing Strike > Cyclone Strike.

Simplified A – SoR > S.Smash > S.Slam
Simplified B – Chaos.S > PS > Cyclone.S

My skill build:
Loli’s OB lv 40 builds


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