RAD Soldiers New Player’s Guide

RAD Soldiers New Player’s Guide by tinker

So, I’ve played the game for nearly 4 days now and i think i can say much about it.
to quote warchest : “RAD Soldiers is an upcoming turn-based multiplayer strategy title for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from the award winning game studio Splash Damage.”
For those who can’t imagine something yet… it is like chess and worms with 3-6 characters and … well, with special effects. the designs may remind you of team fortress. some characters and skills might be familiar with brink-players

The story says, mysterious rockets drop on the earth and you have to defend them from the enemy.

The First thing you gonna do is choosing your commander. The commander is probably the most powerful and game-ruling character. It is unimportant for the gaming wether you choose a male or a female.

The Commander may choose 1 out of 8 abilitys before each game in multiplayer making your setup different with each choose. The abilitys are unlocked every few levels ( with a max-level of 40 at the moment). You get experience for each game, especially for the single-player / challenges. for leveling up you also earn coins with which you may buy new characters and weapons and/or Rad bux that allow you to buy skins for your characters or characters and weapons

Those abilities go from aoe-long-range artillery damage over a 50hp HP drop to even barricades with 150hp that may block ways.
Just a quick look at the HP i said here: a character in average shoots 1-2 times per turn with 10-50dmg on hit. Later more about that.

You’ll also get “Hipster Dave” as character. He may be quite powerful if you use him correctly. His Ability is the throw of a grenade that deals up to 60 to a single target and 20-40 aoe-damage around that hit IT ALSO PROVIDES A PUSHBACK what sometimes is even more important than its actual damage

When you Register your account (main menu – options/settings – register/log in)

You also may choose 1 out of 3 characters who all have different pros and cons.

“if you like playing aggressive i’d pick the AGENT since his range is quite nice.
if you play more defensive the agent is also fine but the medic is way better for defense.
the engi is a bit of both… he may place a turret (with 150 hp) which he may heal for 50 each turn once, which can attack each turn AFTER the set once for 5-8dmg x 4hits and autoattacks for the same once on enemy turn when they move into range. his weapon meanwhile is best in melee.

if you want to have the most choices in playing different each game you may wanna pick the engi because you’ll else have to wait until you have the money… your commander may choose an ability( you get one of currently 8 abilities every 2 levels) and he also has healing (once per round for 50) and artillery (about 50dmg 3×3 aoe on long range or so)
well… if you will play alot with your friends / against the same enemy you’ll probably dont wanna sit there 2,3 or 4 games with the same build and perform the same play… but i don’t know”

Shortly about the game mechanics. Each round you may go with all 3 characters a little bit or shoot, sometimes you may do both. All characters also have different active abilities e.g. throwing grenades, placing turrets, starting an explosive UAV or something. Some even have passive abilities, you may look for both in the shop or the barracks…. The energy-bar for each character fills up everytime you start your turn. you then may walk with this energy for 1-3 energy per field, depending on the character. or you may shoot with the gun or attack with a knife, an axe or something else for 3-8 energy per use. later more about the stats.

So you have 3 characters now. What are you going to do. First, you do some challenges. This is a single-player thing where you play with other characters ( although you don’t owe them) or your own characters against an AI-opponent.
You’ll earn ticks ( unlocking one tick will give you a bit of money ONCE, you will not earn more then xxx money from one challenge even if you repeat it) depending on how well you’ve done (1. tick for winning, 2. tick for having more than 50%hp leftover and 3. tick for not loosing one character ) . Each game earns you experience, this experience-gain may be repeated.
Where some of those are [easy] , others are even for good players [hard] and need many trys to get all 3 ticks.

When you have finished all challenges at least once, you should go for some multiplayer games.
Don’t worry, even if you lose, you’ll get a reward for it and at the moment there are no stats ( although i do not know if there will be any sooner or later).

What do you do in multiplayer. … well… you play other people around the world.
With the 3 characters you have you might wanna go to the Barracks and change your setup a little bit.
if you’re done, you click “play online” and start a new game. click random opponent. pick( at the moment) 14 squad points select a map. choose your ability for you commander, your squad members and do your turn. You either are the first to do his turn – for doing the first turn you do NOT see what setup the enemy uses. You might also be 2nd and see what setup the enemy uses. now you wait for the opponent to do his turn. this may take up to 4 days – if someone does not make a turn the game expires and the player that did the last turn earns all coins from that game
this often takes long, the best is if you just open 5-20 games at once. you now may do a bit more single player for level-ups, getting all ticks, go offline for a bit and come back within a few hours to check if someone did his turn or do anything else.
You may also activate push-notifications to get a notification as soon as something happened

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