RAD Soldiers Agent Classes Analysis

RAD Soldiers Agent Classes Analysis by tinker

I want to give you my opinion and an overall comparison of the 3 agent- classes

Sneaky Pete , Madame La Hacque and Juan DaCova

Sneaky Pete 29.000 / 34
+ Otto Semi-Auto (6.500 / 9)
14 energy – 2 energy / 1cell walking
250 hp
Ghost ( 3turns invisible ) 5energy
Headshot ( 100% critical [ca.+55% dmg) hit on the next shot // no matter how many turns the next shot is after the cast ) 2 energy

yet he is my favourite character, my 1. choice of starting character and my favourite agent.
He can be placed behind cover, walk 1 cell and make 3 shots with his weapon and end at90-120 dmg.
I like even more casting one Headshot before–> walking only 6 instead of 7 cells
The most dmg output i got out of him with precasting one Headshot and not having to move on the next turn leading to a 2nd headshot – was somewhere about 170. MaxRange, 3shots, 2criticals
The only “bad” thing about him – he is quite slow. This makes it hard to chase an lightweight enemy or coming out of a melee-weapon lockdown in the corner.
I like him most with – simply but good – Dave and commander(artillery). You have 2 pushbacks with decent dmg. When the enemy positions his chars badly you take out 1 of them within your 2nd turn.
I do not like him with any melee-weapon although he is often used with just that to sneak hidden towards the enemy and attack him from the back but in my opinion he is best with otto semi-auto from the range.
He is a nice damage dealer and at the same time very cheap and quite simple.
You may have him from the beginning on and he is (in my opinion) one of the most harmful characters and therefor an awesome squad-member for experts. He is the one you need the longest time to be really masterful with him.
He is one of the reasons why i always claim “you do not need the iAP to be good, you do not spend a lot of time playing the game to get better or to win games”.
All you need is an overall idea of the game, some ideas of positioning and being able to structure the turns while using the rewind.

Madame La Hacque 52.000 / 52
+ Botherer SR (33.000 / 39)
12 energy – 1 energy / 1cell walking
200 hp
Ghost ( 3turns invisible ) 5energy
UAV (pilotable Drone with Detection Aura for Mines and Ghosted units.) 4energy

6energy (Cannot be used the turn La Hacque set it out)
150 hp
Detection Aura (passive) ( 4square radius detection of hidden (ghosted) enemys [?and mines?]
Self-Explosion (aoe explosion (dmg nearly as Daves grenade) 1pushback) 1energy

LaHacque is the lighweight agent. She may be realy quick. She might often be used as quick damage input but her high-end dmg is not as good as Petes. She may go 2 out, attack twice (with Otto Semi-Auto) and go 2 back behind cover again. I do not like weapons with more then 5 Squad-Points at all but she IS also good with them. its a quick – going in … dmging …. going out – . She is awesome with Textbook Kate and the D(amage) O(ver) T(time) gas grenade – no matter if Kate is melee,range , 4 or 5 squad point weapon. Both together may be very very aggressive at one point and at the same point very very annoying. With both you are quite free on the choose of your commander-ability.
On 20 and 26 point matches she is also very good. I like her most with Ivan Tkilya. Once his grenade is placed you can outrun and damage the enemy easily making small but constant dmg.
She is also very good with melee weapons since she really CAN stalk near and attack quite fast.
Her Drone is Awesome. It’s cute. It’s cheap. It’s all-round.
You can stall with it – placing it right between you and the enemys who are poisoned.
You can make a lot of dmg with it.
You can push enemys into your line of fire with it.
She is a real alround character. worth her costs.

Juan DaCova 47.000 / 47
+ The Persuader (30.000/36)
18 energy – 3energy / 1cell walking
Ghost ( 3turns invisible ) 5energy
Flamin’ Nova (“deals ~35 damage when it hits and 12 damage for 3 rounds(…)you cannot stop it by healing abilities” [thanks to EL-CO for the information] )

He is the heavy hitter. Once the enemys squad-member is in range – no matter what weapon Juan has equipped – he fabricates a huge impact on the enemy. I do have to say that i do not like him with a melee-weapon at all. even less then Sneaky Pete with one.
Imagine him with a Botherer SR and the enemy right in line of fire: 3x 60-70 dmg ~ 180-210 dmg.
with Otto Semi-Auto he does also about 130-150 dmg.
Yet I have not a real clue of his Molotov Cocktail but he is a Ninja-One-Man-Army.
You won’t see him coming but once hes there it will often be too late

He might be quite good with Textbook Kate – when the enemy has no Healing you can just set your grenades and with them your DoT. Might be very annoying.

Well. That’s all i want to say yet about the Agents. You see: there is a lot of variety and a huge difference from class to class. I hope this gives some more information on how to use the class or which one to buy next.

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