RAD Soldiers Tactics Guide

RAD Soldiers Tactics Guide by tinker

So, what is the most important thing in the game? RIGHT, your setup.

1. What I’d recommend everyone, use out all Squad points for a game.
– do NOT go into games with only 2 chars in 14SP games. ( TRUE “wut dah fugg” BUT I’ve seen that about 5-10times in 2 weeks) it is also easy to fill up 1 point with a better weapon, you may not have the weapon at the moment but try to get it as soon as possible. This is so basic but I see people doing that over and over again so I had to mention that

2. USE MELEE weapons. It is an easy thing to do, it gives you great opportunities and powerful dmg.output.
Keep in mind a few things.
– Melee weapons are most useful on lightweight units (12energy, 200hp). They are fun at chars like Sneeky Pete with invisible BUT are more powerful on lightweight units
– Lumber Numberer is one of the hardest things you can face in a game – if there is also a player that can use it. Imagine a Lightweight with Lumber Numberer. if he chases your 200hp char, he needs only 6energy to chop him down… so he can kill your char if it is somewhere withing this radius at the end of your turn.

2.5 always think about your ENEMY’S NEXT TURN. do .not. leave your chars without cover in the middle of the field.
– if you HAVE a melee. do not jump ahead to MAYBE kill the enemy in the next round – do not simply leave your char unprotected to do some dmg.
– IT IS A STRATEGY GAME => you CAN always* look what the enemy MAY do and what he CAN’T in his/her next turn (*the Invisible or unseen mines are the only unpredictable enemy movements.)
Before you finally end a turn ALWAYS LOOK IF THE ENEMY COULD GET ENOUGH BURST to kill one of your units. It is hard to always look ahead (even the greatest chess players can’t always predict the enemy’s next turn.) but it is at least doable to watch out for the next turn.

3. PUSHBACKS – for newer players they are the most unpredictable things. this makes them quite powerful.
-try to use abilities with pushbacks more for the actual Push… not for the damage. There is not much with pushback but you can at least push someone 2 cells within one turn and maneuver him into the line of fire of your dmg-output class (everything with a gun that may deal more then 80dmg a turn – Sneaky Pete is one of the best here with an output of 30-40 per hit, a maximum of ~150dmg ( both Headshots and all 3 shots) but is also quite inflexible compared to Le Hacque.

4. Have something for all enemies A MELEE, A MID-RANGE and A LONG-RANGE … other setup should only be chosen for an important reason.

5. Try to always USE A MEDIC . they are good against hit&run enemies and may save your most important units.
– they sometimes lack damage BUT Kate can pretty much compensate that with her massive Gas Grenade. (I love Gas Grenade btw.)
If I’d knew the enemy has no medic, i’d always pick Kate bcs her grenade may easily do up to 60 or 80 dmg to all enemy units without even coming close.

6. you HAVE the REWIND, – USE IT
– especially when you did your turn and see- the enemy has 20hp left/10hp or even less, rewing the whole turn and look if you can kill him. I do not really know how the game mechanics work with critical hits or the +1/-1 dmg but if you attack in a different order or from 1 further away/closer to target I ( I do not know how it is when other people do it) sometimes achieve a little more dmg.

7. get used to every map. it takes time but you WILL once be able to place all your chars correct especially in the first turn. Find out awesome positions to push the enemy out of cover/ to shoot over the whole map / to be enable to walk nearly everywhere on the map…

8. LEARN … people will rarely be able to be awesome from the beginning but don’t panic, you will learn everything to win.
The most important thing: LEARN FROM your ENEMY 4 /\/ | ) learn about your enemy
It is quite interesting to play the same enemy over and over again. Adapt your Setup… Adapt your strategy… play with the same guy over and over again and watch how the game, that was uneven in the first match – gets more even from match to match. You WILL get better soon enough.

9. Have FUN – although fun is not always fun
– It is a game. It is not (only) about winning. It mostly does more fun if your not toooo bad but don’t rage when you loose.
– You may ask yourself now, how a strategy game may be Funny. I do not mean like – playing chess with a friend and laugh about each and every turn he does.
at this point I mean Thinking as “fun” … I like to .. think up or work out a plan to trick the enemy, to lure him into my Trap ( “It’s a trap” ) and I am happy if it works

And one last thing

10. The game is “over” when 1 team is dead. Do not stop thinking about your turns just because you lost 1 or 2 units. OR when the enemy lost 1 or 2 units.
-Especially if you have a melee leftover YOU CAN wipe out the enemy team – although it is hard.
I’ve turned a 2vs3 with knirly knife Dave and Otto semi-auto Pete into a win because I tricked the enemy over and over, lured him out and took out his 3 chars one by one.
And (tbh) i’ve lost a 3vs1 with nearly max hp vs a Dave with Lumber Numberer on Market. I rly thought the game was won… unfortunately it wasn’t…

So… to keep it in mind I just quote Barney stinson and adapt the sentence to what i mean
–> When I’m bad, I stop being bad and be awesome instead. True story ;) <—

And another sentence that fits the game :
– “Don’t be afraid to lose. Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement

That’s it for today.

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