RAD Soldiers Tactics and Setups Guide

RAD Soldiers Tactics and Setups Guide by tinker

SO… talking about strategie or tactics.
it is hard to talk about setups because there are too many setups and yet you cant really say “this is the total counter of this”

so talking about tactics, things you might do in a game and things you should not.

When talking about tactics. the first thing you gonna need to do no matter if you play once or more than once vs the same guy) look at the openent. is he a close combat type, a ranged type, or a passiv camper.
you have to adapt your strategie to him!
so, the best damage in game will not win the game. I give you an example:
2 days ago i played a game. i was winning. the enemy had 1 character left and i still all 3, he had a shotgun and i was mixed but had only half hp with all chars. i nearly lost the game because he pushed me away from the rocket in the first 3 turns with a massiv agressiv strategie. he needed 1 more turn on the rocket to win but ( it was on market) he camped at the side of the house instead, i then was able to walk on the field and killed him or harmed him turn by turn and finally won, but this was very close.

so: always look at that…. dont go for 3 shotguns or 3 melee weapons ( most damage) or anything with much damage if you cant move then.

things you might wanna do in a game:

try always to kill 1 enemy within your turn. it is hard to win a 2vs3 no matter how much life or what characters there are . getting 1 killed is most of the time better than harming the whole team.

always try different things before ending the turn. sometimes you can not only kill 1 enemy but even do a lot of damage to the other enemy. try different things before you finally send your turn. even if it is only 1 pistol shot, it will sometimes help in the next turn. if you’r in hurry, do NOT send a turn. rather take your time when you have it

try to find cover at the end of a turn. being in an open field or in the direct hitfield of the enemy may cost your soldier. sometimes it’s better to spare one shot and walk a bit away or behind cover. EVEN a pistol may do between 40-80-180 damage depending on the character, the range, obstacles and stuff.

try to think ahead. if the enemy has a grenade or artillery he might push you out of your cover. sometimes it’s better to stay a step back where he might have it harder to push you out. TAKE EVEN MORE CARE IF THE ENEMY HAS MORE THAN ONE PUSBACK

do NOT always move if you have energy remaining. if you are behind a good cover and have enough energy to fire but no on is in range you might just stay there. if the enemy attacks you here you fire back at him, with reduced damage but it is better than 0 damage. it is nice to use all energy but not totally neccessary. the same is when you have a medic, try to find the shortest way. stand still on the middle of the way if you medic might heal you there and THEN walk the rest so your medic is still able to move a bit. and try NOT to run in circles –> waste no energy.
I OFTEN see people that run back and forth or simply waste energy in a turn WITHOUT REASON


waiting for the perfect turn, camping: get behind statues walls or something and wait untill the enemy makes a mistake.

outrunning the enemy (hit &run): hit him once or twice and run away, it’s a good way to annoy the heavyweight enemy ( with 2 or 3 energy for walking)

lure him out: send one character out so the enemy comes for him. then strike back and kill one of his team. DO NOT do this if you’r NOT totally sure how much damage he will do( and therefor know whether he kills your soldier or not).

force one of his soldiers with pushbacks out. that’s why i love hipster dave with his grenade and the commander with the artillery. if you place both correctly the enemy may be pushed 2 cells away and therefor sometimes in the direct hitfield / range of your 3rd character or sometimes of both or even all 3 characters.

block the enemy with the dropable 150hp block.
i have seen that once now on the trainstation, there are a few parts where only 1 cell is place to go through, the enemy put the blockade there and with that shut me down for 1 turn with 2 of my 3 characters. he then had the time to outwalk me, focused on my 3rd character und set me under pressure with that. i finally won the game because of my gunpower. it still was an impressive thing he did.

be creative and flexible. do not do the same stuff / turn / strategie over and over again. do not build up any setup because people said it’d be ruling like hell… especially now, where the game is still quite new.

well, that’s it for now, if you have something else just post it, i would be happy.

with friendly regards. tinker

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