Mortal Online Woodcutting Guide

Mortal Online Woodcutting Guide by Atajo

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Getting Started
2.a How it’s done: The basics
3. Resource Depletion
4. Skills
4.a Required Skills
4.b Starter Skill List
4.c Material Lores
4.d Attributes
4.e Skill Books: Locations and Prices
5. Yields
6. Vendor Values
7. Miscellaneous, Help, Question and Answer
8. Pictures and Locations of the Trees
9. Conclusion

1. Introduction:

So, you want to know more about woodcutting, for whatever reason. Maybe you’re new to the game and trying to figure stuff out, maybe you’re looking for some easy money, maybe you’re trying to level up a bowyer or armor crafter. Read on, and find out everything that you never knew.

I decided to make this guide to compile some basic information about Mortal that I, as a newish player, was unable to find in one place. Little is likely to be useful to experienced players, but that’s true of most guides. Many thanks to the people who helped me gather all the information and pictures: dragothic, Hawks282, Deddarus, and Wurstbaer, among others.

Important disclaimer: This is not a guide to making money, it’s a guide to how the skill system works.

2. Getting started:

If you’re making a new character to become a lumberjack (or bowyer), all you need to start is Gathering and Woodcutting. Check your skills tab to see if you have them (press L, click on Technique, click on Gathering (if it’s there), and see if you have woodcutting. The books for Gathering and Woodcutting are cheap to buy if you don’t have them). However, there are a number of optional skills you may want, and will need if you want to be the best possible at this. Check the skills section for more information.

2.a. How it’s done: The basics

Equip a pickaxe by rightclicking it in your inventory. Press L to open your skills panel, click on Wilderness, then Gathering, then Woodcutting. Drag the icon of a partially chopped tree to your hotbar.

Pull out your pickaxe by pressing X, then press the hotkey that you put Woodcutting on. Success! You are now chopping wood. It starts slowly, only a few units of wood per gather when you start, but will quickly increase as your related skills get better. Each gather seems to take about four swings of the ax in the animation.

Note: Other one hand weapons can be used as well, like the starter sword and other edged weapons. Credit to Wurstbaer. On the other hand, most other weapons have significantly less durability, and are likely more expensive, so you should probably stick to the pickaxe. Cheap, and lasts longer.

3. Resource Depletion:

Once you’ve harvested about 5.00 kg from a tree, the amount of resources you get will begin to fall. The more you’re harvesting per gather, the faster you’ll notice it decreasing. This is your queue to find another tree to harvest if you want to maximize your woodcutting. You can continue to harvest the same tree for about 5.00 more kg, but is usually a bad idea (Most trees grow in clumps, just move to the next one). The tree will start to give you a chat message saying “This resource is almost depleted.” Eventually, you won’t be able to harvest anything at all from a depleted tree, and you will get a message saying “This resource has been depleted.”

4. Skills:

4.a. Required Skills:

Gathering: A prerequisite and parent of woodcutting. Without it, no being a lumberjack for you. It’s a secondary.

Woodcutting: No duh. You need this. A primary skill.

Both of these are benefited by strength and constitution.

4.b. Starter skill list:

New characters start with no skills, but there are some tutor NPCs that you talk to to give you somewhere to start. Talk to the Gathering Tutor and ask him about woodcutting, which gives you somewhere to start. Material Lore and Dendrology (and lores under that) should appear as soon as you start harvesting whitewood or spongewood.

I recommend you buy the book for gathering as soon as you can when, because it’s cheap and levels slower than woodcutting does. It’ll kick start the amount of wood you get from a tree.

4.c. Material Lores:

None of these are technically mandatory, but having them significantly raises the gather rate from the tree you’re cutting. All of these are benefited by intelligence.

Material Lore: A prerequisite and parent for Dendrology. Secondary skill.

  • Dendrology: A prerequisite and parent for all wood lores, as well as Advanced Dendrology. Primary
    • Sub-lores of Dendrology (required skill in parentheses)
      • Whitewood Lore (requires 0) Secondary
      • Spongewood Lore (requires 0) Secondary
      • Firmwood Lore (requires 20) Secondary
      • Greywood Lore (requires 30) Secondary
      • Dapplewood Lore (requires 40) Secondary
      • Brownwood Lore (requires 60) Secondary
    • Advanced Dendrology (requires 60): A prerequisite and parent for two advanced wood lores. Primary
      • Blackwood Lore (requires 0?) Secondary
      • Ironwood Lore (requires 30) Secondary

Most of these skills can be learned by merely harvesting that kind of wood, if you satisfy the requirements. However, Advanced Dendrology, Blackwood Lore, and Ironwood Lore all currently require you to read the book in order to gain the skills.

4.d. Attributes:

Woodcutting increases your strength and constitution. If you have Material Lore and Dendrology, it will increase your intelligence as well.

4.e. Skill Books: Locations and Prices
To the best of my knowledge, this list is still up to date. Let me know if this is not the case.

Gathering: any town librarian, costs 10s
Woodcutting: any town librarian, costs 10s
Material Lore: any town librarian, costs 10s
Dendrology: any town librarian, costs 10s
Whitewood Lore: any town librarian, costs 10s
Spongewood Lore: any town librarian, costs 10s
Greywood Lore: any town librarian, costs 50s
Brownwood Lore: at the Woodworker in Fabernum or the Animist in Toxai or the jungle camp, costs 50s
Dapplewood Lore: any town librarian, costs 50s
Advanced Dendrology: at the Woodworker in Fabernum or the Animist in Toxai or the jungle camp, costs 10s
Ironwood Lore: at the Woodworker in Fabernum or the Animist in Toxai or the jungle camp, costs 50s
Blackwood Lore: at the Woodworker in Fabernum or the Animist in Toxai or the jungle camp, costs 250s

5. Yields:

The amount of wood you gather is dependent on Gathering, Woodcutting, Dendrology/Advanced Dendrology, and the particular lore of what you’re trying to cut. The higher all of them are, the more you get per swing. Lore matters a huge amount in how much you get, about doubling it. Maximum yield form is (100 gathering, 100 woodcutting) / (100 gathering, 100 woodcutting, 100 lore)

Whitewood: 12 / 22
Spongewood: 12 / 22
Firmwood: 11 / 20
Greywood: 9 / 17
Dapplewood: 8 / 15
Brownwood: 7 / 13
Blackwood: 6 / 11 thanks to dragothic
Ironwood: 4 / 8

6. Vendor Values:

Whitewood: 1c per unit, 100s per stack of ten thousand
Spongewood: 1 c per unit, 100s per stack of ten thousand
Firmwood: 1c per unit, 100s per stack of ten thousand
Greywood: 1c per unit, 100s per stack of ten thousand
Dapplewood: 2c per unit, 200s per stack of ten thousand
Brownwood: 2c per unit, 200s per stack of ten thousand
Ironwood: 3c per unit, 300s per stack of ten thousand
Blackwood: 3c per unit, 300s per stack of ten thousand

7. Miscellaneous, Help, Question and Answer:

Trees within town limits give the same amount of resources…. in theory (Thanks to Wurstbaer for clarification). Someone else may have been harvesting the same tree earlier, and it will deplete faster as it is already missing some of its resources. Your best bet might still be leaving to chop wood outside of town, and the rarer trees can not be found in town anyway.

Q: It says ‘No target found for this skill.’ when I try to harvest a tree. What do I do?

A: One of two things. Fiddle around with your orientation a bit, you can usually get it to go within a few tries. I think the targeting is a bit touchy sometimes, it’ll think you’re pointing at a rock or the ground instead the tree that you are. Or, move to the next tree and don’t worry about it.

Q: I got the “This resource is almost depleted.” chat message, and I’ve only been here for a short while. What’s up?

A: Someone else has probably been harvesting that tree. It takes a while for the resources to return, so find another tree.

8. Locations of the Trees

Whitewood: In and around the town of Meduli. Also seen scattered throughout the surrounding desert-like area.


Spongewood: Outside of Meduli, somewhat farther away than the whitewood stands. Also seen to the north, above the springbok spawn, as a different graphic (oranges appear to be hanging from the branches at this location). Some can also be found near Fabernum, and between Morin Khur and Toxai.


Firmwood: Found near the Khurite villages, Vadda, Bakti, and Mohki. Also found near the bullhead tunnel south of Cave Camp. They look like pine or fir trees. Both of the below can be harvested for firmwood.

Greywood: Found outside Fabernum and Kranesh. Also in a large area south of both towns. There are a few trees near Toxai, that have a model similar to that of a whitewood tree, but with spikes among the leaves.


Dapplewood: Found at the valley entrance east of the Huergar caves, on the way to Cave Camp) (Credit to Deddarus). Also found in and around Toxai and Morin Khur.

Brownwood: Found slightly south of Tindrem, and continuing in the direction of Fabernum and Kranesh.


Blackwood: I don’t actually know where this is. Check the pictures below (courtesy of Hawks282) to see what they look like, good luck hunting for one!

Blackwood1 Blackwood2

Ironwood: Found rarely in the greywood forest south of Kranesh and Fabernum. Good hunting, watch out for the wolves and razorbacks! They have dark brown trunks and blueish leaves.


9. Conclusion

I believe that covers everything about woodcutting. Please feel free to let me know if any of my information is wrong, or to fill in things I was not able to cover. I’ll try to continue to update this on a regular basis. A rough overlay of the map of Myrland with locations will eventually be posted.

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