Mortal Online Psybrid Build Guide

Mortal Online Psybrid Build Guide by featherz

First off I’d like to start of with a big shout to Diphrael as this build is based on his Psy fighter.

I’ll explain my reasons behind the build, since Awakening I’ve found it very hard to play my hybrid, due to prediction and changes in combat.

This build is predominantly a heavy fighter, with the ability to corrupt,purify,fulmination,mind blast (40 damage to warriors with 47 mp you can nearly cast 2 spells) and reflect.

I have chosen to use swords and spears, you could go polesword but being a Veela I’ve chosen this for different uses on certain occasions, could even go just swords and use points in survival.

Veela veela, age 22, maximum height…. (3% damage bonus)

Mental training
Mental focus (secondary)
Ecumenical (50)
Defensive stance
Aggressive stance
Armour training
Heavy armour training
Combat maneuvering.

Points left 0.

Str 87
Dex 115
Int 10
Psy 37
Con 105


24 equipment weight, with the ability to use metal armours, 180+ hp depending on weight, a real mage killer, a tank if you use shield, this build is very versatile.

Like I said build is hugely similar to Diphrael, this one carries more strength its emphasis is not on magic resistance, this is a pure fighter, with the ability to use Tungsteel or Oghmium, take damage, hit hard, be supportive with corrupt (if they get fixed), tank do what you like.

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