Mortal Online All in One Build Guide

Mortal Online All in One Build Guide by Stubben2

This is a build I had when I only had 1 account and needed to make me some quality weapons while still being able to mine and extract with full lore.

with this build I used a sheevra something race with the following attribute caps:
Strength – 79
Dexterity – 118
Constitution – 99
Psyche – 103
Intelligence – 95

maxing out strength, constitution and intelligence then putting the rest in dex for movement speed. notice how low my vital attributes are so anyone who made a oghmir will be able to copy this skill set up easily.

This char was stationed in meduli.

-mining 92pts (+8 str/con)

-basic ore extraction 91pts (+9 int)
-intermediate ore extraction 91pts (+9 int)

Crafting appliances
-Ore extracting appliances 91pts (+9 int)
-communitors – crusher operation
-thermal appliances – furnace operation

Material lore
-metallurgy 91pts (+9 int)
-basic metals – pig iron lore/cuprum lore/bleck lore
-cuprum based alloys – bron lore/messing lore
-iron based metals – grain steel lore/steel lore/tungsteel lore

-petrology 91pts (+9 int)
-mineralogy – jadeite lore/coke lore/blood ore lore/bleckblende lore/malachite lore/calspar lore
-igneous rock – granum lore/amarantum lore
-sedimentary rock – calx lore/coal lore/saburra lore/flakestone lore

-botany 91pts (+9 int)
-dendroligy – spongewood lore/whitewood lore/dapplewood lore

-weapon crafting 91pts (+9 int)
-basic blade crafting 91pts (+9 int)
-spearhead crafting/dagger blade crafting
-advanced blade crafting 91pts (+9 int)
-sideblade crafting/greatblade crafting
-handle and pole crafting 91pts (+9 int)
-1h blade hilt crafting 91pts (+9 int)
-2h blade hilt crafting

Refining 79pts (+9 int) (Secondary!)

total primary skillpoints used 1099

With this build you’ll be able to mine the rocks, extract the ore, make the metals and craft the weapons all by yourself up to steel. you’ll have to buy the tungsteel and bump up the skill by crafting with it or I think you can still refine it if you buy the materials however I don’t remember if you had to have lupium lore for it to work but I’m pretty confident that you don’t. (try before you spend any large amounts on refining!)
If you want to craft poleswords instead then swap 1h blade hilt crafting with 1h shaft and club crafting/2h shaft and club crafting and you’ll be able to make spears as well as poleswords.

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