Mortal Online Magic Guide

Mortal Online Magic Guide by Yanowski

Ok fellers,

Here is everything I’ve discovered about the currently broken magic system in MO. I’ll put the bad news up front. Ecumenical spells (currently the most important spell for magic users, will not level past 61 actual, 71 with stats). So magic, currently, is in effective. Additionally, line of sight continues to plague magic users as the system randomizes a line of sight between the caster and the target (its a crap shoot on whether or not you will be able to see your target, though he or she is in plain sight in front of you). Lastly, the highest damaging spell is Flamestrike. Flamestrike hits for an average 33 damage with 71 ecumenical spells 116 psy, and 107 int. Not good.

Here is some good news, I started casting Flamestrike (with many fizzles) at 50 base ecumenical skills with 116 psy and 107 int. It originally hit (without resisting) for 12 damage. As ecumenical skills increased to 60 base, the damage output increased dramatically. Although it is speculation, i think the potential for high powered nukes at later ecumenical skill levels is high. Let’s hope. Additionally, our only true contribution to the fight is the spell greater heal. It heals for an average 37 a pop, and if you can manage to be lucky enough to get line of sight on your target, then you’ll be able to keep your party alive much longer. Ok, enough on the observations and onto the guide.

Magic in Mortal online is divided up in the following skills. Primary skills are listed as (pri) all others are secondary.

1. Magic Schools
a. Ecumenical spells (pri)
2. Magic Studies(pri)
a. meditation (pri)
b. mana regeneration
3. Mental Training(pri)
a. Mental offense (pri)
b. concentration
c. Mental Focus

The break down is as follows.

1. Magic Schools – baseline for all schools, will be the future of additional spell circles.
a. ecumenical spells – dictionary defines ecumenical as “general” and thats what these spells are.. basic spells to get a mage started.
2. Magic studies – this baseline skill deals with mana and it’s regeneration
a. meditation – skill that allows rapid mana recovery while resting
b. mana regeneration – currently regenerates at 1 per second when maxed and no resting. Stacks with meditation while resting.
3. Mental Training – baseline skill for making you a more functional mage.
a. Mental offense – skill that makes spells 100% more effective. no effect has been see with this skill maxed.
b. Concentration – skill that allows you to be interrupted when precasting a spell.
c. Mental Focus – reduced mana cost up to 50%

Ecumenical Spells – The following Spells are available in the ecumenical spell circle.

1. Lesser Heal (heals an average of 12 damage, costs 4 mana, water and calamine)
2. Corrupt ( DoT 6×2 damage, cost 8 mana, ichor)
3. Fulmination (delayed damage with and average of 22. costs 20 mana, nitre and ichor)
4. Spurt (an interruption spell for mage dueling that deals 1 damage, costs 1 water, 4 mana)
5. Fire Ball (basic fire spell that deals 10 damage, costs 15 mana and sulfur)
6. Greater Heal (a healing spell that heals an average of 37 costs 15 mana, cuprum, water, calamine)
7. Lightning ( basic lightning spell that deals 12 damage and costs 11 mana and cuprum)
8. Thunder Lash (decent lightning spell that deals an average of 30 damage, and costs 20 mana cuprum and rock oil)
9. Flame Strike (supposed to be the ecumenical nuke that deals an average of 35 damage, costs 50 mana, coal and nitre)
10. Earthquake (this spell is currently broken, unknown, but costs pyrite and rock oil and maybe is an AoE and knockback)
11. Purify ( cures Corrupt, costs 6 mana and calamine)
12. Magic Reflection ( a single cast magic reflect that lasts until a harmful spell is cast on the target, costs 20mana water, calamine, rock oil)
13. Mind Blast (currently the strongest spell in the game, deals an average 50 damage, costs 30mana, sulfur, and ichor)

Character Creation – If you are serious about rolling a mage, almost any class will do, but as far as stats, sheevra seems to work the best. Ideally, and in theory, you want the highest amount of psyche, and intelligence. Currently, psyche determines your ability to cast without interruption, and determines the hit power for each spell. Intelligence seems to just determine your ability to actually cast the spell, and adds to your mana pool. Both psyche and int add to your mana pool. The determining factor in character creation is, of course, starting psy and int, so make sure to increase your characters age until you get a nice balance between psy, int, and constitution. Currently, I have a 65 year old sheevra character with 72 STR, 20 DEX, 116 psy, 107 int, and 90 constitution. All parents are sheevra. I have tested two other characters and determined that psy and int are not really determining factors since magic cannot be raised above 71, however, hearsay and rumor dictate that you will need at least 100 psy and 100 int to cast the larger spells further down the patching road. (we will see). Lastly, choose acolyte as your starting doctrine. Magic users have several skills that cost 500s per book, so unless you are rich, I would pick that doctrine to start out. Additionally, the main complement for mages seems to be animal taming and control, both books cost 500s additionally, and as an acolyte, you start out with those skills as well.

Starting skills for an acolyte

1. Magic schools
2. Mental Training
3. Magic studies
4. Reading
5. Animal Taming
6. Animal Control
7. Ecumenical spells
8. Resting
9. Melee Combat
10. Daggers
11. Clubs
12. Brawling
13. Meditation
14. Concentration
15. Mental Offense
16. Crafting appliances
17. Alchemical Contraptions
18. Fabricula expertise
19. Domestication
20. Snooping
21. Pilfering

So as you can see, the starting skills for an acolyte consist of everything you need to get started. Immediately buy a book for Mental focus, and mana regeneration. You should note, that when you start, ecumenical skills starts at 1 skill. So the only thing you will be able to cast is spurt, and this is good, as spurt will level all of your skills except Mental Focus (at all) and ecumenical spells (only to 50). The good aspect of spurt is that for the majority of primary and secondary skills, spurt is enough to raise them to 100. Attributes are another story, spurt does not seem to want to raise intelligence very quickly… for attributes of psy and int, your best bet is to utilize your domestication skill set.

To level to 50, begin by reading ecumenical spells I, and self cast spurt over and over again on yourself. Make sure when you damage yourself for the first time, begin to rest (meditate) as you can cast while in the resting position. This will raise resting and meditation as well. Once you hit 50 base ecumenical spells, it is time to start casting flame strike. Meditate, and self cast flame strike to 60 base ecumenical spells. Congratulations, you have just reached the current MO limit in magic.

Mental Focus is another issue, currently, the only way to raise this skill is through reading.

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