Moonlight Online Pets Guide

Moonlight Online Pets Guide by ceci858

Perhaps one of the most common questions asked at least once per day in Moonlight Online is


And right here and now, we’re going to answer that, and whole bunch of other related questions! First, know that a pet in Moonlight Online isn’t just for ornamental purposes! Pets DO get hungry over time as they follow you on your adventures, and they too level up – they DON’T grow in size, though – and, they can actually learn skills, which act like buffs for your character!

PART ONE – Getting That Pet

To actually get your very first pet (it’s FREE, too!), you need to reach Level 20. Doing so unlocks a new quest in Bounty Towne at Leonardo’s.

Take the only quest you see from him, which requires you to take out a Boarman in return for a pet of choice.

Lumier, your quest objective, can be auto tracked to, but if you just turned Level 20, it’s not advisable to run straight there, because he resides right in the middle of a camp of Arsenal Bandits and Arsenal Refugees, which are a group of Level 20+ monsters who will make quick work of you.

The best way to tackle Lumier is to team up!

Lumier has a pet too! Which you don’t need to kill, by the way. So anyway, kick his behind, and return to Leonardo for your very FIRST pet!

Feel free to choose any of the 3 pets available; mouse over each reward to see a slight difference.

If you’re wondering why it says “Recommended for (class)”, we’ll be explaining that next – pick your pet of choice first! Your pet will now go into your bag as an item; right click to acquire your first pet!

Follow the above instructions to summon your pet into action!

PART TWO – Growth Rate

You can rename your pet by click on its name and changing it in this interface (click Rename when you’re done)!

Hunger decreases at the rate of 0.1 per minute your character stays online, while your pet’s EXP increases by 1 per minute. Which means to say, should you stay online for 33 minutes, your pet will LEVEL UP in this case!

GR here stands for Growth Rate, which is broken down specifically below for each individual stat (STR Growth, STA Growth, AGI Growth, INT Growth). What the numbers mean is by what PERCENTAGE that particular stat grows per level for your pet.

Should the above Unicorn Foal be Level 11 (10 levels down the road!), the according stats on the Unicorn should approximately be as follows.

Strength: 8 (3+5) (55% gain per level)
Stamina: 16 (5+11) (110% gain per level)
Agility: 8 (3+5) (50% gain per level)
Intellect: 14 (4+10) (100% gain per level)


11 AP for you to assign to ANY of the stats! Assigning your AP correctly is important, because you CANNOT reset assigned AP, and, it affects the amount of stats you get from certain pet skills, which we will cover later on!

PART THREE – Feeding Your Pet

The next quest from Leonardo requires you to actually FEED your pet via the same Pet interface above – simply have Pet Treat / Pet Meal in your bag, and click on Feed to replenish lost Hunger!

Feed your little buddy till he’s 90 Hunger and above, and your quest’s complete! Should you not feed your pet, he will start to drop hints… in his name.

Hungry, Famished, Starving, and finally… Dying will appear in front of his name as a prefix. However, pets DON’T actually die; they simply “go home”, or disappear when their Hunger reaches 0; Summon it again and feed it within 1 minute, and he’ll be good to go for a little while.

Wondering where to get Pet Treat/Pet Meal?

Complete Leonardo’s daily quest
Buy from the Wandering Merchant
Get them irregularly as drops from [Mythic] monsters, or in Old Chests
Get 50 Pet Treats when Disciples graduate
Or simply… just get them from the Mall!

The items you’re looking for here are these below,

Using Pet Meals save the trouble of having to feed them every 10 minutes (since Hunger decreases by 0.1 per minute). No worries about overfeeding them – the extra Hunger gained simply goes to waste.

And as you can see, you can buy the basic pets right here in the Mall as well!

PART FOUR – Learning Pet Skills

Pets aren’t only for naming and feeding – you can actually teach them skills! That DOESN’T mean your pet can attack though; pet skills give you buffs, which DO make a huge difference later on! Anyhow, take up Leonardo’s next quest to kill Blanca, which you recall, is the white wolf beside Packleader Logan in Shiver Grove. Remember to pick up her Blood Sample.

Now then, choose a skill you’d like your pet to acquire!

That’s the ONLY free pet skill you’ll get (apart from getting it as drops from monsters, which are pretty rare), so be sure to choose one for your class!

To actually learn the pet skill,


That’s right, it’s a 2 step thingy!

After which, you will be able to do Leonardo’s daily quest, which gives you Pet Treat and Groomer’s Badge on completion.

This is the guy you auto track to for Leonardo’s Egg, which, if you’re not careful, you’ll end up being mobbed just like Lumier’s before.

Kill him, get that egg, and head right back for your rewards!

If you’re wondering what this is used for, it’s actually a currency for trading for Pet Meals AND pet skills from the various Pet Trainers located in major cities! Of course, Leonardo also sells pet merchandise, so be sure to check them out!

Different Pet Trainers sells different pet skills; so, if you don’t find a pet skill at one trainer, try another in a different place!

Mouse over each of the skills to see what they do for you when learned! Take note, however; different skills require a certain pet level before they can be learned.

And now, on to the topic of pet levels!

As your pet levels up, their stats increase, with AP for you to allocate towards any stats of choice. These stats on your pet can be added on directly to your character’s stats like a buff.

That skill just gave me 50 STR more – Like A Boss!

It’s generally recommended to allocate your AP to 1 main stat, so that you get the most gains out of stat augmenting skills like Pet Power, Natural Selection, Animal Reflex and Frisky Frolic.

As for other pet skills in general, the higher your pet level, the more you gain from a skill.

Scapegoat II, for example, gradually increases in Damage Absorption as your pet level grows.

As mentioned before, your pet gains 1 EXP for each minute you stay online. This EXP gain can be hastened with a Pet Combat EXP Scroll, as below.

With this, your pet gains 2 EXP per minute you’re online.

So, let’s say, you learned the wrong skills for your pet, or you think you have a better combination of pet skills you’d like to use instead, but your pet skill slots are full. Fret not, for the solution lies in 1 simple item!

Simply use this, and select a pet skill you’d like to unlearn to remove it!

As you’ve notice, there are 2 versions of a same pet skill sold at the merchants; in this case, Downtime II would of course give better stat gains, but can only be learned AFTER Downtime I is learned. 60 Groomer Badges can take some time to acquire; getting them from the Mall is often much easier!

Well then, that’s about it for pets in Moonlight Online – till next time!

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