Moonlight Online Level 1 to 40 Guide

Moonlight Online Level 1 to 40 Guide by ceci858

I know what most people would say when they first step into the world of Moonlight Online – “It’s like WoW (World of Warcraft)!” Well, yes and no at the same time. Humans, Werewolves, Vampires, take your pick; and step into a meticulously designed world set in the Mediterranean era! The controls are the same (QWES), and you’ll realize there’s a nifty auto tracking function… but hey, that is simply not enough, you’ll find in a little while! Many of the needed guidance for early gameplay is either non-existent or insufficient (What is relic? How do I get mail? Where do I get pets? Where do I buy pickaxes? Where do I find copper ores? How do I enchant my other weapon? How do I get (weapon) and (weapon) for redemption quest? What level do I need to be for Ashier’s Ruins? Where is the warehouse? Need mentor, please! I don’t have any more quests! Where do I learn trade skills? How do I join a guild? Help GM, I’m stuck! I don’t have any more quests! How do I use a Friendly Flower/Cupid Arrow? Where is the magical fountain? How do I get Truwe’s Emblem/Light Shards? Is there an auction house? etc.) – and this guide is here to answer your most common queries!

Level 1 – 20

This part is rather straightforward, with quests that asks you to 1) kill X monsters, 2) find X NPC, 3) gather X items; however, the most basic game system of enchanting weapons and relics also come along with these quests, and it is crucial you get this part understood before carrying on with the game.

1) Transferring Divinity (Level 7, 8): A divinity transfer must actually HAPPEN, with the newly enchanted weapon EQUIPPED before you can complete this quest. Read the quest description for clear instructions.

You may find yourself unable to use your skills while doing this quest. That’s because your equipped weapon no longer is enchanted (Regular), and hence, has no weapon skills available for use – simply equip an enchanted weapon, and those skills should light up (and hence be useable) again. If the equipped weapon is enchanted, be sure to check the enchantment level on it – if it’s 0, no weapon skills can be used either, so, enhance that enchantment level (Energy Orb (V) > Enhance > Enhance).

2) Ginger’s Gang (Level 10, 11): This is when you receive your first relic as a quest, which requires you to ENHANCE your received relic to +10, and EQUIP it before you can complete the quest. To actually enhance a relic, click on the Energy Orb (bottom middle), or press V), click and drag your relic (which should be in your bag) to the slot (your equipped weapon should be in that slot by default), and click on Enhance.Players tend to get stuck with this quest, not knowing what to do; guidance should be provided wherever necessary.

3)Boarrior, Tigguar, Duke Hardington, Lumier, etc. These quests require you to take out singular elite monsters (not to be confused with [Mythic]s! Monsters with the [Mythic] title are NEVER a part of quest objectives, and are merely stronger version of their counterparts which yield rare drops. Elite monsters mentioned here do not carry this title, and drop the same kind of stuff as a normal mob; but, they are stronger, of course.), which often says a team is recommended or required. While players who have had experience with RPGs in general will find these quests easily solo-able, others new to this genre may find themselves unable to defeat these bosses. If necessary, team up with others to complete the quests.

4)You can start chatting in the World channel after Level 15 – click on World (extreme right of the chatbox), and start interacting with others in the game! Everyone online can see your chat, so it’s a nifty way to get teams for quests, or just chill out with everyone! And, it costs 10 copper B-Gold per chat.

Level 20 – 30

This is where quests start to grow numerous, and also the best time to start using those EXP Scrolls!

1)Some may complain that they have no idea how to enchant their 2nd weapon, which should be given out along these levels (1H Sword for Knights, Wands for Sages, Frost Orbs for Elementalists, Daggers for Rogues). Some may be confused by the “Please wait…” bar under the Equipment Enchanter’s interface. If you’re one of them, a few important points to note are a) enchantment levels cannot be transferred (Divinity Transfer) between differing types of weapons (which means to say, you need to put energy into enhancing your 2nd weapon starting from Lv 0 all over again should you decide to use it), b) just click and drag the new weapon into the enchantment interface and click on Enchant – do not actually stare at the “Please wait…”, and wait it out; nothing will happen!

2)A Trade Escort Daily quest (Trades of Steel (Trade Daily)) should be available during this period of time – simply follow behind the Pack Mule, and don’t lose sight of it!

3)By Level 30, certain daily game events will become available. One of which is the Magical Fountain, which is located at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the Traster Palace. Right click on the Lucky Pennies in your bag to toss them into the fountain for EXP and Energy; get lucky, and you will get announced in system chat, PLUS receive a nice gift in your mailbox! After 800 Lucky Pennies are thrown in, the fountain will yield 20+ treasure chests scattered around the area, free for anyone to pick them up. These treasure chests majorly yield Transformation Scrolls, sometimes EXP Charts and free Energy.

4) You will also get your first and only pet from Leonardo in Bounty Towne at this stage – more pets? Get them from the Mall! Pets must be fed to keep their Mood up; otherwise, they cannot be summoned. Summoning a pet doesn’t only give you a little companion which follows you around; you can actually teach it pet skills, which will greatly increase your character’s combat power! Level 1 pet skills can be bought at any Pet Trainer (usually located in major towns or cities), while Level 2 pet skills are bought from the Mall.

5)You should now get a white mount as a quest reward for your race, which can only be upgraded to +3. You can buy green mounts from the Mount Merchants (eg. Windsor at Hester Street in Traster), which can be upgraded to +4 (costs 10 Gold), or BLUE mounts at 100 Gold each. Alternatively, simply spend 300 Points in the mall to get the exact same blue mount. A lot of people tend to get confused with the description in the mall, thinking it to be 300 Points for a +7 mount, but no – it’s a +0 BLUE mount, which CAN BE upgraded to +7, using Illusories. Players tend to get confused with Illusories, Triprimes, and Hexprimes as well (in fact, there was a few indignant players that insisted that mounts can only go up to +3). Illusory I can get your mount up to +3; Illusory II, which needs to be either bought from the Mall, or combined at the Equipment Enhancer (eg. Dolph Longshanks at Hester Street in Traster) via Fuse Materials (you need anything from 1 – 5 Illusory I PLUS a catalyst, Solixir II in order to make an Illusory II). However, take note that BOUND Illusory I cannot be used for fusion – only unbound ones. Also, Illusories do not stack. The same applies for Hexprimes and Triprimes.

Catalysts can be gotten from defeating [Mythic] monsters, and opening Old Chests. You need them to actually fuse enhancement materials – it doesn’t work without Catalysts! An according Catalyst is required; read the item descriptions.

6)A bunch of tutorial quests introducing different trade skills will now be available in Traster. You can acquire 2 crafting professions (Armor Crafting, Weapon Crafting, Alchemy, Cooking; choose 2) and 2 gathering professions (Fishing, Mining, Herbology; choose 2) at any one time, which can be deleted by clicking on Forget in your Trade Skills menu (Press “P” > Trade tab). Gathering requires the relevant tool, which can be bought from ANY General Merchant (Fishing Rod, Pickaxe, Scoop). To craft, you need to learn recipes from the trainer, and stand near the crafting station (Loom, Forge, Alchemy Table, Stove) to craft, with the required materials.

7) You can make a guild upon reaching Level 30, and tons of guild features await! While making a guild WITH a guild base costs 50 Gold (B-Gold cannot be used here!) + 200 Gold = 250 Gold, you won’t find yourself being able to afford making one in short notice – hence, purchase a Guild Permit and a Guild Zoning Permit (Mall, Guild section) instead!

Creating A Guild
Look for the Guild Administrator, Griffins, and look through the various guild options he has to offer.

Here’s how you use your Guild Zoning Permit!

To tell everyone you’ve got a guild going, you can either choose to 1) tell everyone you’re recruiting in the World Chat (or even better, use the Vox Populi from the Mall!), 2) click on Purchase Guild Publicity to have your guild listed in the guild list, with a customized recruitment notice!

Inviting A Player To Guild
Right click on a player portrait (after selecting their character), or right click on their name in chat, and click on “Invite to Guild”
If you want to apply for joining a Guild, you can, too – look for Griffins in Traster Park, and click on “View Guilds” to see a list of available guilds. Alternatively, PM the Guild Leader or a Lieutenant (vice leader) of a guild to ask for a guild invite!

Guild Constructs
Members should be reminded to 1) visit the guild base and claim their Guild Warp from Farlow (enter the guild base, run up a little, turn right, and find Farlow at the top of the stairs leading to a city hall building), which enables them to return to the Guild Base from anywhere in the world. Also, they should be reminded to donate Gold (B-Gold can’t be donated) via Farlow to the guild (1 Gold = 30 Prosperity; you can donate a maximum of 40 Gold a day) as much as they can, so more guild constructs can be built for more guild features to be unlocked.

The Guild Hall must first be upgraded (Click on Upgrade) in order to construct and upgrade other guild buildings. At Guild Hall Lv 4, the guild beast becomes available, which can be summoned ONCE per week on weekends any time from 8AM (Saturday) – 10PM (Sunday). The guild beast spawns in the arena like area in the guild base, and requires an Ansgarde Harmony (1,500 mall Points from Mall, Guild section) to summon. The Guild Leader can receive the relevant quests for it, which involves gathering 4 different items (which can be traded) to exchange for a nice PURPLE Flaming Wolf mount which can be enhanced to +9! For the rest of the guild, killing the guild beast yields over 10 – 20 treasure chests, which contain anything from EXP and Energy to Transformation Scrolls etc.

The Yggdrasil comes next, which, when upgraded provides for a larger guild size (meaning, you can actually recruit MORE members!)! Also, from 7PM – 10PM server time daily, the NPC at the Yggdrasil (Jud Woodhide) will offer a quest (The Ancient Timber’s Blessing) which can be completed immediately by the Guild Leader and the Lieutenants alike for a 15 minutes AOE buff in an area near the Yggdrasil itself, gaining everyone in the area free EXP and Energy per 10 seconds as according to your character level. This is a good time to gather everyone in the guild to just chill, relax, and chat, to take a break from leveling, and do some social bonding.

The Guild Tavern offers a whole plethora of guild quests, which increase in number as the Guild Tavern is upgraded. These quests should be done – they not only give tons of EXP when completed along with small amounts of Prosperity and Contribution, they also coincide with your daily reputation quests, so you can do BOTH quests at once! Of course, you need to be of the required character level before you can take the according quests available.

The Magic Hut comes next, which is an exchange NPC next to the Yggdrasil, requiring Contribution points in exchange for enhancement materials and activation scrolls.

The Guild Mines come last, which is arguably one of the best constructs. The Guild Leader needs to have a permit (can be bought from the Mall, or exchanged at the Magic Hut) to enter the Mines; after which, he/she can gather all the ores within for 20 minutes or so before he/she gets booted out of the mines. You do not need a pickaxe nor the mining skill for this; you will be getting tons of free Energy as well as rare ores.

The main complaint would probably be that guild constructs take WAY too long to complete (it quickly goes up to taking DAYS to complete an upgrade). The problem can be solved with using a Build Boost scroll from the Mall, which greatly reduces upgrade timings. Everything goes much faster!

Level 30 – 40

This is where daily quests, daily reputation quests, and dungeon quests start to swell significantly in number, which usually offer a whole lot of EXP in reward.

1)Prisma Crystals: A Level 30 daily quest which requires you to play a minigame in order to get an item, which can be traded in to Lucky Shane for picking 3 random equipment via his minigame.

2)Trade Escorts: More Trade Escorts become available as you level up (Traster, Sagewick, Castle Williams, Wolfsburg Bastion), which only require you to follow the Pack Mule all the way in order to complete the quest for a huge chunk of EXP.
3)Dungeon Quests: To actually get these quests, the prerequisite quest chain must first be completed in order to trigger the quests. Energy Stones and Delora Bloodworm are 2 such dungeon quests available from the Digsite, and can be completed in the Ashier’s Ruins dungeon in Angrim. These dungeons cannot be soloed at low levels, and is highly pertinent that you team up in a proper party with a Knight (tank) and a Sage (healer) before attempting it. Needless to say, Dungeons quests, when completed, offer TONS of EXP in reward. The Baronwood instance becomes available at Level 38, which offers even a greater challenge than Ashier’s Ruins.


As more players reach Level 30 and beyond, refining and enhancing weapons and equipment become a top priority in order to tackle monsters with higher efficiency. Equipment enhancing and the relevant materials needed can then be introduced to the players, teaching them how to go about enhancing gear, and what enhancement materials they need.

Where To Enhance Equipment
Dolph Longshanks in Hester Street at Traster

Enhancement materials needed include Hexprimes, Triprimes, and Illusories, for weapons, armor, and mounts respectively. These materials can be bought from the Mall (Mall > Materials), or gotten from monster drops, opening Old Chests, or quest rewards.

The chance of success dwindles as weapons and armor alike get higher in enhancement levels, which can be raised slightly with the help of Magic Powders. Simply place the weapon of choice and the according enhancement materials in the slots as below, and click on Refine. This shouldn’t be too hard to grasp.

If you can’t seem to refine or enhance your weapons or armor, it turns out to be one of the following reasons most of the time.

Hexprimes are for WEAPONS, Triprimes are for ARMOR. You are not using the correct enhancement material.
You confused the Equipment Enhancer with Equipment Enchanter, and hence there is no option for enhancing gear. Duh.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get mail?
Some people tend to think “mail icon flashing, I click the icon, I get mail” – but no, in Moonlight Online, you have to go to a physical mailbox which can be found almost everywhere in towns and cities to retrieve your mail. The flashing icon is only but an indicator that you have new mail. And you can’t send items through the mail yet.

I don’t have any more quests!

You always do. Press L to bring up the quests interface, and click on Available at the bottom to see a list of all available quests for your level.

How do I use the Friendly Flower I / Cupid Arrow / Snow Ball?

Friendly Flower I: Increases Amity with a friend. Select a friend’s character, click on the flower, click on Trade at the bottom left of your inventory, and double click on your friend to give it to him/her. Once he/she accepts, both your Amity goes up by the according amount. The flower is gone – it does not stay in your inventory, nor does it go into your buddy’s inventory.

Cupid Arrow: Select a character of the OPPOSITE gender, and right click on the item to “shoot” him or her. Usually, people ask to trade these items (eg. LF> male/female character to shoot each other); once you get shot, you gain a pink colored buff (Cupid’s Kiss), which can stack up to 100 times. Trade in these buffs at the Envoy of Love, Zizzaro, for Love’s Wish (item) and EXP + Energy. Love’s Wish can be used to purchase items from Zizzaro (click on “Check out the presents from the Love God”). 1,000 Love’s Wish exchanges for a special title, Cupid’s Pet. Which does nothing, by the way.

Snow Ball: Select any character NOT in Zen mode, and right click on the Snow Ball to throw it at him/her. His/her screen will actually shake with each throw, along with getting a debuff for 2 minutes which does absolutely nothing. You, the thrower, get a buff called Magic Mark with each Snow Ball used, which can be used to exchange for EXP and Energy from Conwenna Evergreen in Sagewick. Snow Balls are gained by completing Nobility quests at Level 40.

Help GM, I’m stuck!

Well, panic not – simply 1) use your Homing Stone, which should be on you unless you choose to store it in the warehouse, or even sell it away; 2) use your Guild Warp; 3) use your Locator Orb (gotten via Tarot Tricks (Daily); mark a location by right clicking on it at any place of choice in the world, and right click to use it anytime to return to the marked location); 4) Teleport to your buddies, or have your buddies Summon you (both functions are found in the lower right corner of the Social interface). The last alternative uses 5 mall Points per attempt, but it’s the most convenient. Unless of course, you are married to a buddy – then, summoning/teleporting is for free.  

Where can I find copper ore?

Near Bounty Towne, in Shiver Grove, in Angrim. These maps have copper ore nodes on the ground, which requires you to actually mouse over them to see their names, and of course, a pickaxe to mine them.

Where is the warehouse?

The Currency Exchanger NPCs in towns and cities are also your warehouse NPCs. Their location is always marked with a bunch of golden coins on the map, so you can’t miss them.

Need mentor, please!

You can only register to be a mentor after Level 46. Which no one will reach until at least a week after a new server is opened. A mentor can only take up to 4 disciples at a time.

How do I get (blah blah) and (blah blah) for redemption quests?

These quests appear under the Redemption tab of quests. These quests ask for TWO blue weapons. One of it can be made by Weapon Crafting (trade skill), while the other can be exchanged for with enough reputation gained in Traster/Sagewick/Castle Williams/Wolfsburg Bastion, and a number of reputation badges via the exchange NPCs in towns/cities. The reward is an Ancient Bronze/Silver/Gold Coin, which can then by exchanged for a nice PURPLE weapon. Reputation badges can be bought in the Mall, so, it can be recommended.

How do I get Truwe’s Emblem/Light Shards?

Through completing an event daily, Prisma Crystals, which require 2 players in a team to complete. If you find yourself having problems with this, it’s probably one of the following reasons: 1) One or both of you have yet to complete the prerequisite quest chain from Willoughby; 2) One or both of you teamed with another player before this and accepted the quest – the quest needs to be given up, with the quest item given thrown away before it can be done properly; 3) you fail the minigame, which involves hand eye coordination.

Is there an auction house?

No, this is not WoW! You can set up player stalls in towns and cities, but there is no auction house in Moonlight Online.

This list of questions is not exhaustive, and will be added on as more questions pop up !

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