Moonlight Online FAQ

Moonlight Online FAQ by ceci858

1. Where can I find Coarse Leather/Wolf Flanks?

Ans: Angrim, Shiver Grove. The Greyplains Wolf drop both, and the Razorbacks drop the Coarse Leather as well.

2. Where is the warehouse/bank?

Ans: For some reason the bank is named the Currency Exchange here. There are Currency Exchangers in all the cities (Traster, Sagewick, Castle Williams, Ironhollow). Open the map. They are represented by a coin symbol.

3. How can I learn a Trade Skill?

Ans: Head to Hester Street in Traster. All the trade skill tutors (Alchemy, Herbology, Mining, Armor Crafting, Weapon Crafting) are all there, standing together. You can only learn 2 trade skills at one time. For Mining and Herbology, you will need to purchase the pick and the cutter from the General Merchant first.

4. Where can I find Copper Ore?

Ans: Copper Ore can only be gotten through Mining, so either learn it or buy it from someone who can mine for it.


Ans: Creating a guild needs 50g, not a small amount in the beginning. So there will not be any guilds from the start. Once you do have 50g, find the Guild Administrator in Traster (he’s standing near Crazy George, and one does not simply miss Crazy George). You can apply for a Guild Camp as well, which is cool.


Ans: This is one of the new features Moonlight introduced, but to be a mentor, you have to be level 46. Flooding the world chat for a mentor 2 hours after the server opens is just lame, people.

7. How do I enhance my weapons/armors/mounts?

Ans: You need Hexprimes, Triprimes, and Illusorys, respectively. And the catalysts to fuse them together so you get a Hexprime II or whatever, which allows you to enhance your weapon further. After you have these stuff, find the Equipment Enhancer. There’s one in every city. In Traster, he’s called Dolph Longshanks, and he’s standing next to 2 bears in a cage. Effed up, I know.

8. Where can I get Truwe’s Emblem/Light Shards???

Ans: This is the biggie. In summary, this is the Prisma Crystals quest. After you complete that, you get Truwe’s Emblem, which you can use to potentially get some Blue or Purple equips. Pretty great stuff, but its rather complicated, especially for sops who don’t read the quest description.

Firstly, you have to be level 30. Once you are there, Willoughby in Traster will offer you a quest. Willoughby stand next to Lucky Shane, who wants the Truwe’s Emblem, so those 2 standing in the middle of Traster Park are all you need.

Willoughby will first take you on a quest chain, running around town looking for people. Just use the auto-tracking here. These people will tell a story, and you have to read it, or you will be lost later. After you finished and get back to Willoughby, she will start giving you the Prisma Crystals quest.

To do this quest, you HAVE to have a partner. So party up with someone before you take the quest. It will ask you to get a Light Shard. To get it, you have to play a mini-game. On Willoughby’s quest chain earlier, you would have went to people surrounded by colorful crystals. Go to one of them now. You will see that the crystals are marked 1 and 2. Talk to the guy to start the mini-game. The person who initiates the quest will be in 1, and the partner goes to 2.

There are 3 stages. The crystals will light up, and you have to remember the order (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, or whatever). Then you have to click them in that order after they finish flashing. It’s really very simple, but if you teamed up with a retard, good luck.

If you complete the 3 stages, you will get a Light Shard. Get back to Willoughby, and you will get the Truwe’s Emblem. Give it to Lucky Shane, and you’re done. Enjoy your flashy new gear.

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