Marvel Avengers Alliance Hero Tiers Guide

Marvel Avengers Alliance Hero Tiers Guide by Dudu

Hi everyone

I’m building a Tier system for classifying heroes. The purpose is to both help players choosing what they want and discuss their strenghs and weakness.
Now, there a whole lot of factors contributing to your choice of heroes. You may choose because you find them cool. You may choose because you want to win in PvP. Or more, you may buy a hero for the content he/she unlocks.

This system takes only the battle aptitude in consideration. Coolness, unlocked content and et cetera are out. Also, only heroes with the four abilities unlocked.

So, Tier 1 correspond to the most powerful heroes. They are the masters in what they are good at, and also possess another skills that make them pretty good in another areas. Tier 2 are the heroes slightly weaker then Tier 1, but usually have one or two tricks that make them very powerful, normally it’s a really good passive skill or a nearly broken buff.
Tier 3 in strong heroes. Depending on the level, they can be even stronger than Tier 2. They usually have a powerful trick in their sleeves, but not so nearly (or completely) broken as the previous tiers. Tier 4 comprises heroes that could benefit from a buff. Some of those are actually pretty damaging, but without any powerful trick that make up for the stronger tiers.
The last tier, the Tier 5 sums the heroes that definitely need a buff. Playdom was just unfair with them and players rarely recruit those guys because of their combat capabilities.

Tier 1
Captain America
Scarlet Witch

Tier 2
Dr. Strange
Black Panther
Iron Man*
Kitty Pryde*

Tier 3
Ms. Marvel
Iron Fist
War Machine
Kitty Pryde
Iron Man
Black Cat*

Tier 4
Human Torch
Invisible Woman
Mr. Fantastic
Black Cat
Luke Cage
Black Widow

Tier 5

There are a couple things of note:

She-hulk, for example, is considered a Tier 3 hero for this system, but when you and your adversaries in PvP only have 2 abilities, she certainly is among the best heroes out there. Such is the situation for Ms Marvel. Black Cat, however, is the opposite, she’s very weak until she reaches Stroke of Luck, and even them she’s not exactly a power-house. Captain America isn’t a tier 1 hero until he gets his infamous Shield Guard ability, which skyrocket him to the best (?) hero in the entire game.

How the hero complements the party is also another factor. Storm is knew for her sinergy with Captain America and Spiderman. Colossus also protects Spidey from Scrapper attacks quite efficiently. Luke Cage benefits from someone who can induce Combo Setup. Not only other heroes, but how he/she complements your Agent. Which class your agent choose, for example. Or what item your agent have. Everything counts.

Another aspect to note, is how the class of the heroes affects. It’s widely believed that Tacticias have better bonuses than Infiltrators. Heroes that have more than one costume can vary in power. A Tactician Storm can be more interesting than a Blaster. A Blaster Thor can be more powerful than a Bruiser (or not, really). A bruiser Spider-Man is sort of a glass cannon compared to his original infiltrator mode. Talking about Costumes, there are the infamous avengers costumes, that make Black Widow slighlty less useless and Thor even more powerful.

A note about alternate costumes: Sif alternate costume turns her into a killing machine. Alt Black Cat coupled with her Stroke of Luck is a more offensive version of Wolverine. Alt Colossus isn’t OP per se, but you can make wonderful teams with him, perhaps putting him in tier 1. Alt Thor is ridiculous, being the most dangerous hero in PvP nowadays, perhaps more powerful than Captain America. Alt Kitty Pride is untouchable in the first crucial turns. Iron Man’s unibean received a welcome upgrade, his Alt Costume makes unibean spam much easier to employ. Alt Spidey is now much more offensive, but I don’t think his alt costume changes his strengh as much as the other ones.

And yes, this is open, of course. Everyone who disagrees (and I’m sure there will be a lot), feel free to put your opinion. As a side-note, I’m not a veteran in this game. I don’t own every hero, which means my opinions on some heroes are based in battles against them or when they were in my team for a short period (and we all know how badly the AI play). That’s why Mockinbird isn’t included. Also, that’s why posting your opinion is important, since I’m certain that are some aspects of the listed heroes I’m currently ignoring.

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