Marvel Avengers Alliance Dr Strange Guide

Marvel Avengers Alliance Dr Strange Guide by BlackwindIsao and reapersaurus

Dr. Strange, Blaster, 25 CP

Level 1: Single target, ranged energy attack. Deals moderatly high damage. Lowish Stamina cost.
Level 2: Buff, All allies. 2 turn cooldown. Immeadiatly heals ~20% of Dr. Strange’s HP to the entire party. Heals each character for ~5% of Dr. Strange’s max HP at the beginning of their turn. Lasts 2 rounds. Moderate stamina cost.
Level 6: Ranged, energy Attack all. Causes lowish damage and provides a unique, non-typed DOT effect that lasts for 3 rounds. HIGH (~33%) stamina cost.
Level 9: Single target buff. 2 turn cooldown. Places a shield on a single ally. Shield has ~25% of the target’s max HP. Consumes ~25% of stamina.

ISO: HP, Defence, Evade / Stamina.

Partners: Invis. Woman, Colossus, Hulk War Machine, Iron Fist (?)

Notes: Probably the most versitle character in the game and can deal out the damage fairly well on top of it. CANNOT take a hit or survive for ANY length of time without being ISOed however.

About the good Dr.’s powers:

1) IIRC, it is one of the highest-damage output 1st level powers in the game (when you look at them when you first fire up the game, all unmodified).
2) It crits a LOT. And does extra damage when crit for some reason (regularly 3x normal damage), and it causes 3 rounds of continued damage, so the “lowish damage” description might be a little misleading.
In fact, when you add up the initial damage to all 3 enemies, added to the 3 turns of 3-enemy damage (which ALWAYS is applied if it hits, unlike Iron Man’s low-% Burning), I’d wager it’s one of the more damaging attacks in the entire game (Top 10?)

Yeah, he’s weak but can be ISO’d pretty easy to be able to take enough damage so that he heals himself and EVERYone.

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