Marvel Avengers Alliance Acronyms List

Marvel Avengers Alliance Acronyms List by aneste


AI = Artificial Intelligence (In M:AA, while fighting PVP, AI controls the team on defense, not a real player)
AoE = Area of Effect (A type of attack that effects all enemies)
Acc = Accuracy
AFK = Away From Keyboard (In M:AA, it is used for PVP when AI plays for you in defense position)
Atk = Attack


BA4B = Bolt Action 4 Bore (Random Deploy Reward Weapon)
BCD = Beyond Corp Driver (Limited Gold Item)
BP = Black Panther


CA = Captain America
Cap = Captain America
CO = Chrono Overdrive (Gold obtained weapon)
CP = Command Points
CR = Coulson’s revenge ( limited edition weapon )
CRB = Cosmic Ray Bomb (Chapter 7 Premium Mission Reward)
Crits = Critical hits – Achieving high damage points in a single hit (useful especially in Spec ops when trying to complete chapters with high scores)


DFC = Deep Field Cannon ( gold purchased weapon )
DD = Daredevil
DD = Digital Decoy
Def = Defense
DoT = Damage over Time (For example; Burning, Bleeding, Radiation, Chilled etc.)
DPR = Destroyer Power Relic (Long waited Chapter 8 Premium Mission Reward)


EF = Emma Frost
Eva = Evasion


Farming = Repeating battles for accumulating command point drops [Click Here]
FCS = Frank Castle Special


GR/GP = Great Responsibility/Great Power (Passive power of Spider-Man)
GSE = Golden Screaming Eagle


HE = Hawkeye
HIB = Heavy Ion Beam (Limited Edition Weapon)
HoT = Healing over time
HP = Health Points


IF = Iron Fist
IIRC = If I remember correctly
IM = Iron Man
IMHO = In my honest/humble opinion





M:AA = (MAA) Marvel Avengers Alliance
MB = mockingbird
MFG = magnetic field generator ( Mission 4.4 gadget drop)
MM = Mechanical Mjolnir (Long waited Chapter 8 Premium Reward)
MoM = Might of Mjolnir (MoM increases damage and accuracy of Thor’s next Hammer Throw or Summon Thunder attack)
MomGen = Momentum Generator


Nerf = To make an item/hero/something less powerful : )


OHKO = One-Hit Knock Out (Used for killing foes in one shot)
OP = Over-powered
…..= Original Poster/Post (Used for the first post of a thread)


Po4 = Power of 4 ( Mission 5.6 drop )
Proc Rate = Proc stands for “Produce”. Proc Rate is the chance of a weapon to do its special effect (Stun, Burning, Chilled etc. )
PP = Possessed Pistol (Epic Boss Reward in 8.5)
PVE = Player vs. Environment
PVP = Player vs. Player (In M:AA, there is no real PVP play, you actually play against AI controlled player team)


QJ = Quantum jumper ( gold purchased gadget )



SIC = Stark Industries Catalyst (Limited Gold Weapon)
SBP = Super blade Punch
SO1 = Spec. Ops 1
SO2 = Spec. Ops 2
SP = Shield Points
…..= Stamina Points
SW = Scarlet Witch


ToT = Taste of Thunder (Special Operations 1 – Mission 2 Boss Drop)
Two Birding = Fighting 1 mini boss and 1 final boss together.
Three Birding = Fighting 2 mini bosses and 1 final boss together.
Trench = Used for Commander Trenchcoats with 8 ISO-8 slots that can be bought with gold


UISO-8 = Unstable ISO-8 (The special type of ISO-8 that was used for entering fights in Special Operations – 1)



WM= War Machine
WO = White Queen a.k.a Emma Frost


XP = or EXP, Experience



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