Marvel Avengers Alliance Hero Default Attacks Guide

Marvel Avengers Alliance Hero Default Attacks Guide by Arsenus

Default attacks are those done by counter (e.g. combat awareness/reflexes/expertise), follow-up (e.g. scrappers vs. infiltrators) or coordinated attacks/cooperative defense (avengers movie uniform). They never use up buffs (like combo setup) use or apply any charges (except for Hulk Ups!) or trigger other counter attacks (not even with combat reflexes or the like active).

Here’s a list of all default attacks of the heroes and their debuffs/bonus, if applicable:

Agent – Brawl (2x unarmed melee attacks)
Black Panther – Anti-metal Claws (lvl 1 skill) – Bleeding (1x)
Black Widow – Martial Arts Combo (lvl 1 skill) – Combo Setup
Black Cat – Cat Scratch (lvl 1 skill) – Bleeding (1x, 3x with ‘Claws’ alt. uniform)
Captain America – Leading Strike (lvl 2 skill) – Target Focus
Colossus – Steel Fists (lvl 1 skill) – Exposed
Cyclops – Optic Blast (lvl 1 skill)
Daredevil – Billy Club (lvl 1 skill) – Combo Setup
Dr. Strange – Bolts of Balthakk (lvl 1 skill)
Hawkeye – Sure Shot (lvl 1 skill)
Hulk – Rage Punch (lvl 1 skill) – Hulk Up
Human Torch – Flame Stream (lvl 2 skill) – Burning
Invisible Woman – Force Spheres (lvl 1 skill)
Iron Fist – K’un L’un Combo (lvl 1 skill) – Combo Setup
Iron Man – Repulsor Ray (lvl 1 skill)
Kitty Pryde – Shadow Kick (lvl 6 skill) – Exposed
Luke Cage – Brawl (lvl 1 skill) – In Your Face
Mockingbird – Twin Strike (lvl 1 skill) – Combat Setup
Mr. Fantastic – Stretch Punch (lvl 1 skill) – Distraction
Ms. Marvel – Photon Blast (lvl 1 skill)
Nightcrawler – Night Kick (lvl 1 skill) – Dizzy
Phoenix – Psi-blast (lvl 1 skill) – Psi-blast
Scarlet Witch – Arcane Blast (lvl 2 skill)
She-Hulk – Punch (lvl 1 skill)
Sif – Thrust (lvl 1 skill) – Bleeding (1x)
Spider-man – Web Shot (lvl 1 skill) – Webbed
Spider-woman – Brawl (lvl 1 skill)
Storm – Lightning (lvl 1 skill) – Static Charge
Thing – Clobberin’ Time (lvl 1 skill)
Thor – Empowering Strike (lvl 2 skill) – Might of Mjolnir
War Machine – Blade Punch (lvl 1 skill)
Wolverine – Berserker Frenzy (lvl 1 skill) – Bleeding (1x)

– When Black Panther has ‘Guile of the Panther’ active he counters with ‘Wakanden Arts’ (lvl 2 skills) not his 1st. The follow-up from ‘Rage of the Panther’ is still his lvl 1 though.

– Nightcrawler’s follow-up to ‘Triple Threat’ is ‘Ambush’, his lvl 3.

– Captain America counters with ‘Shield Bash’ (his lvl 1) when ‘Shield Guard’ is active.

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