Marvel Avengers Alliance Weapon Combos Basic Guide

Marvel Avengers Alliance Weapon Combos Basic Guide by The Protektor

These are some very powerful weapon combos which work extremely well for Agents. Please note that it is highly recommended to use ISO-8. Those combos with (PvP) beside it denote that it works best in PvP.

Combo 1: Power of Four, Chrono Overdrive, Mechanical Mjolnir, Phoenix Flare (PvP – almost 100% guarantee!)

1st turn: Power of Four (grants 4 extra turns, agent dies after 4 turns)
2nd turn: Mechanical Mjolnir (Grants 1 Might of Mjolnir)
3rd turn: Mechanical Mjolnir (Grants 2 Might of Mjolnir)
4th turn: Chrono Overdrive (Doubles Damage)
5th turn: Phoenix Flare (Goodbye enemies!)

This works almost all the time except for when the opponent uses Shadowcat Kitty Pryde Suit or Captain America WWII suit. In this case, do not use Power of Four or Mechanical Mjolnir, but use Chrono Overdrive and Phoenix Flare straightaway.

Combo 2: S.A. Pincer x2, Bolt-Action 4 Bore, Chrono Overdrive

1st turn: S.A. Pincer (Quick action)
2nd turn: S.A. Pincer (Quick action)
3rd turn: Chrono Overdrive (Double Damage)
4th turn: Bolt-Action 4 Bore (Recommended to use on an opponent with large amont of HP, Huge damage, almost 100% 1 hit K.O.)

Combo 3: Galvanic Arm, Electrostatic Arm and whatever else you want

1st turn: Electrostatic Arm (Grants agent Positive Static Charge)
2nd turn: Galvanic Arm (Negative static charge, hits HUGE damage on opponent)
3rd turn: Continue on

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