Luminary Pirate Ship Guide

Luminary Pirate Ship Guide by Hakaze

What is Pirate Ship? 
The Pirate Ship is an event where you have to be in a party. (=at least 2 person)
After you entered, all of the monsters must be beaten within 30 min.

Appearance time 
Pirate ship shows up every 30minute. You have to find the ship in 10 min or it will be disappeared.

There are 120 monsters in the Pirate Ship.

*Skull Soldier x 42
*Skull Archer x 41
*Zombi Cook x 36
*Flame of time x 3
*Pirate Captain x 1

If a captain is beaten,you’ll be taken out from a ship.
When you want the prize of a pirate ship, beat 119 monsters except a captain first.

Moreover, time restriction will be added for 5 min if you beat Flame of time.
(will be added for max 15 minutes)

If died, you’ll be transferred to the entrance of the ship.

If you finish in the time ,you will be automatically teleported off the ship.
Random party member will be given a Pirate Cape.

Pirate Cape >> 40 Defense, 5 STR, and 10 AGI. last 15 days

Pirate Ship Location

Pirate Ship Location:
1. Talatat (North West)
2. Svaha (North West)
3. Talasha (North East)
4. Trania (North West)
5. Naos (West)
6. Voir (East)
7. Isisnia (South West)
8. Shenburry (South East)
9. Ancient Tomb (South)
10. Sambara (North East)
11. Monkey Hot Spring (South)
12. Cursed Hell Gate (North West)
13. Ice Castle (South East)

Tips: Pirate Ship is party quest at least 2 person to attend. Pirate Ship showed up every 30min and the limited time to find the ship is 10min. For example, the Pirate Ship showed up at 2.00pm need to find the ship before 2.10pm.

Monster’s Estimated Attribute

Monster———————Monsters Attribute———-Recommended Attribute

Skull Soldier —Water +200 Earth -200 None +10 Earth Attack
Skull Archer —Wind +200 Fire -150 None +10 Fire Attack
Zombi Cook —-Fire +200 Water -100 None +10 Water Attack
Pirate Captain — Earth+100 Wing -200 None +10 Wind Attack

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