Luminary Artifacts Guide

Luminary Artifacts Guide by GoGanGM

Step 1: Creating Slots
When manufacturing an item, a number of random slots will be availalbe from 0-x.(Where x = max slots possible on the item. See picture to find out the maximum slots available for your item). Only weapons, helmets, armors, belts, and shoes can have slots. Any items made before the patch will have no slots. But in Item Mall there is a slot crystal available for purchase to add slots to your item. To use the slot crystal, you will need to go to Cindy and in the Create Slot tab to add the slots. The number of slots that will be added is random. This can range from 0-x. Once again x is the maximum number of slots possible for that particular item. You can keep using slot crystals to keep ADDING slots to your item until the it has reach the maximum slots.

Step 2: Making Crystals
To make crystals you will need crystal manufacture skills. In the info you can find up to 6 types of crystals WITH 8 different levels. The materials needed to make a crystal is classified into three different types. One of them materials needed is a mineral and is obtainable from Trade Port, your local market, or hunting monsters. Another material is crystal additive and is available from Angelet. The other materials are called mixtures, Elements and Powders. You can obtain these materials from Cindy in the resolve tab. Resolving destroys your item in return for mixtures. To find out what level items you need to resolve for a specific mixture, please check the info in game(There is an example for Li in my picture).
Here is a more in-depth explanation for powders. There is 5 types of powders: Unattributable, Fire, Land, Wind, and Water. The powders you will recieve from resolving an item depends on what element it is enchanted. Example: A Rank[1] Fire weapon will give you Fire Powder. A unranked weapon will give you Unattributable Powder. And so forth. There is three levels of powders: strange, mysterical, and illusionary. The in game info also tells you what level item you need to resolve to obtain the right level powder you need. Note: Resolving a Rank[2] or higher is no different than resolving a Rank[1].

Step 3: Combining the crystal into your item’s slot

Take your item with slots and your crystal you want to place into the slots to Cindy. In the Compound tab, place the items in the right areas and click compound. The crystal will now add one of the random stats it is capable of. When the random stat is generated, it is possible for the stat to have a slight increase from the base. See the picture to notice the stats that were generated. As you can see in the picture, the same type of stats added by the same crystal of any level will not stack even if one was on your weapon and other one was on your helmet. I repeat it will not stack. The better stat one will override the weaker stat. The only status that stacks is the +x to weapon skill status. Warning: the +xx% Physical damage(Status from Ruby Crystal) does not stack with the +xx% Min Physical Damage(Status from Pearl Crystal) or the +xx% Max Physical Damage(Status from Diamond Crystal). The Min and Max status will work with each other. I’m sure this applies to magical damage as well. I believe this to be an error since these are different status. Because the Ruby’s status will make the Pearl and Diamond’s status obsolete. Also you can place another crystal over an old crystal, destroying the old crystal, to generate a new random stat with the new crystal you used.

Now you know how to add slots, make crystal, and place crystals into slots. So here is some more information that may cover some common questions and curosities.

The following information on durability is not complete. I will update this as I wait for my tests to finish.
Durability: This is like the crystal’s lifespan. When it reaches 0, the crystal will become useless and will need to be recharged(Information on recharging is coming up next). You will lose durability when you are hunting. Crystals on you weapon will loose durability when you attack. And Crystals on your armor will loose durability when you get hit.

Recharge Crystal: This restores a crystal’s durability to its maximum once again. To use this item, you need to go to Cindy, on the Recharge tab. Place your item in the correct slot and place the recharge crystal over the crystal that needs to be recharged. This will make the crystal lose 5 durability off its maximum durability. A crystal with 5 maximum durability cannot be recharged. I find this pointless since you can freely replace any crystal over an old crystal anytime(I mentioned this at the end of Step 3).

Remove Crystal: This item is not available yet. This will remove a crystal from an item without destroying it. The crystal loses 10 maximum durability in the process. However, the random stat that was generated in the first place will be saved and is guarenteed to be the same as you combine it again to another item. You will use this Remove Crystal the same way as you will use the Recharge Crystal.

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