Legend of Edda Tome of Power Guide

Legend of Edda Tome of Power Guide by Ashla

The Tome of Power is a new feature introduced to Edda. How it works is not completely made clear to players, so I’ll try to explain what it does, how it works and the points values for each item.

What is the Tome of Power?
The Tome of Power is essentially a magical book that you can put items into to increase your attack and defense. It’s a pretty nifty little feature.

Let’s get cracking!

Where do I access the Tome of Power?
The Tome of Power can be accessed from the Bottom left corner of your Inventory.

How do I use the Tome of Power?
Choose an item(s) you want to put into the Tome of Power. You can put any piece of armour or weaponry in so long as your level is equal to or higher than the level requirement to use that item (ie. if you’re Lv. 10, you can only put Lv. 10 or under items into the Tome).

At this point, when you put an item into the Tome, its bonuses won’t be applied until you hit the Apply button. However, don’t click the ‘Apply’ button just yet! There’s still some stuff to go through first!

Place your item(s) in to get a preview of what their effect on your attack and defense is. You’ll notice that the number of Points in your Tome will increase when you put items in. The Points indicate how much power you have stored in the Tome. Obviously, the more Points in the Tome, the higher the attack/defense bonus you will receive from it. The number of Points can be increased by putting more items in, or by putting better quality items in. Better quality items include those of higher rarity, higher level and higher upgrade level. A chart on how many points various items give will be detailed in the FAQ section.

The stat boost you receive from the Tome is dependent on the number of Points stored. If you click the ‘Stats Chart’ button on the top right corner of the window, it will show you how much of a Stat Boost you get for the number of Points in your Tome. Note that the Boosts work on an all-or-nothing principle (eg. there’s no difference between having 20 Points and 24 Points, since you need 25 Points to gain a higher Stat Boost). If you have enough points, the Tome will also be able to grant you special buffs.

Before you hit the ‘Apply’ button, the items you’ve put into the Tome can be freely taken out and put back in at your leisure- have a play around until you’ve reached an item combination that gives you your desired stat boost. This is the important part, since any item you place into the Tome will stay there permanently and cannot be taken out (unless you have special items). You’ll get a warning message before this occurs, so it’s all good if you accidentally hit Apply.

Once you’ve decided on your items, press the Apply button to apply your Stat Boosts. These stat boosts will then show up in your Buffs meter at the top right corner of your screen, next to the minimap.

Removing Items from the Tome of Power
In the event that you need to remove an item from the Tome of Power, there are 2 special items that you can use to do so. They are sold by the Crafts Merchants in Gaiyan Town and Fringe Valley.
1. Tome Item Remover (Price: 10,00 gold): This item allows you to destroy an item in the Tome of Power.
2. Tome Item Extractor (Price: 1,000,000 gold): This item allows you to take out an item in the Tome of Power.

As you can see, these items are quite pricey, especially if you want to keep the item stored in your Tome. Hence, think carefully about what you want to go in there!

Do different types of items give different numbers of points?
No, they don’t. Any item of the same level, rarity and upgrade level will give the exact same number of points.

Do the items have to be for your class?
No, any item that can be upgraded (Weapon, Shield, Chestpiece, Boots, Gloves, Helmet, Cape) can be placed into the Tome of Power, regardless of class.

How many points does each item give?
Here’s some tables!





Oh no! Does that mean that someone that puts +10 items into the Tome will get even more powerful?
Yes and no. While +10 items will give a larger number of points, it becomes increasingly difficult to gain stat increases. Have a look at the charts, you’ll notice that when you hit a total of 80-90 points (which is perfectly achievable for an average player at lv 40) you need 15-20 points to get another stat increase. But why would you stick a +10 in the Tome of Power? You’d probably be better off selling it! xDD

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