Legend of Edda Cleric Level 1 to 30 Guide

Legend of Edda Cleric Level 1 to 30 Guide by Profiterole

Before the class advancement at 20, you’re not a healer! You’re technically a mage, so play like one.

If you’re having mana problems, don’t bother healing yourself with your spells. Just use your health pots. At 3g per 50 and 11g per 200, they’re very cheap.

Levels 1-5: Very straight forward. Use mana sphere to hit stuff. Turn in quests. Don’t bother using pots. If you need health or mana, just die and revive in place.

Why not light curse? For one, mana sphere will be more mana efficient than light curse when you have more than 4.8 magic attack. Which is always when you are level 5+. Second, having instant damage is a lot more useful to you than damage over time at this level.

Protip: if you want to go back to town quickly without using a teleport, go to the esc menu and select the “Move to Safe Zone” option. You’ll pop up right beside the entrance to the map on the south side.

If your warp to safe zone is under cooldown, then just die and revive at the sanctum. Yay for no death penalties.

Also, don’t forget to turn in your collectible quests at Cutter!

And do sacred war whenever you can. If it’s a tie, you get +10% xp for 30 min. If you win, you get +30% xp for 30 min. What’s the trick to winning sacred war? You want to enshrine both of crystals as close to the end as possible so that the enemy cannot respond in time.

Grab the crystals, and sit behind base until there’s about a minute left. Bonus points if you let the enemy team “win” for the majority of the match so you can get your own guardians spawning. Guardians are overpowered!

At level 5, go back and buy level 2 Mana Sphere.

At level 8, go back and buy level 1 Mana Charge. Yay, free mana regen now.

At level 9, you’ll probably have to grind for half a level. Go to the Elder Aru. They give 94 experience per, and they drop collectible items as well (fruits and seeds) that you can return to Cutter.

Levels 1-10 should take 1-2 hours.

At level 10, go back and buy level 3 Mana Sphere + level 1 Flame Essence. Now you get to shoot fireballs! No need to buy a level 10 wand because you get a level 10 weapon from the Skull quest reward.

Also, say hello to your new best friends: marbles. These, you will want to buy in batches of 500. Now not only do you do lots of damage with your Mana Sphere, but your auto attack actually hurts! And all at the cost of 1g per attack! I’ll take it. At level 10 my Mana Sphere was doing 115-125 damage, and my auto attack was doing about 23-26 points of damage. Finish off very damaged enemies with auto attack to save mana.

Levels 10-13 should take about an hour.

At level 13, go back and buy level 2 Mana Charge. +3 your staff when you have the spare gold and 1-10 weapon upgrade stones.

Levels 13-15 should take about an hour

At level 15, go back and buy level 4 Mana Sphere. Now you’re good until level 20!

Now that you’re on the PvP maps, whenever you get low on hp/mp, you can just kill yousrelf on the neutral guards. No xp loss, but you get revived in town with full health and mana.

Get the Faunus King title asap. If no one wants to help you, level up, and then just facetank the King. Cast a few spells, then revive in place after you die. The King will eventually die since he does not regenerate his hp. You should now be hitting 205-220 with your level 4 Flame Sphere, and 50-60 with your auto attack. I don’t know why everyone says auto attack is useless. Maybe they never use marbles?

If you find that you’re still running low on mana with level 2 Mana Charge, at level 18 you can get level 3 Mana Charge. As long as you remember to use Mana Charge on cooldown, you should never run out of mana now!

Levels 15-20 should take about 2-4 hours. Grind on Wild Dark Beasts. Even though you get more experience from Furious Dark Beasts and the Warriors, you two shot Wild Dark Beasts, and 3 shot the others. Therefore, you get more exp over time from Wild Dark Beasts, which only have 324 hp but give 242 exp each.

At level 20, give yourself a nice break and go shopping. Level 20 mana shots, level 20 health shots, level 20 marbles. You will now do 250-260 damage in flame essence mode, and 240-250 damage in mana mode. Autoattacks will do 75-80 damage.


Finish the class quest…Hurray! You are now a cleric. The fun part starts now!

Here’s a video of the entire class quest. ( >_> It’s taking a while to render. Give it a moment! )

Get Increase Intellect, Increase Agility, Light Sphere. Buy yourself a full set of 20 gear, +3-5 your orb, and enchant your gear with intelligence or attack speed. HP on shield if you want. 29+88 magical attack is a good value to hit because then you can 3x light sphere + autoattack to kill a Thunder Dark Beast at level 20.

You will be doing 90-100 with your autoattack and your light sphere will hit for 200-210. When you get low on mana, hit a neutral guard. Rinse and repeat. Remember to use a mana shot every 30 seconds or so. Use health shots to heal yourself because your mana is too precious.

One question that may come up is: why is this is efficient if it takes so long to walk back?
This is why we are moving to Boreas Temple! The respawn point there is not only conveniently located next to 5 different monster spawns, but there are also 3 leo guards!

Another question that may come up is: why do we use light sphere and not light curse?
Yes, light curse is more mana efficient than light sphere. However there are a couple issues with this. First of all, damage over time spells do not stack. So you’ll have to wait 8 seconds until you can curse the same monster again. Second of all, we’re killing monsters faster than 8 seconds with light sphere. And third of all, we don’t particularly care about mana efficiency because we can just replenish our mana to full with a single hello to the nice Leo guards standing around the safe zone of Frozen Temple.

At level 20, we are only going to concern ourselves with two of these spawns. Driads give 332 xp and have 693 hp, while Thunder Dark Beasts give 358 xp and have 714 hp (and aggressive to boot).

You will be spending a lot of time dead. You’ll be spending a lot of time hitting Leo Knights.

Doing levels 20-25 (or even until 27 when you can get the lvl 27 orb) as a mage may be the easier choice going solo since you would have been able to 3 hit the beasts, instead of taking 4 hits. However, as this guide is geared towards going the cleric route at 20, I will focus on that path. Either way, since you’ve taking the problem of mana out of the equation, and you’re killing the beasts faster than they respawn, it shouldn’t matter /that/ much. While you’re waiting for the beasts to respawn, kill driads.

Levels 20-25 should take about 5-6 hours You won’t be able to turn in the flasks until level 23, but when you get there, you’ll have lots of the flasks stored up.

Trust me, you’ll get really tired of these beasts because you’ll be here until level 25. Yay! Change in monsters! Now you get to farm on Ranger Luinels until level 30. Don’t bother getting quests unless you stayed as a Mage this whole time. You’ll get xp faster just grinding on the monsters.

At level 25, go back and buy level 2 of Increase Intellect, Increase Agility. Also level 6 Light Sphere.

I’ll finish leveling to level 30 and noting down the times when I get the motivation to keep grinding, but based on kill times, and unlimited mana regeneration from the neutral guards, I’ll guesstimate that it’ll take 6-10 hours to level from 25 to 30.

Adding all the hours spent grinding, you’re looking at 16-24 hours of concentrated playing time to get to level 30 as a solo Cleric.

Main takeaway point? Neutral guards balance out the lack of mana regeneration by letting you full heal from death without any penalty other than travel time. And this fact will help with any sort of grinding. I was using this to “heal” on my warrior between periods of AoE mobbing.

Estimated experience per level

18: 75k
19: 90k
20: 105k
21: 125k
24: 200k
25: 240k
26: 300k
27: 350k
28: 400k
29: 450k

Kobalos Mine collectibles turn in for about 2000.
Fringe Valley collectibles turn in for about 6000.
Frozen Temple collectibles turn in for about 12000.

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