KingsRoad Adamars Sanctum Rush Guide

KingsRoad Adamars Sanctum Rush Guide by Just_iCe

Just a quick guide in rushing the “BOSS” for item hunting…
for players who wants to hunt items and stuff with the “uber” bosses like Adamar…this is a guide when using the Knight class

I. Emil, the cartographer
You need to find Emil, the cartographer, this is the most difficult task you need to do to get to Adamar’s Sanctum.
Rumors have said that, he can be found on the EAST corner of the legendary place known as “Longford Square”
if by any chance you don’t know where EAST is… its on the right side of the MAP.
Good Luck on finding HIM!~

II. Choosing Adamar’s Sanctum.
Woah! you surprised me, looks like i have under estimated your intelligence on finding Emil.
Once you clicked him, you will be astonished on what he can do, i mean where he can throw you for adventure.

III. Choosing the Difficulty
Of Course Heroic, unless, you just want to kill him and just wanted Green stuffs because your environment friendly…

IV. Potions
Thank God they made theseeeeee… loot-able stuff!
Speed – essential for rushing the boss and leaving dust trails on mobs
Luck – My Favorite, obviously for items… *if by any chance, ill have the mood to create another guide for this uber LUCK potion, i would….
Temporal – 50% cooldown for skills, great on killing the boss
Dexterity – range and melee attacks being dodged for 50% probability!! are you serious??
Identify – i dont use this that much.
Rage – RAWRRR! i love this when my archer friend [EDONG] is not online.

V. Welcome to Adamar’s Sanctum.
*****Speed potion is very essential at the start, for the obvious reason of its potion name, it will give you the ability to FLY~~ > 5 stars (*****)
** Dexterity potion its useless if you have health potion, and mobs can only hit you once, if you have speed potion so ill give it like two(2) stars (**)

VI. On my Way! the LEGENDARY skill of ignoring the mobs…
Oh Fire~ Hot!
for people who loves to engage mobs, monster and alike, this is so difficult for them to overcome, it takes discipline to master the art of ~ignoring~ the mobs! if you’re being hit of course there is an urge inside you to retaliate!, but as of the moment disregard your inborn skill of vengeance and retaliation. Keep it inside you, hone it, lock it, but never loose the key.
*ill tell you later when to let go of it. okay?

VII. The places…
its getting boring, but remember, what i told you, don’t loose that Fury inside of you, just keep it.

If by chance you are literally being “MOBBED”…
it wont hurt to give a little compensation for their perseverance… let them RUMBLE!
by the way, the word rumble is a bit contradicting to what it does to them… hahaha! (if you don’t get my joke, stop reading my guide)…

Down the ladder of Agony….

Into the bridge of despair…

Another ladder…

if you don’t have speed potion
the charge skill is a great alternative…

Oh for God’s Sake!!
Why the #$^#$!@%@#%, is there another ladder???!
Patience is a Virtue…

VIII. The Princess
Imagine, all you need to do, is just run, and run, and RUN, and you’ll get a princess…
if this is only applicable on real life, ill run till i get my princess…

IX. The Prince…
Disregard number VIII, i was tricked as well. dang it!
*remember what i told you about the Fury, Vengeance, Retaliation, the Ladders…
Loose it all here!, and he even have the guts to tell you that YOU (not me) are FOOL??!

X. The trick
remember the Luck potion? (yes, i remembered, i said i am going to make another guide to it. Yes! its part of this guide! mwahahahahah! FOOL!

here’s a quick Q & A portion…

1. When should i use the luck potion?
A – When the final boss (Adamar) is about to die, about 1/4 of its health.
2. Why not use it at the start of the map?
A – For the Main reason that this is a rush, and we just want to have the items of the Boss.
3. Don’t you think that you just wasted the full effect of the luck potion?
A – not really, have YOU (not with a party) ever tried using the luck potion at the start of the map (Adamar’s Dungeon) and have the effect till the end? if yes, then teach me… if NOT, then this guide will let you fully utilize the effect of Luck potions.
4. HOW?
A – after using it on the final BOSS, end the map right away, with like, 8:30 to 9:00 minutes of luck potion left.
***Choose another map (preferably Adamar’s Sanctum / Adamar’s Dungeon), Now, KILL all mobs that you encounter and reap all the loots!
5. Yes, i followed that and when I am almost at the entrance of the BOSS, the effect of luck potion worn out. Whats your plan?
A – Congratulations then! Why? because the effect of luck potion is not wasted when you are kill the boss, and when he is about to die, use the LUCK potion again… its a cycle now… the question is… when to STOP? )

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  1. Arghya Roy says:

    That doesn’t matter when you use the luck potion.I didn’t get your points about luck potion.Luck potion is used for increase the chance and amount of gold and item drop.Always use the potion at the beginning of the battle.And the real secrets are,

    When you play with low level players than you you must use luck potion cuz your critic damage is more powerful and you kill more than them so you get more loot during adventure and more fixed loot at the end of adventure if you rank 1st.Remember 30 mins of luck is enough for you to play two matches

    Rage potion is my personal most favorite.Use it when your enemies are making too much difficulties for you.If you are a knight then you’ll love to give more critical damage by using this potion.

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