KingsRoad Knight DPS Guide

KingsRoad Knight DPS Guide by Irhamel

Hello fellas!

To start off, I want to say that this guide is BY NO MEANS a MUST-HAVE nor a cookie cutter – this is a guide that I developed through playing with the knight on my own and partying with others.

Usually I am Not quite the guide writer, yet, I feel the need to have something that really help players to understand what they are doing, and to maximize their potential without wasting hours reading and testing stuff.

Remember that each time you change your skills (as your hero levels up) it becomes more expensive, the idea of this guide, is to offer you a well tested, alternative to follow, allowing you to save your gold for other stuff (like buying archer, which i do not have yet because I’ve wasted a lot of gold experimenting with the Knight)

This guide is DPS oriented, what do I mean?, its a Damage burst rush (Melee Damage Dealer build) guide, it wont by any plausible, measurable, reasonable means touch EVER while not maxing out the hero, ANYTHING about tanking.

To start you up into your knight in DPS mode, keep in mind, for this build, you will need to have a lot of food and ale with you, as you WILL take a lot of damage, and spend a lot of valor.

Your main skill until level 5 is Maim

at level 5, start using Burn (Passive Aura)

From level 5, until you reach level 15, that you unlock Rumble, Raise by spreading smartly your skill points between Maim and Burn

Once in level 15, start spreading points between Maim and Rumble.

From level 15 to level 25, raise Burn to 8 or 9, you might find items that gives you +1 on Burn, and keep raising Maim, only dedicate 2 points to Rumble, Rumble is an ability that will help you in several instances, like fighting a lot of mobs, and in some bosses, it also helps you to stun them for a couple of seconds, to deal more damage.

In level 25, PAY a respec, and max out Whirl (10/10)

2 pts Rumble

Max out Burn (make it reach 8 or 9, remember items +1 would help you focus on more Maim)

Rest put them on Maim.

Once I advance more on the game, I’ll post on “extra optionals” to increase DPS on this build.

Remember, my idea is to max out burst dps, not to tank.

Now lets talk Items.

On regards to items, the focus should be + skill / +damage / +Att Speed, Armor is fine indeed, but the best bet to maximize your dps potential is raising your usable and selected skills, adding damage and or attack speed.

specifics, i cant give, as yet I do not know if the game has a fixed, static set of items, but if you follow through this guide, I assure you, by level 26, you can be doing 110 damage easily and running most of the maps with ease in normal mode, heroic mode is a different story, tho still doable with this build, it just takes a bit more of eating and running away to heal up.

DMG Gear and Tank Gear Guide by BKV_KiLlZwiTcH

Hello fellow knights and knightettes! I was going over the forums and I noticed that no one has posted this yet so here is my take on DPS gear vs Tank gear.


DPS gear is simple but can be difficult to find. If you want to increase your dmg output and be able to power run through non heroic areas then the best thing to wear is items that have + DMG +Attack Speed. Having armor and health is great for your character but if you find your not putting out as much damage as other players then you may want to try the DPS gear. Anything with +DPS Skill is also great I found stacking +whirl items helps put out an incredibly outrageous amount of dmg. **My favorite**


Tank gear can be difficult. Anytime one chooses to be the “tank” or person taking dmg to control what a boss or adds are fighting. For this type of gameplay you want to base your gear on +Health +Armor and anything with Melee retal or +Parry. These can greatly increase your ability to eat dmg.

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