Kings and Legends Full Nimble Deck

Kings and Legends Full Nimble Deck by Rinaya


Hey everyone.
I’m Rinaya from the merged server 1/2. Currently (May 19th) I’m in the top 40 1v1 and top 80 2v2.
I want to present the deck I’ve played in the april season with a good amount of success. It worked pretty well, considering I didn’t have legendaries yet and managed to do top 200 cross server and top 100 local server on server 2, Vel’assar and started to bring me into the high rank pvp. I called it Full Nimble.


The plan of this deck is to render their single target spells useless, in some cases even hinder them, as it takes up space in their hand and preventing them from drawing cards. It achieves that by playing elves with the nimble ability, which have some awesome utility as well. Thunderbolt will be our main source of damage. It targets at random, so it’s important to keep the board as clean as possible, but it can take out a creature in no time. Spearmen act as our vigilance creatures. They can give rush a hard time, as they can’t get rid of them by spells and they deal double damage to cavalry. Tanks have low armour, but high resistance. They are our answer to caster creatures like Tanwen and ghosts. Usually you’ll want to let your opponent come to your side of the field, as many dangerous cards like feles assassin master can be taken out before they reach your forces if the front line is on your side of the field. If you see your opponent playing a 15-20 card deck though, you’ll probably want to block lanes with your nimble creatures asap, to prevent cavalry and wind walkers from rushing in.

Card choices

Let’s start with the elves first, as they are the core of this deck. You need at least some of those to make the deck work at all.

Elven Praetorian: This card is awesome against rush, can serve as tank for a short time and is probably one of the most important cards in the deck. Use 3 if you can.
Elven Legionnaire: Another valuable card, but the only advantage this one has over the praetorian is a bigger hp pool. You can use these instead of praetorian, but it will weaken your rush match up. I’d use 1-2 even if you’re playing the full playset of praetorians.

Blessed Elven Samurai: This card is our bread and butter tank. It’s useful to have at least epic ones, as they can do some damage on their own and their resistance value of 4 will render magic attacks useless against them.
Elven Rebel: High HP, high resistance and armor 1. This guy can take some hits. They are easier to get than blessed samurai, but like the legionnaire, if you suspect rush, you should play more samurai than rebels. I’d suggest a 3-1 split.

Thunder Mages:
Elven Thunder Mage: Now it get’s interesting. This card does some serious damage. Epic is very valuable here, as it makes the difference between thunderbolt 2 and 3. It works as a rare though. They are fragile, so keep them away from harm, but if necessary, you can let them take a hit. They also have a 25% stun chance, which may sometimes help your units avoid damage. Play 3 under all circumstances.
Elven Thunder Archmage: They come with thunderbolt 3 at least. If you manage to get your hands on a legendary one, it’s even 4. They’ve got a bit higher hp than the mages, so you should let them take hits instead, if you’re short on tanks. Play 3 as well.

Velyn the Unscarred: This is our weapon to kill desperate soul and battle abbess. We already have quite some resistance, but this guy makes it a lot easier to counter some of the more problematic cards for our deck. I only had 1, but I’d play 2. They can be hard to get, but if you manage to get 50% 1.1 elves or elf reputation 42 you can get them.
Tariel the Phalanx: Not many players have this card, but it’s insane. It takes some skill to place her right if you get her late in the game, but she will win you games and is pretty hard to counter.

So your deck should probably look something like this at the moment:
CD 3:
3x Elven Praetorian
3x Blessed Elven Samurai
3x Elven Thunder Mage

CD 4:
2x Elven Legionnaire
1x Elven Rebel
3x Elven Thunder Archmage
2x Velyn the Unscarred

That’s only 17 creatures which is few in a 30 card deck. We have plenty of options to cover this flaw though. We’ll want some spells anyway. Another option is, to add creatures without the nimble ability, if they serve a specific role. Last, but not least, there’s the option to play less than 30 cards. This deck can often manage to win around turn 12 and games won’t last long past turn 20, because of random thunderbolts hitting your opponent. I’d not advise playing less than 20 cards though, as you risk to get decked which will grant your opponent a huge advantage.

Kill Spells: True Shot, Double Stab, Smite, Fireball, Scorch, Slash, etc.
These spells are important. Our target is to get a clean board. As soon as no enemy creatures are on the board, thunderbolts are bound to hit the opponent. You’ll be amazed by how fast his life goes down. It’s often a good choice to play those spells to take out a chunk of health from a dangerous creature and let thunderbolt hopefully do the rest. Experience with the deck will help you with judging which creatures to take out first.

Other spells depend heavily on your class.
For a mage petrify and charm are a bit diminished in power here, because of the random nature of our main damage source. Charmed creatures may die from a random thunderbolt crit or bolts may target petrified creatures. Forgetfulness seemed valuable, as it allows to take out problematic creatures like desperate soul or velyn. Weaken can be useful, as we depend on spells as well for protecting our creatures from damage.
As a ranger you’ll definitely want premeditation because having more cards gives you an insane advantage and it helps offsetting the rather low creature count in the deck. Flashbomb is useful to save your mages for another turn, so they can save themselfes with some lucky thunderbolts. You can play cloaked shot to finish a weakened opponent who managed to gain the upper hand on the board, but I’d advise against it, as the card won’t impact the board.
A warrior or priest can’t depend on buffs to strengthen their creatures, as nimble will prevent that as well. I advise playing as either ranger or mage, but warriors and priests can make use of this deck as well.
A warrior will want to use fissure and whirlwind strike, as they synergize with thunderbolt in finishing off weakened creatures. Entrench can be a useful spell here, as you often don’t want to move forward and the additional armor can be great as well. Warcry can be used to increase the damage of your guys, but the low creature count and high cd makes it a non-optimal card in this deck.
Priests can run righteous judgement here to great success as many of our creatures have low attack, especially our main damage sources. Be careful when hitting Velyn with it, though. You will hit and may crit yourself for Velyns damage. Ring of healing and blessing mass life can be used to prolong the life of your forces, but I don’t find those cards to powerful here. Inspire and zeal may help you with the timing of your cards but it’s hard to tell how good it is in this deck.

Non-Nimble options:
Desperate Soul: Not nimble, but a good card nonetheless. It gives mages and priests a target for petrify and smite though, so plan out accordingly. Late game, against a mage it will be petrified by sure, so place it where you’d like to have a wall, not a beater. Against warriors and rangers it might as well have nimble, but they can blow their spells on it to do the last few points of damage to it…
Feles Assassin Master: It can kill a soul, a velyn or an elven rebel that’s resisting your thunderbolts. It’s used more like a spell and late in the game it will be killed almost instantly. It can be a valuable addition to the deck though, if you’ve got problems bringing certain cards down.
First Ranger Talenor: It will buff all your creatures for at least a turn. Can be very valuable, even if it doesn’t last long. Pretty useful card.
Thornbush: This won’t be as useful as Talenor. It might save your creatures for a turn or two if they don’t have the kill spell, but won’t do much otherwise. I advise against it, even if it seems sweet at first.

I’m sure, there are some other options to consider, but these are the ones I tried out. Feel free to test cards which you think might have a purpose in this deck and share your results.

Sample deck list
My deck list from april season:
CD 1:
True Shot (rare) x3
CD 2:
Premeditation (rare) x2, (epic) x1
Double Stab (rare) x3
CD 3:
Elven Thunder Mage (epic) x3
Elven Praetorian (rare) x1, (epic) x1
Blessed Elven Samurai (rare) x2 (epic) x1
Deadly Blow (rare) x2
CD 4:
Feles Assassin Master (epic) x1
Elven Thunder Archmage (epic) x2, (legendary) x1
Elven Legionnaire (epic) x3
Elven Rebel (epic) x2
Velyn the Unscarred (epic) x1
CD 5:
Desperate Soul (epic) x1

It was far from perfect, but I had to make the most out of the cards I’ve got. Most cards needed for this deck can be gotten from elven packs. After 2 weeks of buying mostly elven packs I had nearly everything to make this work. I bought some of the thunder mages from AH though, as they are very important to this deck and I got some very cheap, including a legendary archmage for 200g.

If you have any questions related to the deck or the playstyle, feel free to contact me ingame as well.

Good luck and have fun with Full Nimble.

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