Kings and Legends Newbie Guide

Kings and Legends Newbie Guide

First steps
After Novice Tutor Egeria leaves you, have a look around in your city. Each Building has its own purpose. Some you will need more often than others, depending on how you like to play the game. You can advance your equipment, your cards and deck, you can enter PvP matches or join your friends for a Boss fight.

Right now, however, you should get familiar with how your card deck works. You need practice. Why don’t you enter the World Map and challenge the next enemy?

Change your Deck
If you meet an enemy that seems to be too strong, you should have a look at your Deck. Click on the card icon in the main interface.
Different cards have different advantages. Not all enemies can be beaten in the same way, so you need to try something new every now and then. Sometimes it is helpful to have many cards with a small Countdown number in your deck, for example. Against Flying creatures, you might need some Walls or Flying creatures yourself. The info box on each enemy on the world map often gives you valuable information about how to beat it best.
The World Map is your training ground. Try out new strategies!

Equip your Hero
As you advance in level, you also need to take care of your equipment. It can give you more Life or strengthen your creatures. This is an advantage you shouldn’t underestimate, it can make all the difference in a narrow battle.
Why don’t you look for a few friends and challenge a Boss in the Challenge Hall? It is a great way to have fun AND find good equipment! You can use the Blacksmith to make your equipment even more powerful.

Join Forces
Many summoners share your goals in Kings and Legends, so why not join forces? Entering a Guild will give you access to useful Research and Guild Events. You can find allies more easily and fight together against other players or boss monsters. Share your strategies, help each other out, and grow as a community!

The Reputation Trick
Have you noticed that you gain Reputation with certain Races and your Class when you fight against enemies? What kind of Reputation you get depends on which cards you used in that fight. Gaining Reputation is another way to make you stronger and to specialize your deck! You should pick two or three Races and one Class as your main and concentrate on levelling them in the Reputation menu of your character sheet. Creatures will gain certain bonuses in fights depending on the level they reached.

You can also gain access to bonus Reputation quests which allow players to get a boost in Exp and Rep. These quests are a nice way to get ahead in the early stages of the game, along with the cheap cards from the reputation shop which can be brought directly for Silver.

Cards, Cards, Cards
Cards are the center of it all, you should always have a good stock of them available to adjust your deck at all times. Over time, you will collect stronger cards, and your over all Deck strength will rise. Spend the Silver you earn during your adventures on Booster Packs. If you find cards that are not useful to your current deck, you can use the Alchemy Lab to Fuse them to stronger ones, Extract materials out of them, or sell them to other players in the Auction House.

Get rewards!
Always remember to collect your daily login rewards and taxes! Claim your Quest rewards regularly and try to complete your Daily Quests as often as possible. You can even get Gold for free! Keep an eye on the “Get Gold” – Icon in the upper left corner of the screen, the infobox will show you all details.
Even if you go offline, you can still gain rewards. Set sail and start an Expedition in the Seaport before you leave, and your ship will return to you with many riches!

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