Kings and Legends Rush Deck Guide

Kings and Legends Rush Deck Guide by Daenarys

Hey guys,

As most of you know, the high rank 1v1 scene is being dominated by rush decks. With only a few key epic/leg champs, several low cost calvary champs, and a bit of luck, this strategy can take you very far up the ranking ladder. This is made purely on my own opinions and what I have observed in my matches. Thus I am open to suggestions and constructive criticisms =D

1.0 The Cards

As the deck name suggests. All the cards should be focused on ‘rushing.’ That means to play fast moving, low cost champs to attack your opponent before he can retaliate. The idea of this deck is to swarm to the end of your opponent’s summoning zone to prevent their champs from attacking yours. Unless they have vigilance (can attack adjacent squares) or back stab (can attack behind for double damage) units.

That being said, the best units to bring are human lancers/knights, elf pegasus and centaurs. These all have +2 to movement speed so it will only take 2 turns to reach the opponent’s hero. Knights/lancers have abilities to boost their damage, such as heroic or charge. Centaurs offer both melee units and archer units.
Pegasus have an added bonus of the flying ability, allowing it to jump behind enemy units. If your initial rush fails, a well placed pegasus can eventually win you the game. Another key card is Mifzuna the Wind, the +5 movement speed allows it to instantly reach the back of the enemy summoning zones.

Some notable cards/decks I’ve faced include

– LOTS of pegasus + some 4 range archers in the back.
– Lancers and Knights rush with encourage and heroic abilities
– Low cost ogres with high hp and stun.
– Feles with ambush
– Hounds

Also limiting the deck to 12 – 18 cards can greatly improve your draw chances, unless you just have a tonne of good rushing units.

2.0 The Skills

I’m a priest player so I don’t really know about the hero skills, but the basic concept is to bring low cost damaging skills. The burst damage will help disrupt the opponents line of defense to allow your champs through.

Priest – Blessing: Life and Armor are great to place on your front-line champs to defend against those vigilance or back stab units. Smite is for damage.
Warrior – Encourage and Command: Heroic are good to boost up your attack once you reach the enemy hero. Slash is for damage.
Ranger – Disturbance is great if your opponent puts out defense units. Sow disorder will delay your opponent’s units more. Double Stab is for damage.
Mage – Herme’s Wings to give your units flying. Fireball and scorch for damage.

Also boost up your hero’s health! There has been many battles where I have won or lost by 1 hp.

3.0 The Deck

Here is a deck that I’ve been running. There are several high rarity cards in here, but lower tier replacements will work as well.
Also, I made this using what I have so it is not the ideal or best rush deck out there. Other people will have different units/skills based on their own preference.
1* = common …… 5* = legendary

Lucius Swift (5*)
Centaur Marksman (4*)
Centaur Marksman (3*)
Centaur Archer (3*)
Centaur Rider (3*)
Mifzuna the Wind (5*)
Mifzuna the Wind (4*)
Tengu Assassin (4*)
Pegasus Scout (3*)
Pegasus Legionnarie (3*)
Lance Knight (3*)
Knight (3*)
Hunting Dog (4*)
Smite (3*)
Blessing: Armor (1*)

Obviously I would prefer to have the epic or legendary versions of these cards. I would also rather have multiples of some of these like Pegasus Scout, Centaur Rider and Tengu Assassin.

The Tengu is for countering other rush decks. Don’t be afraid to leave a lane open and draw in your opponent’s units to the back of your summoning zone. You can always play more units to charge your opponent. You just have to kill the enemy before they kill you.

Play around with the flying and calvary units and get a hang of how they move. Then you can learn to place them better.

Again I’m open to suggestions, critiscims, and questions!

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