Kings and Legends Bane Rush Deck

Kings and Legends Bane Rush Deck by XImpalerX

Been testing out a Hero’s Bane rush deck and it seems to be doing well so far, at least in the 1200 rating range.

Here is the card list and if anyone knows of a better build or if Hero’s banes decks are even viable, I would welcome your input. I think this only works well because of Ranger’s Cloaked Shot, but other classes may be able to do it. Keep in mind all cards are epic or better.

Ranger Skills

True Shot x2
Premeditation x2
Cloaked Shot x2


Bone Wall 1CD x1
Wind Shielding Wall 3CD x1 (this may work with a lower cd wall, but I don’t have an epic version)


Tanwen Wildfire x1
Mifzuna the Wind x1
Elven Fire Archmage x2
Elven Fire Mage x2
Kings Emissary Alice x1

Total = 15 cards

Basically you want to hope you get a wall on turn 1 or 2 and even better both walls. Stack them so your units cant get past them and start dropping your Heroes Bane units behind them. Make sure you put Bone Wall out front, because it can regenerate. if you need to block both lanes with each wall, you can.

If you don’t get your walls, just drop your heroes banes units at the far square and stack them in a line. if you get a wall, drop it in front of them.

Use Premed for card draw.

Use True Shots to kill any rushing units and clear the lane for Mizfuna and Alice, use Cloaked shots to lock in the kill. I may think of removing True Shots for 2 more Cloaked Shots, but I don’t have them. Rejoice when a Cloaked Shot returns to your hand.

Pretty basic idea, has a hard time against rush, but if you get your walls early, it helps. Anyways if anyone wants to test or fine tune and make suggestions, it would be appreciated.

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