Kings and Legends Desperate Priest Deck

Kings and Legends Desperate Priest Deck by Hatsune24

This is my typical priest deck I use for running the basic bosses: Cave, Forest, and Tribe.

1x Righteous Judgement
2x Smite
3x Inspire
3x Desperate Soul
3x Templar
3x High Elven Priestess

This Deck has one main purpose: Getting a Desperate Soul out, and Doing it quickly. This accomplishes two key things:

Eating Spells: An early Soul is great at eating the spam of removal spells all the bosses carry. Doing so leaves other creatures that would otherwise be removed, free to act and kill.

Pushing a Lane: The Soul is an excellent tank, and will almost always see its lane starting to push quickly towards the boss… meaning you can start getting damage Dealt!

Tips in Playing: 

* COMMUNICATION! This is key to any strategy. Let your team know what you’ve got. If you got a turn 2 soul, tell them, so they can wait for it to eat spells before dropping their fodder. Or to save a space if you are removing a soul to place a new one.. or whatever the case may be. Or if you get an Inspire with no Soul, Allies might have one! Communicate!

* The AI really seems to favor targeting the closest creature towards the boss, so getting your soul out in front is key. Even if that means not putting it in a lane getting close to the players… getting him out there in front will really help keep vigilance creatures safe from removal.

* Don’t be afraid to shovel your Soul! Once you get a lane pushed, there’s nothing wrong with removing it to place another to tank or start pushing another lane.

* If you’ve warrior friends, Coordinate your decks! A thin, Warrior Buff deck with a soul is just ridiculous, when your dropping Counterattack/Heroic/Encourages/Cleaves on him… Makes for super-fast wins.

* The only things you really need to worry about are Tactic: Sunder Armors, and Disinformation, from “Ranger” Bosses. Its easy enough to avoid those lanes when placing your soul, and coordinate with team to use removal spells on ones that do get put in front of you. Disinformation is only a pain when it hits a buffed Soul.

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